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The swordsmiths of the time may not have known it but they were creating a legendary sword. The Samurai sword has seen combat in many battlefields. Each hand-made Samurai sword is unique because it is forged from steel stock. A tremendous amount of work is dedicated to creating these pieces. They were an instrument of war as much as a beautiful artifact to adorn a room. The Samurai sword has grown to be one of the most highly desired military antiques. The following section provides an analysis of the anatomy of the Samurai sword.

Consider whether you prefer traditional folded steel or are happy with modern techniques. The wood of the scabbard and the finish also may be important. Price also plays a role in most shopping decisions. You may be satisfied with a budget friendly model, but if you desire something higher end, it may be worth saving your cash and waiting until you can afford the perfect sword.

Introduction to the Japanese Shirasaya Japanese Shirasaya swords are a popular choice among collectors.

Authentic Samurai Swords for Sale These Authentic Samurai Swords adhere to traditional Japanese blade and fittings styles. These are Fully sharpened Battle Ready Samurai swords that will satisfy any Japanese Sword enthusiast and are suitable for practice or display. Be sure to read the detailed description to find the sword that's right for you. Some of the Samurai swords are dated. The dates are found in the tang of the sword. There were different methods that the swordsmith employed to date the blades. Swords with date inscriptions prior to C.E. are extremely rare; therefore those nengo have not been included. The inscriptions normally read from the top down, nengo (period); nen (number of years into the period); gatsu (month) and hi (day).

Description of Shirasaya Swords Shirasaya does not refer to the specific type of blade, but rather the scabbard. History of Shirasaya Swords The use of the katanawakizashiand tanto as a set can be traced back to feudal Japan,dating from about to A.

Shirasaya in Popular Culture The shirasaya is often compared with the shikomizue. Modern Shirasaya Sword Makers There are several modern forges that produce Japaneseswords in shirasaya scabbards.

Tips for Choosing a Shirasaya Sword If you are planning a purchase of a shirasaya, there are a few things to consider.

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Our Customers Say "I was surprised that you personally wrote an email regarding a delay due to quality control. I've spent more than several thousand dollars on bladed equipment, and I've never once received a letter letting me know when something would be late.

You've made a favorable impression on me, and I just wanted to write to thank you for taking a personal interest in your customers. Online Payments.

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All rights reserved. McNeal "I 'm very pleased with my Jian! Good materials, nice fit and finish. Was worth the wait. May be ordering the two handed version for our sifu in the near future.

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In an age in which people are conditioned to have low expectations regarding customer service, it is refreshing to deal with a company that refuses to follow the trend.

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Pettiford "Thanks for great service! Thank you for all the pep talks, you helped me wait it out. I would have no problem buying from you again or suggesting your store to any of my friends.

Authentic Samurai Swords for Sale

Thank you again!!!! What a great offer! I really appreciate the price beating efforts and I love your sword man! I'll be in touch soon to order more. That was a much faster response than I have gotten from other sites.

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Some of the Samurai swords are dated. The dates are found in the tang of the sword.

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There were different methods that the swordsmith employed to date the blades. Some of them are discussed in this section of the website. Dates are read from the top down. Dates are most commonly written on one side of the tang while the other side holds the master's signature.

Dating samurai swords

However, this is not always the case. The characters employed to write a date consisted of numbers, written in kanji, and the symbols for year, month and day. See the following chart.

Additional characters such as those used to describe the different seasons of the year may have also been added to the date in order to indicate when in the year the sword was produced.

Dating Samurai Swords, dating app for transsexuals, is dating forbidden in islam, older men dating young women/ The use of the katana, wakizashi, and tanto as a set can be traced back to feudal Japan,dating from about to A.D. However, each blade was originally . Mar 15,   With her boyfriend finally asleep, Emily Javier reached for the samurai sword she had secretly taped earlier to the side of the bed. According to an affidavit filed by police, the room was dark, and she sparked her phone to see better. To aim better. Below snoozed Alex Lovell.

The dates were based on a period plus the number of years into the period where the sword was made. This is the standard WWII pommel.

Pawn Stars: King of the Katanas - History

Of metal construction with pebbling and flowers in front and back. The design of the pommel can be very basic or highly ornamental. In general, the swords that were mass produced during WWII have a very plain pommel. The hand made swords produced before and after WWII tend to have more ornate designs. They are created by true craftsmen who specialize in this art.

The standard pommel for the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII was of a bronze color and had the design of a large chrysanthemum on the front and back.

The pommel area in the handle normally has a hole that passes through the entire width of the handle. A loop is placed here for the purpose of securing the tassle or a lanyard.

The design of the loop can vary greatly and be constructed of different types of material. Known as the "Monkey hands" design due to its ressemblance of two holding hands.

During the manufacturing process the blade is covered in a special insulating clay which is then heated to extreme temperatures, then water is poured on the mix. These steps provide a hardened edge with a visual pattern that loosely resembles the pattern in which the clay was applied. A common practice which often followed was that of polishing the hamon to make it stand out more from the rest of the steel. This is a design with notches.

Consists of pointed characteristics. SUGU hamon. The design is that of a straight line. HAKO hamon pattern. This is the box shaped hamon. As a general rule older blades have a narrow and straight and narrow hamon. One of problems experienced when fighting with older blades was that the hamon would chip horizontally following the edge of the blade. The other problem that could occur is that a chip could easily go through a narrow Hamon, requiring extensive polishing to correct the edge.

This could easily cut into most of the Hamon. The Heian period saw the introduction of wider hamons. This is the period where the serrated, toothlike hamons gunome were invented. Each tooth projection is known as ashi. This design greatly reduced the chiping problem and confined the maximum size of any lateral breaking to the distance between two ashi. The pattern of the ashi were also used as a signature of particular schools.

You may find more information about the Hamon by visiting our section titled: The Samurai sword blades.

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Samurai swords are designed to fit loosely inside the scabbard. When pulled out, the sword will slide on its back.

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This is why the sword is worn with the curved side down. Whether riding a horse or on foot. The need was clear to develop a way in which the sword could be held securely inside the scabbard - Enter the Habaki.

The Habaki is a wedge shaped piece of metal collar placed at the base of the blade. Right against the two notches that indicate the begining of the tang. The Habaki has a tapered shape which allows the blade to be held snuggly to the opening of the scabbard. The Habaki is most commonly made of copper. However, it has been covered in different types of material throughout time. A gold cover has always been very popular. The following photographs show some of the variations found in the Habakis.

Most Habakis were constructed of a single piece. However, some were created with two pieces.

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The process gets started by you sending us an Email. We will respond to your inquiry normally within 24 hours and in many cases much faster. We can tell you what you have, what it is worth and how much we can pay you. One sword or an entire collection - Email Us.

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About Us Email Us. This is a view of the entire sword. This particular example is outfitted in WWII attire. Okissaki tip. Identified by its long tip. This style is harder to find. This is an example of a late war pommel. Poor quality construction and fit. Plain design. This is a flat, plain pommel. Of brass construction.

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