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I went on a date with this girl, we had pretty good time. Ended up in bar known to be a meat market for a drink. In the bar are 5 girls, my date and me. I went to get drinks and I noticed a couple of girls checking me out. My date had to use the restroom, but on her way there she stopped and gave me a passionate kiss. Was she marking me so the other girls knew I was more then friends with this girl? Do woman always leave something of theirs at a guys house to mark their territory?

Oct 06,   If you do a search you will find articles on how women mark their territories to let other women know she is dating or in a relationship with a man. However, I would like to know if you do the same thing when you are not dating yet, but interested in a man who gets a lot of attention from other wo - Originally posted in the Relationships forum. The Guy's Checklist For Un-Marking Your Territory. There's a difference between dating several people who know you're dating around, and being a loser who doesn't have the balls to be honest with women he's seeing. "14 Things She's Doing to Scare Other Women Away " (While Unintentionally Signaling Her Interest In You), /10(11). Sep 09,   Later, when I was stalking him like any other normal desperate crazy nosy new ex-girlfriend, I saw a photo of his new girlfriend spotting a top similar in colour and design to my territory marking one laying on our then favourite sofa.

Amaro m! Tess thats good one. Lolmy dear eh some girls are just stubborn oh, even when your wedding ring is inscribed on your front head den no go still mind chopping with you after all there is love in sharing. Nice article! Too many relationship articles directed at women. Na wa!

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The writer is quite very smart and i must commend her, these are really sensible tips Lol! Nice writeup Tess, I love it. My opinion. Sorry this article doesnt do it for me. Why would i do all these just to alert sidechicks? Why such insecurities?

Why would i even live with the fact that my boyfriend myt be cheating on me? If i eventually find out, why wld i remain? Pls this is just shallow. This isgive us something new. Did you read the full post to see where she said you should ask yourself if all the hassle is worth it? Instead of going through this hassle, why not spend your time getting a man that will claim you and be proud to show you off to the world.

Ladies wisen up ooo! Bobo got me my own toothbrush, my own set of pair of house slippers, and even made room for some of my clothes in his wardrobe. He told me he lives in Ghana and stays with his uncle in Lagos.

Marking territory dating

I asked him if he was married bad move, I know and he said no. Lol May God help us with this menfor now am gonna go buy torchlight seems they are playing hide And seek lol one luv ladies. LMAO I loveeee this article, this is so me. I once dated a guy who could lie at the drop of a hat. After a couple of months of dating I started living things at his place, not to trap him but because it was more convenient to leave a few things than have to carry them every time I stayed over.

I quickly carried my legs as far away from him as possible. Long story short-no matter how many tricks you use, a lying, scheming asshole will remain a lying, scheming asshole.


People these days are SO crafty! I really felt sorry for the wife, but something tells me that she knows the beast she married. What a mess! So the degradation of women has become this bad?

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Not everyone has it this way oh,lots of men still honor and love their women but first as a woman you have to value yourself, so sad! Lools Major sigh thestruggleisreal if your dude wants to cheat he will cheat no be by territory. Just wait ur turn ur husband wee come some times sef i wonder if this stress is worth it.

All this for a man?

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Are men really that scarce? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Connect with us.

Men in love will not do anything to hurt their woman. They will respect her, care for her, and will be faithful. So, if your man is dating you exclusively, has never cheated on you, and when talking of his future, includes you in it, it shows that he is very serious about his relationship with you. #9 Lets You Have Your Way. My boyfriend told me that he gets really turned on by the idea of cumming on me and asked whether I would let him do it. I thought it was great cause I think its really hot to see and feel him do that too. But then he explained to me that the reason he wanted to do this was because he sees it as a way of "marking me as his sexual territory.". Tess of Girlfriends: How To Mark Your Territory Like a Pro It appears that one effective way of dealing with these external forces might be territory marking. BellaNaija is not responsible.

Features Adefolake Adekola: Hidden Sugars. The point is that the hair can easily be identified not to be his. Another option is to leave one earring behind. On that same side of the bed, you can also leave a distinct female scent behind by lightly spraying the pillow with a bit of your perfume. Don't Miss Aunty Bella: Miss. Tess of Intimaciti. Tomisin Magz February 2, at pm.

Missy February 2, at pm. Ada February 2, at pm. Tess is on BN! Going back up to read! Alozie February 2, at pm.

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Yewie February 2, at pm. Rilipple rili do these things. Nnenna February 2, at pm. N February 3, at am.

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ISL February 2, at pm. Tochi February 2, at pm.

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Interesting article. February 2, at pm. Tolu February 2, at pm. TruthSayer February 2, at pm. Jenicoco February 2, at pm. Cee February 2, at pm. No be small thing o. Well done Tess. Nice write up. Odididi February 2, at pm.


Tess writes with a bit of fine sarcasm, always! Almost indescernible but there nonetheless! NK February 3, at pm. As in eh. Very subtle shade like this.

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Love her blog too. Manny February 2, at pm.

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Na wa o. And the lame thing is, it was a mistake that you may already have made, with disaster on its way. She picked me up right on time, and everything was looking good. Houston, we have lift. I waited in the bedroom, stretching out for the long mission ahead, excitedly anticipating her return.

May 03,   I've been married for years and have never had to "mark my territory" (especially since I'm a man, not an animal) for my wife or any previous women that I dated. I was confident enough in myself and how I treated them that I wasn't concerned. On that note, it's even possible she was marking her territory. Or marking herself as your territory, if you can believe it. I'll be honest. Though I've never physically felt competition with other girls in a place, there are times where I feel like I've "marked" my territory with a .

I heard her on her way and intercepted her at the bedroom door in my boxers as is the custom on our planetready for some deep space probing. And there, in my hand were two earrings. I looked at her and SHE was also wearing earrings. So thesemy slow man-brain computed must not be her earrings. Another girl who offered to take care of my cat while I was out of town. Another girl who had the presence of mind to mark her territory in case some OTHER girl came wandering my way.

How Females Mark Their Territory!

My co-pilot for the night left so fast, she practically teleported, leaving behind only a silhouetted cloud of dust and a pang of regret in my stomach for what could have been a hell of a fun night And perhaps many more. But the earrings were too much openly flaunted reality for our little fantasy to continue. The reality is that this kind of situation is so easily avoidable. And yet I got nailed by such an obvious mistake.

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Because there are SO many ways that women mark their territory, more than you probably ever realized And if you forget about just oneyou are very likely to get busted. They notice a little thing out of place much faster than we do. A woman will leave calling cards behind for other women to find. Some things may be as subtle as brushing her hair with your brush, which leaves her hair for another to find within the bristles.

Other things may be as overt as clawing your back, biting and even giving a hickie during one of your wild romps.

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