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He needs to invest in his future by studying with a respected acting coach. Hubris then. I agree - despite his earnest soundbites over the years, I think he's always wanted to be a marquee name rather than a serious actor. From what he's said, his parents weren't happy about his choice to go into performance for a living, and insisted that he still receive a University education.

So rather than attend a good British drama school with all of the other would-be actors, he went to Uni and studied drama. I think he's only received on-the-job training. If Ben were to be cast as Bond, I wonder if there'd be a huge backlash against him? I remember public outcry against every new Bond except Pierce Brosnan. Even BB's poor frauen must be as bored as we are - they're resorting to posting just any damn thing to keep busy.

Well, maybe he'll be back stateside this weekend and we'll get some new pics from Golden Globes parties. I hope he's at least doing something useful while he's in hiding. Even the fraus have gone quiet in their boredom. You know what? Screw Bond. Not really "back in the game" if he hasn't got any new work or even media appearances lined up, is he? Probably takes a percentage for all services included instead of having to pay a percentage to multiple reps for different services.

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But attention to fine details probably get lost. I just watched Westworld and he wasn't shockingly bad. I say that as a huge fan, but he stood out compared to the very strong cast.

I'm not sure if it was the script or what. He didn't even bother reading the script. The character really was just a cartoonish pastiche. He played it as written. Really disappointed with The Punisher. They tried too hard to make it good and ended up choking it.

Rayana Ragan. 73 likes 11 talking about this. My name is Rayana Ragan and I am a model/actress based in Los Angeles, CA. I have been modeling for 9 years and have done national campaigns for Followers: We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more. Enter a digit Phone Number. Full report includes available information on owner's full name, current address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier.

Was surprised by BB - he's actually a decent actor with real potential. Had a manly quality I wasn't expecting. Pity about the show. What didn't you enjoy about Punisher? It far exceeded my expectations.

But then, my expectations were that it was going to be wall-to-wall douchebro gun porn. Admittedly, it suffered from Netflix Bloat but I can't blame the showrunners for that. Ben was excellent in The Punisher.

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I hope that role gets him noticed and provides more opportunities. We're so bored we may as well internet stalk. Let's catch up with BB's yacht trip friends. Anyone know any of these guys? Gurl, he needs even more. He looks so thin on camera, I can only imagine what he looks like in real life. He just doesn't have the physiology for it. From all accounts, he had to practically kill himself in the gym to get as muscled as he did in The Punisher.

For sure the man needs calories from sources besides booze, though. I think that if enough people hit the WW, the FF goes away. It's like clapping for Tinkerbell. But then you'll see a bunch of Trump-loving douchebags and I'm not sure if BB's ass is worth that.

There are some industry people on DL, but nobody ever has anything to say about BB. Maybe he's really a goddamned hermit. I can't believe that Ben hasn't even been treating us to his occasional pretentious movie review tweets or his random SJW-lite tweets. Has he fallen down a well? He thinks so! He called them that in a video where he is being fitted for a suit. But cmon, he is ridiculously skinny. I was just watching him shirtless in Punisher. He is thin but his hips are a bit wide, especially considering how wispy he is.

Well with all the actors going down in flames with metto and timesup, maybe there will be more room at the top for nice guys like B. Remember his friend rob Kazinsky was accused of harassment on a Brit tv show. But Casey Afflecks was 7 or so years past when it got dredged up, so who knows. See R Ben's bumming around LA with the plebs. He went to all the department stores carrying Uomo to ensure prominent placement of his face cards. Did we dare? We can't use a Photoshopped fake nude, that would be misleading.

And while those other pictures are lively, they're far too tasteful to attract the attention of passing Dataloungers. Let's stick with skin. Yes I was looking for that one of B. Poor BB will never have as many threads as Timothee Whathisname.

He should do a gay-themed project to get more buzz. Dorian Gray doesn't count. Long before Caspian. I wish an interviewer would delve into those details more. Where did you hear that, R? Please elaborate, it's news to me. A snaggletooth? I agree about the eyebrows. His disregard of good facial hair grooming practices makes me confused about his sexuality. Here's a topic to pass the time - This May will mark ten years since 'Prince Caspian' premiered!

Are you a long-time BB fan? A newbie brought here by The Punisher? Or not a fan, but just here for the eye candy, gay gossip, and smack talking? Share with us. I consider myself a long-time fan and am all in for rumors, innuendos, and smack talk! I've been following Ben's career off and on since walking past a Caspian poster at my neighborhood theater in I remember when he first became infamous and thinking he was gorgeous etc and following him a bit.

Waited for Dorain Grey to come out and then it went nowhere so I kinda forgot him. But last year I was looking for a new crush, because I always have to have one for some reason. I just randomly started searching different actors that have come and gone. Till I remembered B. He had just completed filming Westworld and career boost in progress.

Just in time. Remember several years ago he was papped at the Grove pretty often; he hasn't done that in a while. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Quite flat ass. And scrawny biceps. Didn't he lock lips with another guy in "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?

Yes, R2. Ben kissed Max Irons. Ben's naturally thin, but I do think he's veering into manorexic territory lately. So did we confirm whether he is actually bisexual, or is it a DL fantasy?

He looked better before the Hell's Kitchen makeover. And the header is Ben after months of working out hard for Punisher. British genes. He needs some butt implants. The ass really is a crying shame. I kind of love scrawny asses. Yeah, it kind of looks like Half Dome at Yosemite: a sheer drop. Your thinking is too binary R Maybe we'd rather suck him off. Quote from the "forgot leg day" trainers on the show: "We did the most work with Ben Barnes who was incredible at getting his training in," stunt coordinator Thom Williams explained.

Add Leader Vladimir as a friend. For her part, Anne has been trying to get over her divorce by dating James, a narcotics detective. Outside Lola and Anne's perspectives, there is also Kyle (Lola's new boyfriend), Emily (Lola's best friend) and Ashley (Lola's friend/rival). Rayana Ragan ( beauty items) 2 weeks, 1 day ago. Nov 18,   R12 His trainer should've focused on his ass instead of his back so we could enjoy that scene fully, with tissues and everything. You know, I'm watching The Punisher now and I see that my leg muscles are twice the size of Jon Bernthal's and I do yoga exclusively. Molly King - The Saturdays Out Late With JLS 3 Related posts: I'm gonna talk with you about fashon, make up, fitness, style, recipes i mad Rayana Ragan MUA: Nikki Deroest 72 Brunette Hair Color Ideas in Molly King - The Saturdays Out Late With JLS 3 See more20 pins.

Flat ass thin arms and walks like a woman. What's to like. R24 is the Darfur Orphan Newsflash, R we aren't all you. And we're happy about it. R22 guns! Listen bitches: a. It would be interesting to know whether he is cut or uncut. He's half-Jewish, but I don't think an interviewer has ever asked him his status. Here's the reporter we need on this case. R29, male celebrities today get asked their circ status all the time.

That flat ass is so disappointing. He will never have a bubble butt. We just have to accept that. What's important is that he finally showed his full ass. In the past he has only shown partial views. R33, a voice of reason? You must be lost. Haha, this is actually my first time ever going in these Ben Barnes threads. I agree. Westworld is worse than Game of Thrones. At least GOT shows some cock. But seriously, people always tend to overestimate who gets to ask for a butt double.

His appearance is not flawless, but he's still kind of good looking. R43 I've heard he swings both ways, but never heard him linked with anyone specific. R36, Welcome! We're friendly sorts What a fabulous gif.

Ok, R51 you've stated your boundaries, now scoot. R53 Spoil it for me: does he die at the end? I though he'd be back later with a fucked up face? He's still working? Ben addresses his DL haters. How much do you want to bet that Kevin Spacey went after Ben in London back in the early 00's? I wonder what his relationship with Simon Fuller was?

Is Fuller gay or straight? R61 Simon Fuller is straight he is married with a woman called Natalie. What else is Ben watching? Happy Thanksgiving, DL! He held on tight to that towel.

I was sending thought waves trying to his hand away. They shaved his chest but not his treasure trail. Mmmm nuzzle nuzzle. We should send a petition to Netflix about the shaved chest. Wonder if B. It's long past time for a dapper, bisexual Bond; Craig was so dreary. It's deflating. And deflated. He looks a little bit emaciated. He's right in what he says in that video: the old studio system would have been perfect for him. I wonder why he avoids relationships?

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R83 Because he's deeply narcissistic and he'd only ever be satisfied with his own clone? But I suspect he's on DL, still waiting for his big break. And by DL, I mean Datalounge. R85 wins!

Failing Out Of Kindergarten. Dennis Regan - Full Special

And he's a DL fave for fuck's sake, isn't that enough? What a selfish cunt. This is adorable. I'm eagerly anticipating the end of the Punisher p.

Ben is in the top 10 on IMDBs trending celebs. It'd be a thrill if he could score a good part in something non-comic bookish as a result. Was it Ben's naked butt that got him this attention? Imagine where a cock shot would take him? Barb Broccoli are you listening?

May 25,   Rayana Ragan is a American Model, who was born on 13 June, in Birth Place not known. Age 23 Years old. Rayana Ragan Zodiac Sign is Gemini, Ethnicity White & religion Not Available. Rayana Ragan Net Worth Rayana Ragan estimated net worth in is Under we also added Rayana Ragan previous years Net Worth, Income, Salary & Property details. Visit Register FREE dating adults This site contains explicit material Just signup and f*ck local girls!x dating for adult local hot singles It's free dating site no credit card needed. rayana-ragan represented by Wilhelmina International Inc. Senior year means big changes for Bay and Daphne, as the Carlton School for the Deaf receives an influx of hearing students who are not happy to be there. Daphne begins working at a free clinic as part of her probation and Bay takes an art class at a local college.

Who's trying to push Ben as the next Bond? Ben has been trying to push himself as the next Bond since at least !

And I'm all for it! Is that why Ben doesn't want to come out? Anyway, the author of the article in R98 is London-based. Friend of Ben's or Ben's family? Also my new band name. The Narnia kids are engaged in a Twitter war of humiliation. Will Poulter is right about how trite and dull Ben's tweets are. Just saw that Singer has been sacked. When is he not boring, R? Are the fangirls truly in a snit? He's tiny R, but he has those big creepy bug eyes! I need a link to this glorious disaster!!!

Oh, I love this shit! Well that was entertaining, thanks for the tip-off. When frauen attack! On the other hand, serves the closeted little twit right. Ahh, the good ol' days Kevin Spacey. Polish your tinfoil hats, gurls! I don't doubt for one second he wasn't one of Spacey's targets. Posting this for the ironic title Hey, tools - espeically [R] and that goes for you female poseurs, too Don't like it, don't read it, cunt.

Who are we "bullying"? I'm touched by your weak mind, feeble sensitivity and sentimentality. I pray B. And let us know soon. Definitely seems to be cockier than Ben IRL lol. R I'm with you, but please God, not with Bryan. The horror. The hole presentation is weak.

Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman in Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock, ) "You're sore because you've fallen for a little drunk you tamed in Miami and you don't like it. It make. It's just unfair that a few batshit loonies have to ruin everything for those of us who wish to stalk in a polite and discreet manner. And even though it would kill my gay BB beliefs, I almost wish he'd start dating this Floriana woman, because the fangirl meltdown would be a joy to behold. Rayana Ragan? A California native born by a photographer father and fashion model mother, Rayana has cemented a career in modeling since birth. Now venturing out into other facets of entertainment, Rayana is simultaneously pursuing careers in acting and music as well.

Isn't there a Nicholas Hoult thread for this? It does serve to bump this thread giving us a reason to view B. Well if you must. I never realized that Hoult was so tall, because Ben is quite tall himself. I don't think Ben eats. He subsists on tea and cigs. Yeah, Nicholas Hoult is very tall. He's about 6'3. Ben is about 6'1. The others R asked about, I have no idea.

What is going on with those two? R The cast of the Punisher must be exceedingly short; Ben loomed over them all. Asking the tough questions. Too bad he doesn't have a better career. He deserves it. Obviously, he did not sleep with the right people.

Behind scenes featurette. Is this really? Has he ever been this buff? Check your eyeglass prescription R, that's not BB. Not his body, not his face. That's Booboo Stewart. WTF is a Booboo Stewart?

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He's an actor mostly known for the Twilight movies. Well this one then we know is B. Ben seems to have quite large feet. Large hands and feet. Long long fingers. And yet he never has VPL in photos R What would Biel have to blackmail JT about? Says that BBT had a pregnant girlfriend back home. Obviously never happened to BB. I can't imagine how it would fit Jakey, either. I was in despair and withdrawals!

Well, BB has done absolutely nothing the entire time that DL has been down. Yes, it's definitely time that we saw BB's dick. Any guesses on whether he's cut or uncut? He's British, but he's half Jewish. I hope he is cut. His mom is Jewish, he is Jewish, so it is safe to assume he was circumcised.

Perhaps, but if Ben's Dad is uncut, he might have decided to keep Ben uncut. R Photoshop R Ben is not a practicing Jew.

No rhythm. Dad Dancer in the Dark. Is he doing the Funky Chicken? More like the Drunk Englishman.

brilliant idea necessary

I like that he is growing his hair out even though that usually means he is not working. That video was hard to watch. How embarrassing. I guess Jimmi Simpson wasn't there? Too bad. So Ben's done with Westworld, done with Punisher for the time beingand now?

Punisher 2 will begin filming some time. How long until he starts bearding? Maybe if he ever gets cast in another big ish movie again. That's what we could do: help Ben find a beard! I'd prefer someone British. I don't think think he's famous enough to get a VS model. I think I briefly skimmed those threads, but couldn't read all the boring theories. Which of you is out there pretending to be Ben for shits and giggles?

Fess up. We need to see more bare ass. I like Ben's hands and his freakishly long and delicate fingers.

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Do long fingers indicate a long cock? In my experience yes. He deserves a better career. Ben Whishaw is doing it better. He's beautiful and talented. Why doesn't he get better roles? Good question R It's not like he's openly gay.

Rayana ragan dating

Or he might just have piss-poor taste. He's boring in real life, but charismatic on screen. Nah a role like Prince Caspian is a one in a million role that few actors get. Has anyone met him? The filmmakers were also dicks for not trying to respect his History Boys schedule. What did Ben do in the sex scenes?

Unfortunately, he didn't give us any dick or ass. Hmmmm, bros being bros. I thought he was really good in The Punisher. That's ridiculous. C-listers take what's offered to them; anything else is spin.

Immediately after Prince Caspian he was considered more than a c lister. I thought he was fine in Dorian Gray. Not sure why he received such a negative reaction. He was fine in DG, but the movie as a whole was pretty crap. Pretty sure he is uncut. Sounds reasonable, R Guy in the background of this pic is the DL.

Whoever dresses him now should be congratulated. I'm hoping his Jewish mom got him snipped. Until Ben wishes his social media followers a Happy Hanukkah, I'll believe he's uncut. Look, not every gay guy is fashionable.

I love him, but he has been coming off as a huge attention whore on social media lately. Oh come on, his Love Actually spoof for Make a Wish is cute. Bella Hadid? He follows her and has liked her sexy posts. That would be my guess. If he is straight he is depressingly shallow in his female interests. He follows Bella Heathcote? Maybe is her too. On a scale of superficiality, from 1 to 10, he has Not following Bella H nor Bella Thorne.

This was the one, the only, Chris Pirillo's cell no. You can find chris on chris. I Freedom Direct wanting to give me a loan. They immediately called after putting in my info online for VA friendly lenders. The person on the other end doesn't say anything. There's just static. I have no idea who they are and why they call.

Leader Vladimir

An unidentified and unsolicited caller left priviledged information on a voice mail message. The voice mail message box was in no way confirmed to be associated with that information.

That is an extraordinarily risky business practice and a danger to confidentiality.

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A definite risk for indentity compromise. Have not heard from you in a while'. PS: again I know the lines for all the shows already good luck Charlie. Thanks again!! A Recording said free home security system if would allow them to place a sign in the front yard. The name of the company was unclear in the recorded message. Laura Brown Debbie 1 episode. Jeannetta Arnette Ms. Troyer 1 episode. Julian Flamer Walker 1 episode. Steve Hasley Dr. Planchett 1 episode. Bryce McBratnie Cliff Nelson 1 episode.

Rivka Rivera Ella 1 episode. Jordan Calloway Aaron Legrange 1 episode. Mark Charran Grey Hoodie Kid 1 episode. Mariah Bonner Eve 1 episode. Sevier Crespo Security Guard 1 episode. Janelle Velasquez Tina Castillo 1 episode. John Fleck Pratt recruiter 1 episode. Mark Berry Man 1 episode. Michelle Lee Phoebe 1 episode. Tiago Roberts Paramedic 1 episode. Edward Hendershott Crowbar 1 episode.

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Curt Mega Chris 1 episode. Brooke Marie Bridges Waitress 1 episode. Paul Tigue Dr. Ramin 1 episode. Katie Harker Nurse 1 episode. Rio Mangini Sammy 1 episode. Karla Zamudio Elena 1 episode. Julie Schmid Dancer 1 episode. Courtney Gains 1 episode. Molly Stanton Renee 1 episode. Makeda Declet T. Tom Williamson Kip 1 episode. Lily Kershaw Performer 1 episode. D A Allen Q-Ball 1 episode. Stephanie Czajkowski Coach Victoria Jeffers 1 episode.

Carlos Antonio Chuy 1 episode. Aurelia Scheppers Buckner Player 1 episode. Briana Venskus Scout 1 episode. Jennifer Jolliff Buckner Girl 1 episode. Jasun Hicks Deaf Dad 1 episode. Zach Bandler Adam Larson 1 episode. Troy Blendell Eric 1 episode. Jill Remez Juanita 1 episode. Laura-Elise Barrett Wedding Guest 1 episode.

Jessica Leigh Gonzales Photographer 1 episode. Carmen Serano Ms. Summers 1 episode. Dalen Carlson Officiant 1 episode. Derrick Coleman Derrick Coleman 1 episode. Kristy Staky Woman 1 episode. Meg Schaab Fair Attendee 1 episode. Jody Stevenson Wedding Guest 1 episode.

Molly Hagan Tammy Brenawicz 1 episode. Rich Hutchman Security Guard 1 episode. Tina King ER Nurse 1 episode.

Cinda Adams Lab Nurse 1 episode. Nan McNamara Brenda Powers 1 episode. Beth Scherr Nurse Kat 1 episode. Claire Dodin Anna Maria Sorrento 1 episode. Jack Carpenter Sebastian Sorrento 1 episode. Richard Jin Namkung Nelson 1 episode. Miriam Crawford Grant Student 1 episode. David Hartstone Bridger 1 episode.

Deanne Bray Andrea 1 episode. Jim O'Heir Chuck Conroy 1 episode. Nyle DiMarco Garrett Banducci 1 episode. Christopher Glenn Bestfriend 1 episode. Mimi Kennedy Andrea Askowitz 1 episode. Kirk B. Woller Chris Washburn 1 episode. Hillary Baack Gail 1 episode. Sunkrish Bala Mr. Z 1 episode.

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