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He revealed that he learned Korean by dating for 3 years. When I was dating, my Korean improved when we had arguments. So, I realized I really need to study Korean hard. I studied really hard and then got into fights. We were young.

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He clarified that he is not against dating at all. He instead explained that he saw the practical side of the matter.

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It's not only fun. You have responsibilities," he said.

Mar 07,   Just for your information, JYP Entertainment is famous for a number of protocols for their artists, one of which is a dating ban for three years after debut. However, on December 4, , in a Tencent interview, when asked if the company strictly prohibits him from dating or not, Jackson Wang answered, "There's no ban. Jan 26,   Our company has a three-year dating ban. I won't be able to date for a while. I'm not particularly interested in dating right now, but I worry I won't be able to date later." Jackson provided more insight on JYP Entertainment's three-year ban on dating, in which he revealed what K-pop idols in relationships prior to signing up have to do. Aug 23,   Companies which DOESNT have dating ban. also thank god for the lack of dating ban. cause me and my daddy yeo one are happily together.

In a recent Facebook Live session with his fans, he said that he was planning to stick to the dating ban even after the three-year period expires because he wants to commit himself to his career. He admitted that he did not feel confident about taking on the responsibility of taking care of someone else when he was on a journey to develop himself further as an artist.

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If you want to take care of someone, you need to have the ability, time, and everything How do I say this? You decide. You can also watch the interview video with English subtitles by a user named Denyse below! But, it looks more like a promise not to date that Jackson Wang is determined to fulfill.

Apr 23,   In an interview with Radio Star, Jackson said that while other artists would feel restricted about agreeing to a dating ban, he completely understood where his label was coming from and what it was aiming for in imposing the said that he agreed with JYP's dating policy because he understood the responsibilities that being an idol Angie Chui. Feb 14,   GOT7 member Jackson recently confessed the reason behind why he is unable to date at the present time. The February 14 broadcast of JTBC's virtual dating program "Dating Alone" showed the. Jan 24,   GOT7's Jackson Explains Why He Won't Be Dating In he'd said that he was waiting to date until his three-year dating ban at JYP Entertainment had ended. Since GOT7 has passed the.

Most artists would probably rejoice once the dating promise is fulfilled. However, this is not the case with Jackson Wang.

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He is having second thoughts about that. Leeelee and lighterxx like this.

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Adradiokddicted and lighterxx like this. Yabie Star. Bighit also doesn't have dating ban.

Sep 15,   Is it really possible to ban someone's dating? Which companies ban or not? The big entertainment companies states dating ban on the contract with idol members. Idols are targeting for fantasy on themselves, so it's pretty dangerous to date someone in public. Because fans must be disappointed of it and naturally popularity of the idol decreases.

JYP is weird, on one side we have Jackson and a few Twice members that emphasize the dating ban promise, or whatever. On the other side there is also statements from Nichkhun, Wooyoung and JB that said Park Jinyoung encouraged the kids to date because the experience helps them feel more while singing.

Then there is also Chansung and Wooyoung who admits dating through debut and the company actually knows, but as Wooyoung said, just don't screw up. Im guessing they don't have a dating ban, they have 'screw up ban'.

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