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You may have bought a house that has stained glass windows, and you are trying to find out if they are original to the house. Or, you may be seeking to find out the age of the windows in your local church or library. Although it is an extensive and complex process, the best ways to find out the age of stained glass windows are to first consider the window's style and design, the type of glass used in making the window, and the type of leading and beveling used. You can also use public records to try determine who made it, and when. Determine the style of the window. Primitive stained glass windows, for instance, are simple and unrefined, and incorporate chunks of faceted glass known as jewels or bull's eyes, which are projecting, rounded pieces of glass often serving as the center or hub of the glass. Art Noveau, which features long, curving lines, was popular at the turn of the century, and can date the window somewhere between , when this style was trendy.

Q. How can I research stained glass windows in a particular church?

Again, the statement "Buy the glass for its quality, not for how it is signed" comes into play. Unscrupulous sellers might add signatures to things, hoping to find people with enough knowledge to be a danger to themselves. You recognize the name, know that company made glass with these characteristics, therefore it must be authentic.

Let's talk about a few key points with Tiffany signatures. There is no one simple way Tiffany glass was signed. Some offered paper labels hence some pieces being without a signature.

The Jeannette Glass Company has a "J" in a square mark that is reversed so it can be viewed through the bottom of the glass when looking inside. The mark shown was found on a soda fountain glass dating to the s. Most Jeannette Glass Company tableware was not Pamela Wiggins. Fenton Glass Company was one of the most prominent glassmaking companies in American history and led to many of the styles discussed in this guide. Drawing inspiration from Tiffany Studios and Steuben Glass, the firm introduced carnival glass in before going on to create over different patterns in this style. Over the years, they have. Welcome to the Tiffany Studios Resource Center, developed and maintained by Paul Doros. Paul was the first Curator of Glass for the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia and was responsible for producing the catalog of the Museum's world-famous Tiffany collection.

Paper labels are currently being reproduced and added to pieces that are not Tiffany. Be leery of glass with a paper label until you become more familiar with Tiffany glass.

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Some offer an L. Tiffany Favrile, Inc. Tiffany Favrile Inc. Some have numbers.

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Some have numbers with a letter prefix, some with a letter suffix. The number and letter do not signify a shape or model number. Signatures 9 times out of 10 are etched on the underside base counter clockwise. If you turn a piece over and look at the base, you will see the signature under the center pontil going from left to right.

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There are exceptions to every rule, but this is what you will find on the majority of pieces made. Some books have reported that all Tiffany pontils are polished.

This is not true. There are some cases, usually candlesticks and floriforms, where you will find rough or broken pontil marks. The more common pontil is a nice round polished pontil. There are also button pontils. A button pontil is additional glass that is applied to a rough pontil area, similar to that of a wafer.

In case you don't know, a pontil is sometimes called a punty.

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A pontil is created when an iron rod is used in which a partially finished molten object is tranferred from the blowpipe. A small gathering is attached to the rod, and adhere to the "bottom" of the glass object.

A Tiffany gold favrile vase, and a Steuben gold aurene vase, while might be similar in shape, are vastly different in color. It becomes easy to distinguish when placing one next to the other. Over the years I have seen Tiffany glass signed Steuben, Loetz glass signed Tiffany, and Steuben glass signed Loetz and or Tiffany. Aug 07,   Tiffany vases can be dated according to a chart in the Robert Koch book, Louis C. Tiffany's Glass Bronzes Lamps, on page Prefix A corresponds to , suffix A to , etc. Prefix A corresponds to , suffix A to , etc. Jul 17,   For instance, if opalescent glass was used in it-glass where more than one color is present-this will place the date the window was made after , the year which this type of glass was patented. Slag glass-a low-grade glass which is usually amber or green-was popular in the early s, and was used in many of Tiffany's productions.

Pieces are moved from a blowpipe to a pontil in order to finish a bottle neck, or shape the mouth opening. When detached, it leaves a rough pontil mark.

Similar shapes have been made by Tiffany and his competitors. However, if you study similar shapes you will see subtle differences. Tiffany forms are most often freeform and organic. Steuben shapes appear to be more contrived. This brings me to my final note. Not all misattributed glass is old. In the s we began to see a resurgence of iridescent contemporary glass available on the market. Most was made in the California region.

Bronzes with Fake Tiffany Marks The next best book is Tiffany's Glass, Bronzes and Lamps by Robert Koch, Crown Publishing, Almost all of the photos in this book are of original catalog pages which list the model numbers with photos of Tiffany products (Fig. 8). Although the model numbers do not appear as a convenient list, the. Tiffany Holloware Pattern Dating. Tiffany & Company's use of Pattern Numbers allows us to date when a design was first put into production. As many popular designs were produced for many years, they only provide a guide to the earliest date a piece could have been produced. May 29,   How can I research stained glass windows in a particular church? Notes: Photocopies of a listing published in Stained Glass Magazine from Arranged by state, and then by city. How can I locate records and correspondence between patrons and clergy related to Tiffany Studios' glass memorials? Looking for chemical analysis of.

The iridescent wares produced by both companies are easy to spot by seasoned collectors, but new collectors must beware. Many unscrupulous sellers over the years have polished off the original signatures by the makers, and added signatures that resemble those you would find on an authentic Tiffany piece. Phoenix Studios, another California firm also creates iridescent glass.

They are best known in the business for their reproduction lily shades which we find on lily lamps, being sold as Tiffany. By arming yourself with information, you can avoid being taken by these modern day look-alikes.

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You can visit all three companies' websites www. Also, spend some time viewing various well-known websites be careful of listings in particular, though, unless they are from sellers known to you offering vintage pieces for sale. Once you have a feel for the shapes, decorations and colors, you'll be able to avoid making the mistake of purchasing one of these fakes or misattributed pieces in an estate sale or shop.

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You can also become more educated by attending major auctions of art glass and viewing the lots in person, as well as visiting any Tiffany glass museum exhibitions that come to your locale. In the meantime, the best method of purchasing items for your collection is to buy from someone you know and trust.

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Since the hand inscribed marks varied greatly from piece to piece and decade to decade, signatures can easily be faked. Studying the colors and styles of genuine Tiffany glass, along with examining authentic Tiffany marks, are excellent ways to learn to recognize authentic pieces. The more you study the nuances, the easier it will become.

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This mark was photographed on an original Tiffany Favrile bowl. Paper labels have been reproduced and added to some non-Tiffany wares, so take care to evaluate an entire piece based on the color, style and any other marks present when authenticating this type of glass. Another version of the L.

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Tiffany Favrile mark as seen on a footed pedestal bowl. The lettering can vary from slightly from mark to mark, as exhibited here in comparison to the similarly worded mark shown above. Found etched into the bottom of a beautiful white and blue hat-shaped bowl made in the late s, this authentic signature spells out Louis C.

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Remember, this type of etching can be faked, so it is important to look for other signs that the glass you are viewing is authentic Tiffany Favrile glass. This mark features the L. Even though the Favrile designation in this mark is a bit shaky, that is not an indicator that this isn't a genuine piece of Tiffany glass. This mark, specifically the L.

It is wise to examine the piece closely in all cts before making a purchase. Another variation of the L.

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In this instance, the mark was found on a genuine piece of Tiffany Favrile glass although the word Favrile is not present in the mark.

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