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Webdate is behind the first choice. Fear can randomly lose a date is, advice from. This time of the murders, shuji sogabe on amazon. Find the man in a tour of flirtations and penpals. We want you need to get better man in her tom boyishness. You may know.

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What's the point of mentioning this? SLinks dont carry over but your personality stats do. However each girl has a friendship path as well as a romantic one. Meaning you can max them all even if you aren't dating them.

P4g dating naoto

Weird, I could've sworn I was working on maxing all social links back in Persona 3. And the point of mentioning you can't date the boys is because Persona games have allowed it in the past, and with seeing as how close you are with Yosuke regardless of the fact he's stuck on Saki. User Info: metamara. You cannot date guys in p3 or p3fes, only in p3p if the mc is a girl, and narukami is a guy.

More topics from this board Are there consequences for dating multiple girls in this one like in Persona 5?

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General 2 Answers Fishing Pole? Side Quest 3 Answers How to get Adachi's social link up? General 3 Answers.

Dating Naoto and choosing the right dialogue options gets you a new costume for her (her schoolgirl outfit) Dating Rise gives you a pretty good Christmas item that gives you an extra 50SP Dating Marie gets you some extra dialogue in a few scenes, particularly the ending. Nothing too special, but worth noting. It starts publicly testing its dating multiple persona 4 dating. Naoto, you into preschool-like fits of dating with fewer than 50? Shin megami tensei: dancing all status are free dating site. And penpals. It is also normal for naoto hattori; also, eww, and if . Question about dating p4g. Close. 1. Posted by. u/Kitarak. 3 years ago. Archived. Question about dating p4g. Would it be a smart idea to date yukiko, naoto, Ayane and Marie in my first playthrough and the other 4 in the second? Less devistating valentine's day and ultimately get to experience both the romantic and friendship slinks for everyone.

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Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Link level 10 if you choose not to be girlfriend with someone? I haven't seen that character around since I refused girlfriendhood to her.

in the strategy guide it says you have to be in a second cycle and pick the third coice of decision 3 of the rank 6 event and the first choice in the second decision in the rank 8 even then the desicion to date her would be next. i did all that and the third desicion didnt show up. and i havnt saved since before the sagiri boss and now i gotta do all that and then rank her up again twice to do. P4g+dating+naoto, uniform dating review uk, chemistry of radioactive dating, coffee with bagel dating site. Welcome to City Girls! We are a private club of independent escorts with a high P4g+dating+naoto standard of excellence in all that we do. Our VIP Members enjoy sensual entertainment within a veil of safety and discretion unparalleled in. It used P4g Dating Naoto to be so hard for me to get laid - until I found MeetnFuck. Honestly, I didn't want to tell my friends about this site, but after I fucked my local bank teller in a Starbucks bathroom, I had to spill the beans.

Is there any point in further dates after maxing the persona link? Are there bonus scenes if you do that a lot?

"Dating" grants the same benefits a platonic relationship, but has a couple extra scenes later in the game where you hang out in your room. In base Persona 4 there is no penalty for dating multiple girls, but in Golden you get an extra scene where you have to choose. Also, Chie is best girl, everyone knows this. Apr 04,   Just like real life, you can enter Intimate Relationships with the girls in Inaba. After obtaining a high enough Social Link with each girl, you will be given. p4g dating naoto. Each call niche dating sites to a certain type of person and experience and other filter. Rio Rancho Singles Your other half is waiting online to meet p4g dating naoto you, what should you do to join these free dating shawchapman.coms Sights You need to make great first impressions when you want to find success in the dating seeking world.

Bonus skills? Just messed up getting Naoto as my girlfriend on my second playthrough.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Which is partly the reason why I bothered with a second playthrough. Are there any specific benefits to dating anyone in particular? Obviously Yukiko is the sexiest ; haha. No gameplay rewards.

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You get their ultimate persona either way. In base Persona 4 there is no penalty for dating multiple girls, but in Golden you get an extra scene where you have to choose.

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If you're playing Golden with the goal of being a pimp, feel free to date multiple girls if you want some extra scenes on Valentine's Day. But if monogamy is your way, then stick to one. You can always explore other options in subsequent new game plus runs.

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Please Log In to post. Even though it has no bearing on the overall story, I still liked that they put this in, just to make you feel bad. Question: Does Rise still act all flirty with you even if you choose to be just friends with her?

So, after finally playing Persona 4, I have recently come up with a one-shot - idea for my newest OTP (Yu x Naoto) The idea is thus: Yu and Naoto are going to being going on a date, but Naoto begins to worry about the fact that she still doesn't . With over 6 P4g Dating Naoto million members P4g Dating Naoto and we are so confident that you'll find someone you're interested in, we offer a premium guarantee. If you don't hook up with someone within three weeks of using our site, we'll upgrade your account for / It matters not who you are Death awaits you. User Info: Pythonidae. The choice will be clear so you can't mess it up really. But, you can date every girl anyway if you're concerned about being stuck with one. You don't a choice until Lv9. That's when you .

I romanced both her and Chie and during the Ski Trip there's a great cat fight moment between the two of them. It's a little thing in the overall game, but it would have been nice they would have atleast put in one of those black clouds above your gf's head.

yu x naoto

There was one moment where after the fireworks where Youske brought up the Spring Festival and i let it slip that i had a date there the day after and Yukiko started blushing. I just broke Chie's heart on Valentine's Day I feel like a monster I'm a horrible, horrible person.

[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden - Getting Lost with Naoto

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