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Both bonded over Mad Panic Coaster. Ding Dong and Julian are now life long romantic partners and both respect each other's creative integrity. Since coming to Earth, he has become very infamous for creating games like Legend Of Mario and writing acclaimed creepypasta "Mario Says The Fuckword". After Ding Dong died from old age, Julian was deported to Mexico because he only had a visa for the caretaking of Dingus Dongus after his work visa was revoked. He was later killed by the Mafia because they hated Let's Players and the species Dingus Dongus belonged to. Occasionally, Chris revives Ding Dong's vessel with dark magic to please his fans for streams, afterward he buries his desecrated corpse once more. His favorite food is fried candy wrappers.

He is now known for making furry art under the persona of RubberSkunkToo.

Here is an interview with him under the said name:. Mostly large, muscular characters " Tiny The Tiger" in icky sticky things like tar.

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Julian is an art fanatic who likes to indulge in all things animated. Julian's obsession with all things animated is nigh on obsessive, thus he will often go to see animated movies even despite his own self-aware predilections that they will not meet his expectations.

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While this is usually true, DingDong wanted to see Monster Trucks with him but they didn't go because of a lack of computer-generated animals he could fantasize over whilst he tried to give DD an Angry handy J in the dark cinema. Julian isn't so much of a gamer as much as Chris and Ding Dong are. Julian has stated that he only started playing games at the late stages of his childhood starting around his young teenage years.

Julian also had on multiple occasions tried to say direct sexual things to Chris, "I Challenge you to a fuck" which often left the room silent and uncomfortable.

Ding dong julian dating

Besides animation, he also likes spooky stuff with him always saying "Happy Halloween Everybody! Not only that but he watches "The Nightmare Before Christmas" every year. Below you will find a list of some episodes which Julian has featured in. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Contents [ show ]. Final Fantasy VII.

DingDong Screams for $1000 Donation on OneyNG's Stream w/ Chat Reaction

Resident Evil 4. Mega Man X. If you're a fan of action games, fast paced 2D platformers, or just appreciate high resolution pixel art that was traditionally animated - you may be interested in Tough Bippy!

Ding Dong cleared things up about the state between him and julian with the people who work at the grumps office. Discussion. Ding dong actually cleared things up on a stream from like a couple of weeks ago, at first they just stopped going to the office just cuz of the recording schedules for everybody being kinda hectic but they still showed.

This project is still very early in development - stay tuned for more details! Trigger Treat is an arcade styled twin-stick shooter coming to Steam this fall.

The game offers a ton of weapons to mow through waves of monsters, as well as branching paths to make each play-through a unique experience!

Frightening fast paced fun with plenty of unlockables such as playable characters and game modes!

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Bring a buddy for local co-op or compete worldwide with online leaderboards! Trigger Treat's development is mostly done and will be finished after the release of Tough Bippy!

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Not only can we dedicate ourselves fully to game development but we can additionally budget money towards our games to maximize quality! Any additional money from this point on can go towards hiring on help or commissioning work towards our games to get them beyond where they'd be with just the two of us on involved!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 44 exclusive posts.

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Recent posts by Wan Wan Games. How it works.

Ding Dong giving me mixed messages. Close. Posted by. u/Yval 2 years ago. Archived. Ding Dong: it's cause you came in. Can they make it anymore obvious. level 2 [deleted] Now, if they confirm their dating this explains every "Oh Julian" DingDong said. level 1. dragonborn Julian Marcel is a former co-host of Oney's let's play series Oney Plays along with Ding Dong as well an artist for Wan Wan Games. He has appeared in the Doodle Doods episodes "Harry Splatter", "Rash Bandiscoot", and "Go Go Badget" as well as the Grumpcade episodes . An animator and artist, Julian is here to stuff personality into every crevice of the visual design. Releasing a game with color and style is his top priority. Prefers a turkey club with steak fries. With years of coding experience under his belt, Ding Dong 's specialty is numbers. Well-versed in game history and enjoys chicken katsu curry as.

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