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A third anomaly in their data comes from the carbonate concentration they report for the WLH House sample. If this is true, there is something wrong with the chemical model being used that ought to be investigated. One additional factor that may affect the results, is the possibility that the lime mortar reaction may not fractionate C at the same rate that photosynthesis does.

Isotopic fractionation occurs because C atoms are heavier than ordinary C atoms, and therefore carbon dioxide molecules containing C move about more slowly at any given temperature. This means that calcium hydroxide will have a higher probability of reacting with molecules containing C than with those containing C, even if these were present in the same proportions.

Photosynthesis, which the dendrocalibration curve is based on, will similarly fractionate C differently than C, but possibly at a different rate than the mortar reaction. Furthermore, molecules containing C will diffuse through the pores in the mortar more slowly, and hence will reach its interior to react in reduced proportions.

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Make it a couple of simple, ushawchapman.cometentious, and funny paragraphs. Third: approach women on a dating site like you would in real life.

In other words, treat them like human beings.

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