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Smiths were one of the first companies to produce synchronous electric clocks. These were put on the market towards the end of That purchase was unusual in that the shareholders were replaced but the directors and work force were retained and production at the Edmonton factory under the Enfield name continued until about Prior to this date calottes had been exclusively of foreign manufacture. If the electric supply failed the clock would run for up to six hours and rewind when the power returned. Apparently the synchronous motor also corrected the mechanical time train at intervals.

So it's good to know the clocks were better. Ahhh but Joe, You missed the fun of tweaking and fiddling with the MG. Kind of like we do with certain clocks. So true Randy. But then again, with some clocks I actually want to tell the time, not just work on them Joe, I understand fully. Between getting older and not as much time-I don't tinker with autos any longer. I just want to get in and turn the key. I'm about to get the same way with clocks.

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I just want to tell time or look at it and say -I'll maybe work on that one day. I do find Barrie's endeavor interesting and hope he comes up with some good stuff on the Smiths clocks. I think it is terrific that there are folks who will put time in to restore classic items such as MGs and clocks. Barrie, I think that what you are doing with Smiths clocks is wonderful.

I embarked on a similar crusade with American time recorders in and wrote five articles in the NAWCC Bulletin based on that research. I sent the two file drawers of information I had collected to the NAWCC library so others could use it in their research. You are correct that information on Smiths will be lost if not pulled together soon.

Many of my sources are now dead and their widows or children threw out their original catalogs, announcements, repair manuals and the like. I could not have started my research now and found anywhere near as much information.

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Maybe you are right to withhold the CD unless you get some information in return. I freely distributed what I had, but sadly a number of guys would not share back with me. Nevertheless, I found many who would. Good luck!

Joe, It is nice to hear from somebody like yourself, who has actually tried to collect information and make it available.

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I just hope that one or two people reading this will recollect that they might have an old Smiths catalogue somewhere and will look it out and share it with me. Some wanting it, some wanting it but cheaper, different or in some differnt format or showing information which i do not have. I will make the results available as soon as I feel that more catalogues are unlikely to surface.

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In the mantime, thanks for your encouragement. Hi Chasbaz, There seems to be some general interest in the Smiths - Enfield situation so here goes.

The strange case of Smiths and the Enfield Clock Company The early history of the Enfield Clock Co was very competently documented in an article in Clocks Magazine dated March by the late Rita Shenton, a clock historian of distinction, The company was formed in to manufacture clocks in the manner of the German factories.

C Schatz, a German who was the main force behind the company, obtained suitable premises and brought in machinery and a core of workers from Germany.

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The first movements were shown and sold to the trade in Feb but towards the end of it became apparent the amalgamation or outright sale of the company was inevitable due to the low prices at which competing German products were available.

Smiths then stepped in and bought out the shareholders, but allowed the directors to remain and the company continued production from its premises at Pretoria Road Edmonton.

For a long time I did not understand why Smiths, who had themselves only started clock manufacture in should allow Enfield to continue as a competitor. Acquisition of the company is understandable, especially with hindsight, as Smiths adopted that policy frequently as the company grew, but to allow a competitor to continue trading under his own name seemed odd.

My present theory is that Smiths had been purchasing strike and chime movements, or possibly complete clocks from Enfield, so that when the company seemed likely to fail Smiths bought it rather than find another supplier.

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It seems quite possible that the quantity of clocks that Smiths were then buying would not be enough to keep Enfield viable, so the decision was made to allow them to continue to trade independently, though doubtless Smiths would have ensured priority supplies for themselves. Enfield developed new lines and were well established when the war started.

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During the war they continued to make some clocks but were mostly on war work. In the late 40's the Smiths group, never one to let things slide, reviewed their position and decided to close down the Edmonton factory, make the successful 2" movement at Cricklewood and move the other production of Enfield movements to a factory at Ystradgynlais in Wales.

The move was accomplished towards the end of and it appears that all production from then on was marked with the name Smith-Enfield I can only judge from advertisements, but it is at about this time that "The Enfield Clock Co" ceased to advertise independently.

By September 50 the header was "Smiths Enfield Clocks".

Smiths Clocks. Smiths English Clocks. Smith Group

Personally I regard Enfield as a separate company until the move to Wales when they ceased independent advertising. I also get a lot of questions about wall dial clocks! My lists only include items for the domestic market which are included in the catalogues issued by Smiths or shown in advertisements issued by the company.

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I do now have details of some wall dial clocks and these will be shown when I revise my list. I have several reservations about the flood of such clocks at present appearing on. I am quite willing to believe that Smiths may have tendered in response to an official request for a specific contract, indeed, they were a "go-ahead" concern and I would expect them to do so. This probably accounts for clocks such as the one shown here and marked HMSO.

The Smiths group plc claim an ancestry dating back to when a Samuel Smith had a shop in Newington Causeway, London. but it does not appear that Smiths considered the manufacture of domestic clocks seriously until when a new company called "Smiths English Clocks Ltd" was formed for . Dating Smiths Clocks didn't want to tell my friends about this site, but after I fucked my local bank teller in a Starbucks bathroom, I had to spill the beans. If you're looking for a free Dating Smiths Clocks hookup site that actually works, then you should definitely set up a profile today/ Dec 21,   Smiths of Cricklewood, later known as Smiths English Clocks or the Smiths group, are often dismissed as being not worthy of mention, but they were the UKs largest clockmakers for many years and produced sturdy, inexpensive clocks, many of which are still running happily and which are now being passed down as family heirlooms.

It is however curious that a number of these clocks are appearing with the logo "Smiths Enfield" on the dial and a suggested date of around Smiths was not established as a company until The Enfield Clock company was not taken over by Smiths until Smiths allowed Enfield to continue trading under its own name until after the second world war Smiths may well have used Enfield movements from as early as when the Enfield company commenced businessbut I can find nothing to suggest that they put the Enfield name on movements bought in for incorporation in their own clocks.

Smiths did use the "Smiths Enfield" name after the Enfield works had been assimilated and the production moved to Ystradgynlais in All in all, I think there is some reason to be cautious if offered such a clock. Wall dial Clocks marked as by "Enfield" without reference to Smiths may well be genuine as I have a copy of an Enfield advertisement dating from which shows a wall dial clock amongst the other styles they then produced. Personally I would still be cautious as I believe there are numerous fakes around.

I hope that helps! It was a sad day when we lost Dr Shenton. Richard Hatch Registered User.

Dating smiths clocks

Oct 19, 57 0 0. I have two examples, one with a subsidiary seconds hand and another with a sweep seconds hand. I am sure the subsidiary seconds clock is the older of the two and probably pre-war.

But when did they switch over to the sweep movement? The cases are also different although to casual examination they appear the same.

Oiling a smith sectric mantle clock

The older movement has a heavy cast and machined case and bezel while the newer one has a spun and brass-plated pot metal bezel is this possible. It would indicate a cheapening of what in the earlier of the two was quite a high quality product.

Quick guide to the date of a Smiths Clock

I have attached several photos of the sweep seconds clock in hopes that someone can answer the questions; 1 how old is this clock 2 what was this style dial intended for radio room etc. Thanks in advance, Richard. Hi, Astral ships clocks are hard to date. They were made by a company called H W Williamson Ltd which got into difficulties and in appointed receivers.

Identification of Types Identification of Makers Identification Services Dating of Timepieces Bottom. Identification of Types of Timepieces Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide; How to Identify Antique Clocks from Hunker; Identification of British Clock Types from Brian Loomes; Identifying Vintage Clocks Depending on Vital Attributes from Ezine articles. Dating Antique Clocks Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock. Dating Antique Clocks can be an exact science providing you have the right reference books and the proper experience. However, if you don't there are various little things that can help when dating antique clocks. In Smiths, then called S Smith and Sons (motor accessories) Ltd., decided to enter the domestic clock market and formed a new company, Smiths English Clocks Ltd., as the Clock and Watch division of S Smith & Sons (Motor Accessories) Ltd. with Cricklewood as the main factory.

They were then using the trademarks "Astral" and "Empire" and these were taken over with the company by "English Watch and Clock Manufacturers Ltd" which in turn was taken over by Smiths in I do not have any information as to when Williamsons started making the Ships clocks, it is possible that it even goes back earlier than Williamsons, as in earlier times Grimshaw, Baxter and JJ Elliott Ltd all come into the picture.

After Smiths continued to manufacture these clocks with little or no difference in the general appearance and it would need a specialist collector of ships clocks to put a date on any given specimen. Unfortunately I do not yet have much detail of models by Smiths before so cannot trace the early clocks. I do know that they were still being made up to but are not in the next catalogue I have which is for Collectable Clocks by R and A Shenton has a long paragraph about the history of Williamsons which may interest you if you can borrow a copy.

To add to the above general remarks, during Smiths time they always offered both sweep seconds and what they called "small seconds" models, the first was known as the or depending on diameter and the second small seconds variety was the or By they seem to have called both types "marine" though still using the number desination to distinguish them.

The first American patent issued for a calendar movement was in Up until then hand cast and finished brass movements were very expensive. Adamantine celluloid veneer was patented in Belgian born scientist Dr. Leo Baekeland, founded the Bakelite Corporation around There was a demand for motor, aircraft and marine instruments for the Services and the production of industrial instruments, hitherto imported, was begun.

Fuses for shells were also manufactured. Smiths Motor accessories Ltd.

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Enfield Clock Co. London Ltd. English Clock Systems Ltd. British Precision Springs Ltd. Winterbourne Ltd. Pullars Instruments Ltd. United Kingdom Clock Co.

Clock Components Ltd.

Anglo-Celtic Watch Co. At the end of the war, inthe Cricklewood factory returned to clock production with new models of Synchronous clocks and a factory at Carfin near Glasgow was producing an alarm clock selling at less than a pound. A new factory for the manufacture of alarm clocks was opened at Wishaw in as Carfin had become overcrowded.

In they offered a smaller version to their own design, which was widely used as regulation was easy and precise.

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