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Dating rumors are nothing new in the K-pop industry. This is because the fans would do the best of what they can to search for possible evidence or proof that there might really be romantic going on with their idols. M and Cosmic Girls' Luda fall pretty to this kind of news. One of the evidence that proves I. M and Luda really have a special connection with each other is when I. M talked about the origin of his stage name.

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She then says that someone who is good in using chopsticks and someone who is left handed. The fans of I. For now, there is still no confirmation that they are really dating.

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In other news, according to All K-popCosmic Girls have finally released their first album entitled, "Happy Moment". It consists of ten songs with its lead track entitled, "Happy.

"Cosmic Girl" is the second single from British funk/acid jazz band Jamiroquai's third studio album, Travelling Without Moving, released on 11 November on Sony Soho Square in the United Kingdom and 17 January on Sony Music/Work Group in the United Space disco. The blue haired girl nods, "Yes, we're totally getting you this one. Now hurry up I want to see my other creations!" She wanders back to the sofa where the two boys from school stand. "You sure seem close to that Natsu guy, Lulu. Are you perhaps. dating?" Kirishima smirks at her wiggling his eyebrows. I.M is Dating someone? | K-Pop Amino Suzy's boyfriend Lee Min Ho is my ideal type: Cosmic Girls wjsn luda posts -

Based on the recent happening and on the statistical figures, there is a very big chance that their recent album will top the music charts of the K-pop industry. Knowing that they've got the charm and talent, there's no reason they can't make it.

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This is because the sticky note question asks Luda on her ideal type of guy. Luda then answers that she prefers a left-handed guy that knows how to use chopsticks pretty well.

So she lazer beamed me with her cosmic eyes She's just a cosmic girl From another galaxy My heart's at zero gravity She's from a cosmic world Putting me in ecstasy Transmitting on my frequency She's cosmic I'm scanning all my radars We'll she said she's from a quasar Forty thousand million light years away It's a distant solar system. Netizens lay out evidence to prove MONSTA X's I.M is dating a member of Cosmic Girls Singer Ben opens up about debuting with unsuccessful girl group. 6Theory Media, LLC. allkpop is Author: Beansss.

In this case, Monsta X's I. M is a left-handed person and is well known by his fans to be really good in using chopsticks. On the other hand, there are fans that remain to be skeptics, saying that there are a lot of people who are left-handed and are good in choosing chopsticks.

According to another report by All K-popthere are also a lot of K-pop icons who are left handed.

Whichever the case is, there is no denying that Monsta X's I. M and Cosmic Girls' Luda look good together. So we got the other one, and I said, "Look, wait until I get there.

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We can't afford to smash it". So I came off the plane, and everybody looked really downtrodden, looking at the floor, and I went, "Why are you looking so sad?

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Lamborghini can't send one for another day or so". So for most of the video, it had to be done with no windscreen, that's why you see me squinting, and actually trying to sing the song as well, while driving the mountain road". The video was filmed at the Cabo de Gatain Spain.

Monsta X's I.M has been hurling a lot of rumors regarding him dating Cosmic Girls' Luda. Check out the article to learn more about its possibility. Jun 11,   MONSTA X's I.M and Cosmic Girls' Luda has been the subject of countless dating rumors due to their closeness and very good chemistry. What's really interesting about this is that even though there are no official confirmations that they are really dating, . Jun 21,   MONSTA X's I.M and Cosmic Girls' Luda might really be dating in real life. Check out their newest "Happy Moment" too. Find out about it here.

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