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Anthony Partridge has always been passionate about motorcycles, but it took many years for him to realize this passion would be the final driving force to his success. His fascination with metals and alloys, however, began when he started an apprenticeship as a machinist at the foundry where his father worked. However, with bikes being his one true passion, it was only a matter of time before he got back to his first love, motorcycles. When Ant was offered a job at a new custom motorcycle shop in Marbella with his best friend and roommate at the time, Pete, he immediately knew that this was his dream job. However, eventually, due to financial difficulties at the shop, Anthony and Pete were forced to leave their jobs.

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Photography credit: Kevin Timmons Click on the images below to enlarge. Copyright Sam Owen.

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Site by WordPress Cheshire. I really found it incredibly powerful and it will be a must-have addition to my bookshelf.

Jason Farries - Acting Showreel 2019

Why Hire Sam Owen Sam Owen is a very natural and knowledgeable presenter, upbeat, sincere, friendly and down-to-earth. Photography credit: Kevin Timmons.

Looking for a TV psychologist or relationship expert for a media appearance?

Click on the images below to enlarge. Ant and Pete had a plan to open up their dream bike shop - the pair spent three years preparing, but right before they were ready to open, Ant received the terrible news that Pete had crashed his bike in Germany and died.

Eventually, Ant realized it was time to move on and broaden his horizons even further - he wanted to travel more, and develop his craft and relationships with suppliers and brands globally. Ant enjoys traveling the world to places such as Germany, France, Holland and the UK, building unique bikes as he goes and working in primitive conditions - he built his first bike in his living room.

Born in the UK but raised in Canada, Ant has lived in Spain for the last 17 years and now is fusing old styling with new technology.

May 13,   1) Online dating can provide too many options to choose from which can lead to a lack of commitment to one dating partner given other potential dating partners are available. The knock-on effect is a delayed commitment to the mate they eventually choose to date exclusively. (Research by Slater, , and Wu & Chiou, , cited.). AUTOMOTIVE SHOWREEL. SHOWREEL. DATING ARIADNE Award-winning film. contact me. The Principle of Leadership - CL 63 AMG Featurefilm. SL 63 und SL 65 AMG Featurefilm. BAMA Clean & Care PoS-Trailer. Stefanie Riedel. Editing + [email protected] Anthony Partridge has always been passionate about motorcycles, but it took many years for him to realize this passion would be the final driving force to his success. He got his first bike at the age of 11, but it wasn't until he got his first Harley that he started properly building bikes. His fascination with metals and alloys, however.

Like a movie trailer showing you the one great joke when the rest of the film sucks. That instantly reveals your lack of imagination when it comes to marketing.

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Sam Owen Biography & Showreel Relationship Expert, TV Expert, TV Presenter, TV Psychologist, 3 x Published Author Sam Owen is a relationship coach, three times published author, psychologist, BBC contributor, blogger and vlogger. The venerable showreel montage is finally dying. I submit that if we took the traditional showreel montage out back and shot it, our clients would cheer. Speed Dating Reality Check. Here is a real-world example which makes my point: PromaxBDA Client/Agency Speed Dating. Have you ever done a speed dating event? German Showreel. DATING ALARM (Sat.1) SCHMIDTS KATZE (SWR) FOSSE VERDON (FX) GODLESS (Netflix) BOARDWALK EMPIRE (HBO) THE HOLLOW. Christiane Seidel. Actress, Producer, Soundtrack, Casting Department, Self. Related Videos.

The combination of the two is a powerful way to create curiosity in the mind of your prospective clients.

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