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Eliseo F. Born on April 4, , Bro. Eli is the second to the youngest among the eight children of Bro. Triunfo Soriano and Sis. Catalina Fernando. Basically, he was a very shy lad that whenever visitors would come to their house he would readily ran inside their bedroom and hide under a bed.

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Alongside with his studies and, later on, his professional career in mass media, he played a significant part as the director and executive producer of Ang Dating Daan. Since then, and until now, he has been helping Bro. Eli in the overall propagation and broadcast efforts of the Church which have now reached international waters.

Inhe was officially elected as the Vice Presiding Minister to assist Bro. Eli in leading the activities and propagation endeavors of the Church, as well as to attend to the overall spiritual, physical, and mental welfare of the brethren.

He likewise co-founded the Bible Readers BRead Society International, a non-profit, non-sectarian youth organization that promotes Bible reading primarily among students and other members of the academe. Daniel, together with Bro.

This gathering, regularly held by MCGI in the Philippines and abroad, invites visitors from all walks of life to ask questions about faith and spirituality. Eli Soriano. Visitors attending at any MCGI remote point across the globe are able participate via satellite and the internet. Daniel co-hosts the symposium, including those which are centered in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries in the Latin Americas.

Eli saw the need to use the broadcast media to reach more and more people. Seeing the positive results that the radio broadcasts yielded, Bro.

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Eli also decided to use television in propagating the word of God. But when other religious organizations, whose programs are also being aired on the said channel, saw how their respective doctrines are being shattered by the Biblical truths that Bro. Hence, the program moved from one channel to another. Due to religious persecution Bro. Eli was forced to leave the Philippines in But eventually, he realized that what happened to him was a God-given opportunity for him to be able to fulfill His admonition to make disciples in all nations.

He started preaching the Gospel in different parts of the globe; he held Bible Expositions in foreign lands - addressing people of different races and different tongues.

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At present, Bro. Eli has settled in Brazil where his global evangelization efforts are also in full swing. Eli is utilizing all avenues available to make the word of God known to all men. And with the advent of the digital age, he has also used different social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to expose erroneous doctrines of other religions, to preach the good news of salvation, and to lead more and more people back to God.

The religious programs of MCGI, "Ang Dating Daan" and "Itanong Mo Kay Soriano", are being broadcast in the station, as well as in UNTV Radyo La Verdad kHz. As a Public Servant. May 01,   Ano ang kaugnayan ng MCGI sa Church of God na nakasulat sa Biblia? TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I'm actually a "member" of MCGI albeit i'm a closet atheist so take my with a grain of salt bias. Ang Dating Daan is a very traditionalist Church, Bro. Eli insists on commiting to what the Bible says in what's seen as the most appropiate way.

Despite his fame and stature in the religious arena, Bro. Eli continues to live a simple and austere life. He works to earn a living; he does not burden the brethren in the Church for his day to day subsistence. And unlike other preachers, Bro. Eli never, and will never, make religion and the word of God a kind of commodity or business. I then wondered why people are bowing and worshipping graven images even though the latter cannot hear, speak, nor walk, as Bro. Eli said.

Mcgi dating daan

Eli has to say. I am happy. I feel light inside because I used to have many sins before. When I was in Catholicism, all kinds of vices were available, because there were no prohibitions.

Eli that I heard what the Bible do not approve of. I am glad, and my heart is content. Eli, if you are [reading] this, I am thankful for your patience in teaching all men to understand the word of God. I am thankful that I am one of those chosen by God to become a member. Please, be patient with us.

May the Lord give you a longer live and heal you of all sickness. I saw the true teachings. They give the right teachings to us. There is nothing wrong with the teachings.

I was actually just surfing the television channels one day and I found his [Bro. Eliseo] program. I was encouraged to join by his doctrines that he teaches. You cannot hear those in other religions. May they always be safe. I hope that the words of God be propagated more in the whole world that other people may know what we have learned. Time came when I got assigned in Batangas. I searched for the locale there.

But since it was far from where I worked, I decided to be baptized here. My father is an avid watcher of Bro. As time went by, I got curious as well. The first time I saw and watched Bro. When we were in the Born Again, I knew many famed pastors and leaders, but none of them knows what Bro. Eli knows. When we attended the Mass Indoctrination, I learned a lot. Summing it up in one word: eye-opening. It was my wife who really liked watching the program on television.

She has been listening for about seven years now. But when I finally listened to it, I found that the teachings were right. Then, my wife decided on it: She asked me when I would join so that we would go at the same time.

Actually, it was more convenient for us to be there. I am hopeful that we will be able to endure until the end. Actually, I want to bring my children here now as well.

Of course, we know the kind of help they extend to our fellowmen. I hope that many more souls will be saved, not only here in the Philippines but in other nations as well.

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I have proven that what Bro. Eli says is true. The teachings here are different than with the religions I have heard. When I heard Bro. The righteousness as well that he speaks of is entirely from the Bible. I hope that their lives will be longer and that they will be able to spread more the righteousness of God in all corners of the globe. May God the Father continue to guide them. Firstly, the teaching of Bro. Eli cannot be found in other religions.

The wrongdoings of other religions, he corrects as well.

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But as I kept on listening, I understood it and have learned many. I started having questions since then, which got answered as I continued watching the program. So now, I have no more questions because they have all been answered by Bro. I was crying when I got baptized. As Bro. It was emotional. Of course, I wish Bro. Daniel more strength. I hope that nothing bad will come to them abroad.

May God the Father bless them more. But my husband and his family have known about this for quite some time now. So when they attended the Bible Exposition, I went with them. My husband had also just been baptized today, but he, like his brother, has long been listening to Bro.

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Whenever they would turn the TV on and tune in to Bro. Eli, I was able to listen as well. I hope that they will continue helping our fellowmen that they may be able to bring other souls to God.

I hope that this organization will continue to flourish as well. May they have more health for them to be able to do what they need to do. I have been listening for about 10 years now, but my brother has been doing so through television since childhood.

So we felt excited when we got to the locale as we have been wanting to go for a long time. Actually, we had seen the locale already before. One time when we went to the town of Sto.

The feeling was so light and really different. I felt that I had a new life and that all my worries and anger are gone.

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May they continue their work of encouraging souls unto salvation as there are many people now who are lost because of false doctrines. So we are happy that we have finally found the true teachings that are from the Bible.

I believe that what Bro. Eli preaches is good and true. My friend works as a housemate in a place near my work. Whenever I was on-duty, he would bring me to the locale. Of course, you must go where the truth is. My nephew asked me why I was watching it.

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The doctrines are good. I learned to respect those who are older than me. Also, I experienced already a trial with my boss. But he let me. It was a pleasant feeling. I hope that they will always be strong. I wish that their bodies will always be healthy. Because once their gone, nobody will lead us.

For the longest time that my husband has been bringing me to the locale, I get to hear the teachings of God. I asked the Lord that He give me wisdom that I would be able to fully accept in my heart. And I felt that.

During a Thanksgiving service, it was announced that there was a Mass Indoctrination. My husband has been bringing me to Church services since 10 years ago. Whenever he turned on the television, I would hear Bro. Eli as well. He started reading the Bible at home then, and he would bring me and our children to Church services. Before, it was only him who attended, and he would just bring us occasionally. But since two years ago, he was very consistent in bringing us to services.

I felt heavy inside because I always went with him and I was just listening to the teachings. I felt so happy. I just felt my tears falling. I hope that the Lord will give them longer lives. May He will it that they may be able to propagate the good news, that many of our fellowmen will be saved like me. I have fancied listening to religious groups of all sorts, but it is only here where I heard and understood the teachings that others fail to teach.

I was a Catholic before. Then, I became a member of the Mormon Church. There have indeed been many already. I had immediate interest the first time I heard the teachings. It feels good whenever I hear his [Bro. Eliseo] his words. So whenever they would listen again, I really liked joining them. This time, I wanted to change already. I have forced myself to change for many times now. I told myself that I can do it on my own.

I cannot explain it. I know that this the right one. My father is already a member, and he has been bringing me to Church services since I was little. He also always watched on television. There was something in me that still weighed things, even when it came to the seventh and eighth sessions. But then in the last one, I thought that I really should already, because there is nothing you can say of the doctrines as they are all true. I hope that they will still be with us for a longer time that they may be able to help us more through teaching us.

I hope that we can overcome trials. I started out as an atheist. All of my family are Christians. The time came when my mom was urging me to go with them in the indoctrination sessions. We would fight because I refused her invitation then. But never did I imagine that in only a few days of listening that would be changed. I felt so light, because before I felt so heavy.

I used to think of attempting suicide. I just went to school and went home on a day-to-day basis, and it felt like I had nothing more. In this Church, [if you follow the commandments of God] you will be saved. Also, every time you attend Church services, teachings are added to you which you can use your whole life. That was what I believed. Then, I was able to watch him [Bro. As time passed by, I understood it.

I guess because at first, my mind was closed, but it eventually got opened as I kept attending.

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When I returned home, I saw that he was changed; his lifestyle was different as compared to before. Then one time I went with him. I finally felt light, because before I really felt I was carrying this burden inside.

Then, I got enlightened by the words of Bro. Eli, and I felt light after I got baptized. Keep it up. Out of the many, many religions that I saw, it is truly only here where I found the reality that I must learn.

It is here in this religion.

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I was also encouraged to join by her [points to Sis. MJ] father. At first I was kind of bored, because I believed in former religion where there was crying and dancing; I was a Born Again. Eli preaches.

World's Largest Gospel Choir - Ang Dating Daan Chorale (Official Video)

I got interested in the doctrines and were able to focus on them. I just had that feeling wherein my knowledge, my awareness, my life views are broadening because of what I have been learning from Bro.

Even though others do you wrong, you understand them. But before I got baptized, I prayed that the Lord may guide me. I prayed that when I get out of the water, there will be a new me, and I will have a new life, a new being.

After baptism, I felt I was cleansed. Though not in the physical way, but spiritually; I felt it. I felt the new me. I hope it will continue until the end. To join hands with them, to be with them until the end. I really wanted to join.

Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano, a multi-awarded international evangelist and host of the longest-running religious program in the Philippines, "Ang Dating Daan," (The Old Path), is the Over-all Servant of the religious organization Members Church of God International (MCGI). MCGI Portal - The official website of Members Church of God International - Asia Oceania Division. Jan 02,   The Overall Servant to the Members Church of God International (MCGI) is the host of the religious program Ang Dating Daan, which celebrated its 36th anniversary on December 9, at the Mall of Asia Arena in Metro Manila, Philippines. Longest-Running Religious Program Turns

My parents are just one month in the Church and they have encouraged me as well.

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