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If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Donate Login Sign up Search for courses, skills, and videos. Math High school geometry Circles Inscribed shapes problem solving. Proof: Right triangles inscribed in circles. Inscribed shapes: find diameter.

Proof: perpendicular radius bisects chord. Area of inscribed equilateral triangle.

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Video transcript - [Voiceover] What I wanna do in this video is see if we can find the measure of angle D, if we could find the measure of angle D and like always, pause this video, and see if you can figure it out. And I'll give you a little bit of a hint. It'll involve thinking about how an inscribed angle relates to the corresponding to the measure of the arc that it intercepts.

So, think about it like that. All right, so, let's work on this a little bit.

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So, what do we know, what do we know? Well, angle D, angle D intercepts an arc.

I actually gave very little guidance on this project. I told my kids that they needed to choose a quadrilateral and create a dating profile or a social media page for that quadrilateral (dating profile, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). An equilic quadrilateral has two opposite equal sides that, when extended, meet at 60. A Watt quadrilateral is a quadrilateral with a pair of opposite sides of equal length. A quadric quadrilateral is a convex quadrilateral whose four vertices all lie on the perimeter of a various methods;, see below. Learn the term quadrilateral as well as trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square. Created by Sal Khan. This is the currently selected item. Right angles in shapes (informal definition) Identifying quadrilaterals. Practice: Identify quadrilaterals. Quadrilateral properties. Quadrilateral types. Classifying quadrilaterals.

It intercepts this fairly large arc that I'm going to highlight right now in this purple color. So, it intercepts that arc. We don't know the measure of that arc or at least we don't know the measure of that arc yet. If we did know the measure of this arc that I'm highlighting, then we know that the measure of angle D would just be half that because the measure of an inscribed angle is half the measure of the arc that it intercepts.

We've seen that multiple times.

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So, if we knew the measure of this arc, we would be able to figure out what the measure of angle D is. But we do know, we don't know the measure of that arc, but we do know the measure of another arc. We do know the measure of the arc that completes the circle.

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So, we do know the measure of this arc. You might be saying, hey wait, how do we know that measure, it's not labeled. Well, the reason why we know the measure of this arc that I've just highlighted in this teal color is because the inscribed angle that intercepts it, they gave us the information, they said this is a 45 degree angle.

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A Quadrilateral has four-sidesit is 2-dimensional a flat shapeclosed the lines join upand has straight sides. Also see this on Interactive Quadrilaterals. Try drawing a quadrilateral, and measure the angles.

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Some types are also included in the definition of other types! For example a squarerhombus and rectangle are also parallelograms. See below for more details. Also opposite sides are parallel and of equal length.

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A rhombus is a four-sided shape where all sides have equal length marked "s". I love them. I want a more exotic shape.

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A quadrilateral is a polygon. In fact it is a 4-sided polygon, just like a triangle is a 3-sided polygon, a pentagon is a 5-sided polygon, and so on. Now that you know the different types, you can play with the Interactive Quadrilaterals. A quadrilateral can sometimes be called: a Quadrangle (" four angles "), so it sounds like "triangle". Oct 29, Quadrilateral Social Media Project After we finished out our unit on quadrilaterals, I wanted the kids to do something project oriented, and I also wanted some ated student work on the walls. Dating Profile ; Take 5 self portraits/tweets/etc. Have around ten facts about quadrilaterals, but if it was , I was still okay with that. So, an interesting question is are they always going to be supplementary? If you have a quadrilateral, an arbitrary quadrilateral inscribed in a circle, so each of the vertices of the quadrilateral sit on the circle. If you have that, are opposite angles of that quadrilateral, are they always supplementary? Do they always add up to degrees?

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