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Content approaching. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Please ate the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Throughout the course of the war, Kix maintained a close friendship with CT , a fellow clone of the st nicknamed "Jesse". The two frequently accompanied each other on missions. His captain , CT "Rex", was shot and injured during the battle, forcing Kix, Jesse and Hardcase to leave him in a local homestead for his safety. In 20 BBY , Kix participated in the Republic invasion of the planet Umbara , where the st was placed under the control of Jedi General Pong Krell , much to the disdain of Kix and his fellow clone troopers.

Tup suddenly lashed out forcing Tiplar's sister, Tipleeto suspend him using the force. Following this, Tup was left to rest in a medical bay. Tup was once again conscious, and was completely unaware of his actions, and upon being informed by Five of what he had done, he broke down, denying that it could be possible.

As a result of his brash reaction, the medical droid was forced to sedate him. Anakin then asked Kix if he had checked all of Tup's medical scans, to which he replied that from his knowledge, it appeared to be a combat-related stress and that he had broken down. Rex and Fives were not convinced however, noting that they as clones were engineered to withstand it. They then quizzed that it could have been the work of biological warfare, and that the enemy had drugged him into killing the Jedi.

Kix then came to the conclusion that the only way they could be certain what had happened was to send Tup to Kaminoin order to be fully examined. Following the events of the Ringo Vinda campaign, the st Legion returned back to Coruscant.

On one of the nights following their arrival, Kix and Jesse were socializing at the clone bar, 79's.

Kik. Features; Community. Kik. 3 Blog. Stay fresh on the newest features, tips, and bots in the Kik blog. Never miss a thing. Help Center. Find answers to questions about your account and become a Kik pro. kix 40 Last active: 13 Sep EMT kix 40 I'm here to meet guys 40 to 80 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking. About me See for yourself! About you Have balls and words! Help. CT, nicknamed " Kix," was a clone medic who served in the Grand Army of the Republic 's st Legion during the Clone Wars. Throughout the course of the war, Kix maintained a close friendship with CT, a fellow clone also of the st and nicknamed "Jesse," with the two accompanying each other frequently on missions.

Clone trooper Fives had been framed for attempting to murder Supreme Chancellor Palpatineafter discovering the truth behind the reasoning that Tup had executed Jedi Master Tipar, and while on the run from Republic forces, sought refuge in the bar.

Upon entering, he spotted Kix, and followed him into the bathroom. While the clone medic was looking at himself in the mirror, Fives began conversing with him, noting that the st were now back on Coruscant.

Kix then remarked that a strange occurrence had happened while on Ringo Vinda, to which Fives then revealed himself to him, stating that he knew. Fives tells Kix of a terrible conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the Republic. Kix was bewildered to see Fives, and told him that rumors had circulated of how he attempted to murder the Chancellor, and that he had been infected with the same virus that Tup had supposedly been infected with.

Fives then vaguely told Kix that the clones and the Jedi had all been framed, and were all in grave danger. He pleaded that he needed to make contact with Rex or Skywalker immediately, to which Kix gave the advice that Fives should turn himself in.

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Fives exclaimed that Kix simply didn't understand, and that he had been involved in such a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of the Republic. Fives then gave Kix co-ordinates to send to Rex, and asked for him to tell the captain to meet him there.

Kix agreed, and promised to pass them on.

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The two then parted ways, with Kix wishing him luck with whatever Fives was planning to do. The information Fives had given Kix had a profound effect on the clone medic, leaving him with many questions he sought answers for. Kix left and Jesse right stare at each other with contempt upon witnessing The Bad Batch for the first time. Kix later participated in the Battle of Anaxesa lengthy campaign between both the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems over the planet of Anaxes.

During the campaign, the Republic forces were initially losing repeatedly, and the Separatists emerged on the verge of victory. Rex theorized that the Separatists had learned his personal combat strategy, and, based on the tactics used by himself and the Separatists, secretly thought that CT "Echo," an ARC trooper thought to have been killed during the Battle of Lola Sayuwas still alive.

To learn what was happening, Cody requested he and Rex bring a squad behind Separatist lines to the Cyber Center. Near the end of the war, Kix had grown out his hair, covering his tattoo in the process.

Windu approved Cody's plan of bringing a squad, and the force included Kix and Jesse. For the mission, Cody called for the help of Clone Force 99nicknamed, "The Bad Batch", an elite group of clones with desirable genetic mutations.

Rex and Cody then gathered Kix and Jesse to walk with them, and greet the mutated clones for themselves. As they arrived, the clone force flew their shuttle aggressively into the hangar, leading Kix and Jesse to exchange looks of contempt. Kix exclaimed and questioned how exactly they were clones, due to their different appearance, to which Cody explained their genetic modifications. Cody subsequently introduced everybody, and the group stepped into the Republic Gunship to be taken behind enemy lines.

As they approached the base, the gunship was spotted by a group of B1 battle droids, who contacted a DSD1 dwarf spider droi ordering it to shoot the ship down. After a few shots, it eventually made a direct hit on the gunship causing it to crash into the surface of the planet.

Upon climbing out, Kix noticed that Cody had been left trapped underneath part of the rubble from the gunship and called for help. Bad Batch member, Wrecker volunteered to rescue him alone, much to Kix's discontent who believed that he would need help in doing so.

Wrecker was able to lift the gunship with ease, picking up Cody's injured body, as the ship burst into flames behind him. Kix then proceeded to assess his injuries, finding that he had internal damage, and would be able to cut the pain if he was able to find help fast. As Kix began to get his medikit out, a large group of battle droids began heading their way. Later in the evening, after moving away from the crash site, the group had set up camp for the night.

As they ate, Kix and Jesse began discussing what Hunter's genetic modification could be, before Tech interrupted them, informing them of Hunter's heightened tracking skills.

Due the sheer agony he was in, Rex called in an extraction unit to pick up Cody and take him to be better treated for his injuries. Informing the Bad Batch of the situation, and where to go forward, Crosshair disagreed, and then interrupted and then began questioning the extent of Rex's leadership skills if they were forced to bring in The Bad Batch to give them aid.

Instantly springing to Rex's defense, Jesse demanded who he thought he was talking to, before he was then grabbed by Wrecker by the throat. Attempting to help his friend, Kix became involved, before he and Crosshair began to engage in a fight.

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Before the situation was able to get out of hand, both Rex and Hunter calmed their men - reminding them they were both on the same side, and fighting for the same thing. The others then prepared to move out, and continue the assault, while Kix remained with Cody to carry on with treating his injuries before the extraction unit arrived.

Sometime after the Battle of Anaxes, Kix began questioning the so-called virus that had caused fellow clone trooper Tup to kill General Tiplar. He began conducting his own further investigations into the matter after he discovered that Fives had discovered the truth before his untimely death. Kix was eventually able to discover the truth for himself, learning that the biochip implanted in every clone soldier's head could send out an order directly from the Chancellor to betray and kill the Jedi.

His investigations did not go unnoticed, however, as Count Dooku, the public leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and apprentice to Darth Sidious, took note of it, and ordered for his kidnapping before he was able to share his knowledge with the Jedi.

Kix was captured and interrogated to find out if anybody else in the Republic knew of the information.

Biographical information

Believing the trooper to be deceiving them, the Separatists planned to send him to the Sith themselves, and in turn, brought him on board a Separatist cruiser known as the Obrexta III. On the ship, he was frozen and inserted into a cryo-cycle stasis po where he would remain until the ship arrived on Serenno. As the cruiser took off, it was ambushed by Republic forces. With little chance to raise the shields, the Republic fleet made easy work of the cruiser, resulting in heavy damage.

A B1 battle droid known as B1-CC14 fell to the conclusion that the ship was in no shape to go to Serenno, as well as being on strict orders for Kix to not fall into the hands of the Republic by any costs.

With no other options in sight, the droid made the decision to jump through hyperspace to a random sector in the galaxy, where the Republic would have no chance of finding it. The jump transported the ship, along with its cargo, Kix, to the desert planet Ponemah Terminalwhere it inevitably crashed on the surface. The ship, along with B1-CC14 and the other droids on it, lost their power as a result of the crash, where they would remain lifeless for many years to come. Although Count Dooku was never able to actually deal with Kix personally, Kix was never able to tell the Jedi the truth of the bio-chips in the clone troopers, and Order 66 was carried out, with the subsequent extermination of the Jedi.

Kix lay in stasis, and the ship remained untouched for the next 50 years. Exactly 50 standard years after the end of the Clone Wars, the Delphidian pirate Sidon Ithano and his crew of the Meson Martinet resided in a cantina on the desert world of Ponemah, the very planet that the Obrexata III crash-landed on many years prior. There, the crew of pirates managed to decode an old transmission dating back to the Clone Wars from B1-CC14, who was desperately attempting to send out a distress signal.

In his message, he mentioned very important cargo belonging to Count Dooku himself. Instantly recognizing that the signal must have come from the crashed Separatist ship on Ponemah, Sidon Ithano and the crew of the Meson Martinet set off to claim the treasure for themselves.

It was not only Sidon Ithano's crew that knew of Count Dooku's treasure, however, as various other pirate groups, gangs, and raiders operating on the planet were also able to decode the transmission. The race was on to get there first, with none of them actually knowing that the so-called treasure was, in fact, the clone trooper Kix-still frozen in stasis and very much alive all these years later.

En route to the downed Separatist ship, the various different groups clashed, with a huge battle taking place at one point between Sidon Ithano's crew and a swoop biker gang known as the Gray Gundarks.

Ithano and his crew narrowly won the skirmish and were the first to arrive at the ship. They were able to race through the various corridors of the ship with ease as they came up to the ship's vault.

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The group were shocked upon finding no treasure, and instead a cryo-cycle stasis pod. With nothing left to lose, they decided to awaken the pod, and even more shockingly, Kix emerged. He seemed startled and shell-shocked, finding it hard to breathe properly and gasping for air. He immediately began rambling and muttering-attempting to inform the pirates on what had happened.

He explained to them that he had learned a terrible truth about his fellow clone troopers, that the biochip implanted in their heads-supposedly to stop them from being controlled-was actually in place to command and force the clones into complying to betray and kill their Jedi generals. He described how the Separatists found out that he knew and kidnapped him, subsequently torturing him and later putting him into the very stasis pod he had been found in. Not knowing of how long he had been frozen for, Kix requested that the pirates transport him to the Republic so he could inform General Anakin Skywalker and save the Jedi from their inevitable fate; he then slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

As this was happening, B1-CC14 briefly re-awoke after a sudden surge of energy sparked its power receptors. The droid immediately realized with his only remaining good sensor that the vault where Kix was being stored had been broken into. Upon remembering his last orders-Kix must not escape, no matter the cost-B1-CC14 triggered the emergency activation systems with his last ebb of energy, which caused a contingent of super battle droids to be signaled to the intruders' location.

The ship subsequently began falling apart, with the Crimson Corsair ordering that he and his crew leave immediately, taking the unconscious Kix with them. The droids were able to shoot and kill the Ishi-Tib pirate, Pendequell, while the rest of the crew headed towards the escape pods while still carrying Kix. There was only one problem-there was only one escape pod, and not enough room for the entire crew. Sidon Ithano bravely shoved his fellow pirates, as well as the still-unconscious Kix, into the escape pod, then launched the pod into the sand while he stayed behind in the doomed cruiser.

Over three weeks after the crew of the Meson Martinet retrieved Kix from the Separatist ship instead of the riches and treasures they had desired, they remained on Ponemah, waiting for their captain to return.

Kix dating

Kix was still in deep shock over the many revelations of Galactic history he had learned since awakening, being particularly saddened that he was never able to save the Jedi and the Republic from their fate. Just as they planned to leave the desert world, Ithano suddenly appeared, alive and well.

He waved away questions, and handed the Separatist cruiser's memory core to Kix, which contained a complete map to every hidden factory ever built by the Separatists. Kix agreed to join the Crimson Corsair's crew to scour the galaxy with them, discovering new treasures together.

Upon joining the crew of the Meson MartinetKix stopped shaving his head and grew out thick black hair, in addition to a beard, and this covered the tattoo on the side of his scalp.

At some point, Kix, Sidon Ithano, and a red Twi'lek known as Reveth were situated in a misty swamp, where they were ambushed by B1 battle droids, which were unearthing themselves from the ground, trying to reach the crew.

C-3PO later referenced this story to some visitors by referring to it as "spooky. As a trained clone trooper medic, Kix believed that when it came to the health of his comrades, he outranked them.

Instead of worrying about his enemies, Kix cared more about the welfare and livelihood of his fellow troopers. During the Battle of Saleucami, Kix respected Rex when the clone told him of how he had been injured after being shot by a commando droid's sniper rifle.

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He took great concern for Rex's health, and advised Jesse and Hardcase that in order to see the full extent of Rex's injury, he had to remove pieces of Rex's armor. After Rex handed the leading position to Jesse, Kix cooperated with Jesse's orders that were given to himself and Hardcase. As a field medic, Kix was equipped with medpacs, as well as other first-aid commodities, to help fellow injured clone troopers during a battle. Kix also carried a blaster rifle.

On the left side of his head on his scalp, Kix had a tattoo that said "a good droid is a dead one" in Aurebesh. Kix wore phase II clone trooper armor throughout the Clone Wars with blue markings like others in the st Legion.

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Since he was a medic, Kix sported a red medic symbol on his left shoulder and carried a backpack of medical supplies into battle with him. Like every clone on the show, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He also made a cameo, as his later self, in the short comic Star Wars Adventures Ashcanalso written by Walker. Artist Eric Jones made concept of his for the comic appearance.

According to Walker, Kix stopped shaving because of the sorrow he felt every time he looked in the mirror as he was reminded of his fallen comrade brothers who he was unable to save. Walker also said he would likely wear a helmet as well. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

Contents [ show ]. Let's find his homestead. We have to leave them. That's an order.

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If we survive, you can patch up the wounded later. I guess the st are back on Coruscant. Fives knew He's the one who figured it all out after Tup But I kept investigating. They said it was a virus I bet the Galactic Republic will be super happy now that they can stop the Emperor from rising to power. Probably save the galaxy a whole lot of lives, too. Maybe we can go to the Jedi Council and get a nice fat reward!

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So all we need to do now is travel back in time! What do you say-? A clone that knows the location of forgotten Separatist treasures? Not only is that ridiculous, but the clones are extinct! How can I help? He would likely usually wear a helmet too. Categories : Canon articles Articles in need of ating Pages needing citation Clone troopers Healers and doctors Clone trooper medics Members of the st Legion Sidon Ithano's crew members. They like to rock hard and they want you to scream and sing your heart out right along with them.

If you like to party with a bit of an edge, then I highly recommend Kix. Read more. Report as inappropriate.

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They rocked the house! After some technical difficulties they came out ready to get the crowd going.

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Steve was on fire last night engaging with the audience. KIX definitely never disappoints! The music was incredible! Absolutely kickass show! Kix rocks! Show was great! Sound was off a bit being front row but if you knew the songs it didn't really matter.

Wish they'd come out this way more often. The venue is a bit odd in it's layout; a pool in the middle of the patio make for some lost standing room and difficult viewing angles. Come early. KIX Always Delivers.

They are just an amazing group Live. Without EVER skipping a beat. All these years, I've never seen them live. Man was I missing out!! They sound fantastic and are super friendly and entertaining for sure!! I'll definitely see them again! Totally awesome they kicked ass kix rocks Hope they come back real soon love u guys.

Kix (sometimes stylized as KIX) is an American hard rock band that achieved popularity during the s. Led by frontman Steve Whiteman and creative mastermind/bassist Donnie Purnell, the band's classic lineup was rounded out by drummer Jimmy "Chocolate" Chalfant and guitarists Ronnie "10/10" Younkins and Brian "Damage" Forsythe. To view your password hint and to receive password recovery instructions, enter your email address and click SEND. New Password Sent! Check your E-mail Address! E-mail Address not found! Type your E-mail Address. You are a new user and don't have an account yet? Feb 28, Kix is not playing near you. 25, fans get concert alerts for this artist. Hard rockers Kix have enjoyed a career that has lasted over three decades, having broken out of their hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland, US with their debut album in Starting life in , the band tested several different names, from Shooze to The Generators.

Had the best time in my life Please come to allentown pa to play U guys kick ass. Saw them first at Rockfest, Miramar FL and they were great! Such a fun time the the Rail Club.

Always an incredible live band. Lots of energy. I saw these guys on home turf in the late 70s when they were The Shooze, and they still deliver the goods!

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Kix was amazing they are still rocking it out like they ever could. So if your still a kix fan try and check them out in a city near you. See all videos 4. See all photos 4. See all posters View all past concerts.

This event has been added to your Plans.

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Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Sign up as an artist. Devyatka Your artists Popular artists. Check out the best live stream concerts happening now!

Kix On tour: yes Kix is not playing near you.

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Yes, please notify me. On tour. Nearest concert to you Devyatka, Russian Federation Change. Sep Touring outside your city Be the first to know when they tour near Devyatka, Russian Federation Track future tour dates Join 25, fans getting concert alerts for this artist. Upcoming concerts 14 See all Jun 6. Jun

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