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RevShare short for revenue sharing is an affiliate commission type. This model is where advertisers share a predefined percent of either a product or service price with publishers. You can apply to access their APIs, widgets and are able to join their own affiliate networks to build apps that solve problems for millions of travelers. Access the inaccessible YIELDKIT enables publishers and advertisers to perform their affiliate marketing strategies in the simplest way, yielding higher revenue and traffic with less effort. Our company was founded in and has earned a good reputation for being a reliable partner to thousands of Webmasters, Media buyers, Advertisers and Affiliate networks. Our very strong markets are TIER 1, but we also have good inventory in selected other countries.

Jump to navigation. Request new password. We work for each one, making it easy to air high quality offers that deliver premium ROI. Every quarter we deliver a suite of REVShare offers right to your doorstep We constantly scour the marketplace for the most profitable offers and most aggressive ROI We test every offer REVShare guarantees payment We deliver all of our offers to stations at one time, so it's easy to program For more than 18 years, we have consistently delivered profitable offers and the easiest form of television CPA management.

Our goal is to maximize your commercial time and we take it seriously. Just like with mainstream dating, niches work well in adult dating too - there are sites for all the most popular fetishes, including the most awkward ones.

Adult dating is not for everyone, and I perfectly understand it, but in case yo decide to give it a go pretty much any affiliate network has plenty of adult dating offers to choose from, in many cases the adult offers are more plentiful than mainstream. Adult is profitable, but we are still winning with mainstream offers. Because of our unique conditions with mainstream dating projects, many affiliates are working with them through us. Evgeniy, Cpamatica. There are many traffic types that you can choose to promote dating offers with, and you can also build your funnels in several ways.

The question is, how complicated setups you want to go into are you looking for something simple to setup and get fast results or are you looking for a sophisticated solution that will take a lot of time and effort to put together.

On one hand, you could simply buy some POP traffic from a traffic network and send it to a dating offer this would be the simplest approach.

What is DATING and how to promote dating offers - with expert advice from

O n the other one, you c ould setup your own lead capture funnel, buy highly targeted adwords traffic, sort the users based on some questionnaire and then try to up-sell them to dating sites matching their profile. So, instead of confusing you even more, or giving you false hopes for fast and easy solutions let me give you some advice or best practice tipsbased on my own experience with promoting dating offers. Sending traffic directly to the dating offers, will most likely result in poor numbers - unless you can target very precisely or pre-qualify the visits somehow.

POP traffic usually causes the most quality problems, banners and text links work the best. Email traffic is also awesome, but usually the most expensive. POPs are not the best choice for dating many advertisers forbid this traffic type, because quality is really bad. For adult dating - banner is the best choice.

How REVShare Measures What We Do

Quality is good, and advertisers are usually happy with such traffic. Good looking, attractive but REAL looking females will work the best for any creative materials. The right female on your banners and landing pages can literally make or break your campaigns.

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Every experienced dating affiliate understands the need to test large quantities of banners and landing pages, they tend to burn out pretty quickly - especially in adult dating. If you have Asian women on your banners, make sure there are Asian women also on the Landing Page and on the Offer itself, for example. Point 2 is related to this one, the angle starts with the choice of the imagery.

Keep that in mind! Mainstream dating converts well by using reviews or classifieds-style Landing pages Illustrated stories erotic can convert both mainstream and adult dating offers Feel free to build your angles around this too. But in a nutshell : Focus on older demographics, do not mislead your users, do not promise everything for FREE, explain the registration process and focus on quality traffic sources.

Test a lot of offers: having a good offer at your disposal is a large part of your success. In order to find some, you need to test a lot of various offers from a range of advertisers. This is one of the reasons why I always recommend new affiliates to start with affiliate networksinstead of trying to work with direct advertisers.

Every direct advertiser has a limited amount of offers, while an affiliate network can have literally hundreds of them to choose from. Feel free to work with direct advertisers too, later on, but definitely start with affiliate networks - the pros absolutely out-weight the cons in the beginning.

All the advanced affiliate with high budgets are targeting US or UK, if you step in, you will get burned. You will just burn money there and leave with no results. Whoever you ask about this, the answer will be the same : focus on the new booming markets, stay away from the most competitive ones, when starting out and attack them when your knowledge and experience level is high enough.

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There are still a lot of tier-2, tier-3 countries with virgin online users who are excited to click that red button on the adult ad and sign up. Latam and Africa are the hot spots to target, where internet is developing, you have less competition and much more eager users there.

XXX of daily profits is something that only larger teams can make.

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Many people also feel unsure when choosing a GEO to target with their dating campaigns. They are afraid that a smaller GEO cannot make a solid profit for them. XXX per day in profit.

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From time to time it depends, but we always try to keep them earning more, providing new landings, offers, bumps etc. The dating vertical is a very competitive onejust like any vertical that has been running stable for so many years.

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In order to succeed in such a competitive space, you need every advantage that you can get. One of the most obvious advantages that you can get, is having higher payouts than your competitors. Every affiliate network has certain margin that they are working with and obviously, they can decide to sacrifice part of it and give it to their affiliates. And as you can guess, they will give it to their large affiliates, that they have good relationship with.

In order to become a valued affiliateyou need to send solid volume and basically act like a reasonable person. Treat your AM as a friend and not your slave, they will return the favor.

Try to work closely with a limited amount of quality networksinstead of sending 1 lead to each of 20 networks that you have accounts with. Definitely test more networksbut try to focus on a limited amount of them and show them you mean business. In case you want to test the dating vertical, feel free to register with them and test some of their offers. So I feel safe to recommend them here on my blog. I prepared 15 questions for Evgeniy and would like to present you with the answers now, there is some solid info in them.

What are your strongest GEOs?

About REVShare REVShare has specialized in Cost-per-Action television advertising since The company has relationships with more than 1, local market television stations, cable systems, syndicators and networks that are willing to provide television time on a results basis. With a customer-oriented team, proven client results, state-of-the-art technology and . Apr 12,   You are very unlikely to face any quality problems with revshare dating offers, unless you commit some kind of fraud of course. 4. PPS (Pay Per Sale): This is the last popular payout model for dating offers, it's similar to revshare in a way - you only get paid when some user becomes a paying member. Advertise With Us REVShare distributes advertisers' short form CPA commercials across its Network of 1, television properties throughout the U.S., including national affiliates, cable systems, and syndicators reaching over million households. Our relationships with these media partners allow us to leverage opportunities to help your company to thrive. Give REVShare.

Where do you see your affiliates making more volume - mainstream or adult dating? Because of our unique conditions with dating projects, many affiliates are working with them through us. In other situation, I would suggest that adult is the most profitable. At first, mainstream dating is kinda harder to work with.

Nowadays, users have a variety of free dating apps, much popular and trustful, than some small websites. There is way less motivation to use hardly known dating app and to pay for it.

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So you are always in the search for new sources. Also, if you use adult traffic source for mainstream offers, most of advertisers will easily ban you.

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So you are always on the line. Actually, adult industry in some way took part in the development of live-streams, credit card processing, and even in the development of affiliate marketing at overall.

Adult existed for a long time before mainstream Internet giants had appeared. Which ones is the most popular with your affiliates? You depend on the quality of the product. Such is my experience, can you confirm that? So true. But it all depends on the budgets you have and ready to spent. The tricky thing is you still earn approximately the same money in both cases. Is it even possible to set an average or do the numbers vary too much from one GEO to the next?

You will always have a higher conversion rate on desktop offer, comparing to mobile offers. For user it is easily to access the mailbox on the computer. Depends on what goals you try to reach and what budget you have. If you want a huge list of leads, choose the SOI model.

If you aim to get the most quality list, try some DOI. Among the words, with DOI you will get a good reputation from advertisers and a chance to have higher payout or bump. But for a newbie I would recommend to split test, looking at EPC.

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DOI offers have lower conversion rate, but can bring you more profit if the audience is correct. These days, the situation looks a bit different, especially in Adult dating.

Tier-1 countries have always been very competitive. Because most affiliates are more comfortable with promoting in English-speaking countries, because payouts are higher, and because most of the top affiliates give the most time and attention to those.

There is decline in adult, because of the rise of competition in Tier-1 geos. In order to earn more, affiliates promote adult related offers, like adult games, nutrition supplements or adult subscriptions, but not the offers that they already saw hundred times.

Situation with adult niche also depends on GEO and tube. If you would research few biggest tubes on USA, you would see that for example on pornhub, dating is still dominating, especially on some keywords.

There are still a lot of tier-2, tier-3 countries with virgin online users who are exciting to click that red button on the adult ad and sign up.

Revshare dating

Latam and Africa are the hot spots to target, where internet is developing, you have less competition and much more eager users. Dating is not as good as it was some time ago, but it can be. The niche is alive.

hi,you can check our offer on marketplace,we working with revshare,dating industry Oct 20, #4. DMoon95 Junior Member. Joined: Oct 12, Messages: Likes Received: If you Revshare+millionaire+dating should be in Mumbai and searching to Revshare+millionaire+dating get Revshare+millionaire+dating a fantastic time, then don't forget to see 'Top Girls Mumbai Escorts to Revshare+millionaire+dating get Revshare+millionaire+dating a very good that Mumbai escorts that are respected as Revshare+millionaire+dating / Dating. The core of our product lines focus around dating technologies. Whether your display, email or mobile campaigns target adult, gay, or mainstream niches, we offer an extensive library of brands to get the best ROI on your traffic. Did we mention reputable company, quick payments and top-notch support?

You just need to find fresh ideas, use flat rates on small tubes and scale on tier-2 GEOs. I see a lot of action going on in Asia, Latam or Eastern Europe lately, across several verticals, these markets are booming and bringing a ton of business for many affiliates.

Do you see the same with dating? These markets bring a ton of business not only for affiliates, but for advertisers also. The reason why these countries became so popular right now is because advertisers entered these markets not so long time ago.

XCash: A major dating affiliate program on making dating convert

Among such booming countries are Japan, South Korea, Singapore. Current situation with Latam is a bit harder because of processing issues between banks and advertisers.

But what do you plan to achieve? In the end you should take into attention if it benefits for you or not, how much budget do you have and how much profit you expect to get.

Canada costs 5x more than Spain.

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Comparing adult offers, the situation pretty much the same. India and Argentina are the cheapest.

We take pride in delivering great dating offers and building up revshare partnerships with selected partners! Which also means, we don't take everybody in, we rather have fewer but closer partnerships without affiliates and publishers and keep our targeting and campaigns more rare and unique, so we create insane EPCs and Revenue shares together. I've tried a few dating apps in the past and was let down. When I found MeetBang, I Revshare Millionaire Dating wasn't expecting much, but within 15 minutes of signing up, a girl messaged me back. I know it's just a casual hookup site, but we're still dating to this day/ REVShare's Systems Set the Standard! As a company that has merged the importance of deep relationships with the power of technology, REVShare thrives on the value of accurate and timely tracking and reporting of your results. Please take a moment to contact REVShare.

What countries would you suggest to me?

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