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Please create an account, or Log in here. If you don't have an account, create one here. Rick55 items. With all the recent talk about Chinese Murano glass, I thought I'd share another form of deception that clouds things even further Fake labels.

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Dating murano labels

Murano and Italian Art Glass. See all.

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Just because a piece is lovely, well formed and colorful does not mean it is Murano glass. Newer fakes are harder to spot, but there are ways to tell look-alike Murano glass from the real thing. This is not necessarily true.

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In some cases, a Murano label will be applied to a glass stickers that is not Murano, to get a higher price for the item.

Check Murano glass - click here old and new alike - to determine if the piece you are questioning is an authentic one. You can also post a picture on the Rowan glass and get help in identifying your piece from the experts.

Visit the Corning Museum of Glass in New York or Museum of Glass in Washington State to help identify Murano glass in the future. Conduct further research at the library or search online sites such as or to broaden your knowledge. Sep 24,   The funny thing about labels is, when you need them the most is when you probably aren't in the right relationship (or, er, relationship-like thing). 8 Reasons Not To Label Relationships Author: Cathy Vandewater. About. 20th Century Glass deal in a wide range of antique + collectable glassware from all over the world. We sell online via our website, and Etsy. We also have an in-depth encyclopaedia guide on many types of glassware, with lots of information and pictures.

Each factory does use its own labels, and they change throughout the years. In some - but not all - cases, glass designers will sign their glass labels.

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The signatures should never be identical, since they are hand signed. Some sellers will use a carbide-tipped pen to scratch a glass into a generic piece of glass.

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This occurs mainly with vintage pieces. Newer Murano glass pieces should always be accompanied by a glass of authenticity.

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The Fossilfly forums have threads that detail fake signatures, and these are an important resource you can use to see how fake signatures differ from those that are authentic. The Glass showroom has moved two doors down!

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Our current glass at Dragon St. We are thrilled to have a fake and better place for our labels Read more. The glass is about four homes that were re-modeled in Read more.

Glass Queries Gallery Image hosting for the Glass Message Board Marks & Signatures > Murano Labels: Murano Labels: TITLE + - FILE NAME + - DATE Murano: Alberto Toso & Co. Label: Murano Glass Made in Italy: Fratelli Tosos Murano label: Aureliano Toso / Dino Martens / Mezza Filigrana: Aureliano Toso Labels: Aureliano Toso: Avem. thoughts on " How do I know if a Murano Glass item is genuine? " Jacquie May 19, at pm. Good afternoon, I bought three pieces of what I think might be Murano Glass, at a Flea Market for a very low cost. One is a bugged eyed fly or bee, one is a Swan, and the other is a flower. There is no paper work, nor labels with these.

You would expect the "pristine" label to show some wear. However, it looks like it was printed yesterday The second example, "Cristalleria d'arte Ann Primrose Collection Murano", is probably the most commonly used label for Chinese "Murano".

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You can even find these "signed" by Ann herself which adds another level of authenticty. is littered with these pieces. The third, is another that shows up frequently, and I believe we've discussed it here at CW. The last, is probably the most confusing as much of it is written in Italian.

Good information! Is there a good Murano website setup yet for people to go to? antiquerose, 5 years ago There is Glassmessages (all types of glass, Murano included) Fossilfly (just Murano glass). See the links above; Rick55, 5 years ago Those are the only two that come to mind Deb, but they're not like yours. Seguso Vetri D?arte. Paper label of the Seguso company, which was used between and At the same time, they also used two transparent labels with the inscription: "Seguso Vetri D'Arte" and 'Seguso Vetri D'Arte - Made in Italy'. look-alike Murano glass from the real thing. This is not necessarily true. 2. Look for labels, markings or signatures In some cases, a Murano label.

You have to admit though, it looks awfully fancy. Obviously, all of these are meant to deceive. Unfortunately, it's not enough for us to be able to identify the glass alone, as there are many good quality pieces coming out of Asia, Venezuela etc.


We also need to be able to recognize real labels from the not-so-real. Here are a few excellent sites with gobs of examples of known labels:.

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Murano Glass Blowing of a Flower Vase with 2 handles

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