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The latest scuttlebutt coming from Super Bowl Sunday is two ESPN personalities were spotted getting rather comfortable with one another. Before we continue, let's offer that this is merely a rumored hookup, and nothing has been confirmed by either party, nor by ESPN. It all begins with this tweet the website received from one of their readers. Holding hands on bourbon st. Might want more before a post but it's true. The report also points to this photo of the two, who were in New Orleans this past weekend to take in the Super Bowl festivities.

Tori Bowie. Sprinter M and M relayslong jumper three-time Olympic medalist. I'm working on learning how to zone out the rest of my competition and just focus on myself.

Lauren Chamberlain. I loved what my body was doing for me on the field, and that started to translate off the field. Jessie Diggins. Cross-country skier Olympic gold medalist. You're moving under your own power. It's such a wonderful feeling.

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It's almost meditative sometimes. Crystal Dunn. I am not the biggest, but that doesn't mean I can't be the quickest or the smartest and find other ways of being successful.

Ten years, hundreds of thousands of images - and we're just getting started. This year 16 athletes join the revered ranks of Body Issue stars, and there are, as always, too many awe-inspiring. Mar 23,   The Sportscenter host, Cari Champion, was expected to be dating Ryen Russillo, an ESPN journalist too. In the year , Cari even tweeted a picture with Russillo calling him her boo. Cari Champion with her rumored boyfriend Ryen Russillo Photo Credit: Apr 26,   Take a look inside the world of digital dating for athletes, where options are plentiful but possible pitfalls are just one click away. This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's May 9 Fame.

Charlotte Flair. It's important that my looks have nothing to do with what I do in the WWE.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Forward, LA Galaxy Swedish national team's all-time leading scorer. I need to be very angry. I find the haters and make that give me energy.

Dallas Keuchel. As a baseball player, if I'm pitching 35 times a season, seven innings a pop, pitches a game, I need some fat, I need some extra meat on my body.

Tackle's profile, you'll see his first name and photos but no mention of his NFL gig, a factoid he typically shares on the first date. Their misdirection play has a cheerleader in ex-teammate Terrance Knighton.

They just set up a semi-blind date with photos that aren't too revealing.

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It's working out for them. It's certainly working in the NFL, where man rosters of face-masked faces allow for swiping incognito.

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But in the NBA, a sport with man rosters of trees with legs, a player's star can blow up his Tinder. Just ask former No.

And for famous women, the dating app can be a nonstarter.


Before Ronda Rousey met her main squeeze, fellow MMAer Travis Browne, the fighter dipped her toe in Tinder's water for a nanosecond - and even used an alter ego, Brynn Campbell - only to flee with a case of cold feet. Rousey aimed to avoid the inevitable backlash that comes with being a known woman on the dating app that snowboarder Jamie Anderson calls scandalous. The Olympian installed the app in Sochi in "just to crush on guys" but couldn't uninstall it fast enough after watching what happened to her friend Rebecca Torr, a snowboarder for New Zealand who dished on Sochi's Tinder scene in an interview.

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It's one of the reasons female iPlayers prefer to stay mum about their efforts, or away from them entirely. I have a better chance of getting a read on them that way.

In fact, to hear athlete lotharios tell it, Tinder runs a distant third in popularity to Twitter and Instagram, two vast seas with more than a billion fish. Inthe biggest name in NHRA Funny Car racing wanted a relationship, not a fling, but even when she did manage to find someone who wanted her for her, that person typically couldn't stomach her work schedule.

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As she thinks back on it now, dating a like-minded peer with similar work demands made perfect sense. Trouble was, the California-based drag racer was crushing on an IndyCar driver who lived in Indianapolis.

Their paths wouldn't cross except on Twitter, the Sadie Hawkins dance in the cloud. IndyCar's Graham Rahal picks up the story from there. Looking for a place to grab a drink. Rahal responded with his digits, and "four seconds later, I get a text: 'Would you like to join?

Rahal had plans that night, so he passed, but he knew the deal: "Yeah, she was interested. The drivers' roundabout way to the finish paid off.

The thought embarrasses Force even now. Left to their own 4G devices, athletes must figure out whether a suitor's motive aligns with theirs.

But before a comment begets a convo, one key step remains: "I'll creep her photos, make sure she looks proper," says pro skateboarder Nyjah Huston, an Instagram player who's now off the market. No matter the platform, the party starts when one person sends a direct message - or, as it's been popularized in memes, "slides into DMs. Still, "my DM's not popping," he says, furrowing his brow.

Maybe the All-Star is playing it too cool.

According to Beadle, John Walsh, ESPN's executive vice president, had asked Keegan to meet with Beadle to address the rumors. Keegan told Beadle that co-workers had accused her of being drunk and. Jan 28,   Clark, who had eight sacks in the regular season and four in the playoffs, went on to call himself the best defensive end in the league. "Because of everything I can do,'' he Adam Teicher. ESPN highlights the stories of athletes, coaches and other sports figures managing their mental health and well-being. USA Badminton taken off probation by U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

Athletes often shoot first. If she looks good, looks the part, you send a DM and go from there. Cook, a paraplegic Nitro Circus rider, is often treated to DM convos that are one-way - and character-free. And then he gets the chair chasers. A recent example:.

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Athletes like Cook know it's best to self-censor, as the virtual road to the bedroom is littered with the wreckage of DMs gone awry. One category, the "DM fail," is the result of a simple screwup, when the sender tweets what was meant as a DM, as NBAer Ray Allen presumably did in when he instructed his followers to think about him during intimate, ahem, me time. The more common class of disaster-by-DM involves a violation of privacy on the part of the recipient.

There's a name for it. Just Google it. Wise words, but athletes believe risks can be mitigated with Snapchat, nondisclosure agreements and intel gathering. A player's network can also help him leapfrog the worst of social networking's nightmares: catfishing.

Rachel Michele Nichols (nee Alexander, born October 18, ) is a sports journalist who is currently a television host for ESPN, a sports reporter, and an hosts an NBA discussion show called The Jump; weekdays on ESPN, it covers news and stories from around the league and features a panel of NBA analysts and players.

Roughly a quarter of the athletes interviewed for this story know of a colleague who's been had by a fake suitor. But today's tech-savvy jocks believe they have a nearly foolproof digital net to catch them.

Step No. Explains Russell: "You can't fake FaceTime. If they make an excuse, you know it's fishy. The safety measures don't stop once a date begins: After "hello," check ID, because as Russell says, "a lot of the girls online are younger than they say they are"; bring your special someone back to a hotel, where cameras and security watch your back; and check the phone at the door lest you end up like James Harden and Julian Edelman, just two examples of athletes becoming unwitting subjects of selfies while asleep.

For some, that's all more trouble than it's worth.

Espn dating

Cauley-Stein rolls "the old-fashioned way" and ideally outside of clubs, where DJs announce his arrival. It worked. You tell her to come to the hotel, she shows up with three dudes to rob you.

This world's crazy. I just had to figure out how to use it right. Flirting in DMs led to an offer of courtside seats at a game. Today, Heckard is the mother of his boy, born in November and nicknamed Deuce, so he sees the value in digital dating. But when it comes to dating, Jennings has soured on Vine.

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He's decided that social media is a fool's game, useful only after initiating IRL contact at places like bookstores "so you can see the book she's reading. I'm not gonna get her with a DM. As the clock ticks on his playing days, even Bissonnette, a surefire first-ballot inductee in the Digital Dating Hall of Fame, is happy to hang up his phone.

The Ontario product has tallied countless scores through a ,strong Twitter following - "Girls find that number attractive, and I took advantage of that" - but if you send him a nude selfie now, as one woman recently did, you'll get an entirely different reaction.

But even if he were single, "I'm 31 now. I don't care about getting laid every single night. Skip to navigation. When athletes are left to their own digital-dating devices. OBJ, amid rehab, predicts among his best. Cleveland Browns. Lynch in talks on return with Seahawks, RB says.

Seattle Seahawks. Dolphins Hall of Fame coach Shula dies at Miami Dolphins.

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