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Reader where the reader is Stiles older sister? Possibly a secret relationship being revealed? I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! This is set around season 4A! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own the gif s below.

Your keys clicked in the doorway and you dropped them on the side table as you passed through the entry, eyes barely seeing as you went through the motions. You heard his footsteps padding from the kitchen before he materialised, his face happy to see you and full of love.

You groaned softly at the feeling, melting into the familiarity that was him, the smell, the feeling, even the rhythm of his breaths.

You watched his eyes take it in, confusion written in the two lines that separated his brows and you grinned. That moment, so long ago had been the clincher in your mind, the moment you decided that this was the man you were going to end up with. The man who was outraged to only cost five dollars, was the man you could easily fall in love with, and very likely never fall back out.

It was one time. You continued the trail, his hands massaging harder, definitely like a cat, and pressing you to the thickness growing against your thigh. You watched him turn, shaking his head and giving you a distrusting glare over his shoulder as he disappeared back into the kitchen and you blushed. Like most of love stories, it had started with a friendship. Slowly it all had changed and now Jordan fought with his feelings.

So Jordan did what he thought was best for you, he kept you on distance and tried to push off his love for you. It hurt you but it was better than you knowing the hell he was living in, because that was world full of supernatural creatures was.

Dating Jordan Parrish would include Originally posted by did-you-say-george-harrison -you being involved with the supernatural way before him jordan parrish teen wolf jordan parrish imagine jordan parrish preference jordan parrish blurb jordan parrish one shot teen wolf imagine teen wolf preference teen wolf blurb teen wolf one shot.

It broke his heart but he really thought this was best for you. You were embracing being alone as of late,and it was a nice feeling. Not having to force yourself to socialise and stuff. It used to bother you,being alone,but you found the little joy it brings you. And today,you decided to go for a walk in the forest. It was autumn,so it was kind of chilly,which you love. So here you were walking the trail,music blasting from your pocket,humming along to it as you just took in the beautiful landscape around you.

Being around nature made you happy too,it made you appreciate the little things. After about half an hour of walking,you stumbled across an old playground right in the middle of the forest.

It did look creepy at first but you decided to fool around. You only live once right? So you ran up the steps, unleashing the inner kid in you,going down the pole, running back up again, now proceeding to the slide. Halfway through the small one,you got stuck. You even tried wiggling yourself out. God damn you big hips. So you being the smartass you were,managed to somehow press on the home button long enough to activate Siri.

You looked up and u saw him looking down at you trying not to laugh. He just let out a small laugh before walking away. He then went to the end of the slide and pulled your legs to help you out.

One year since you and Parrish have been together. The doorbell altered that you had a visitor, setting down the glass of water you opened the door. Parrish was standing there in his police uniform with a sweet smile on his face, holding a bouquet of roses.

You gulped when you noticed his thick size. He was throbbing, precum coating the tip of his cock. Your breathing was suddenly increasing at his teasing, letting out a whimpering beg. He leans down to kiss your lips again as he pushes inch by inch inside of you, making your back arch your chest up against his. Your moans are muffled against the pressure of his kiss, trying your best to focus on the kiss but failing miserably when he thrust his hips into yours faster.

Jordan Parrish/Reader. Reader is Stiles' older sister and a deputy at the sheriff's station. She's liked Parrish for a while, but one night he shows he likes her back. Read dating jordan parrish [headcanon] from the story teen wolf imagines by simplytbs (s i m p l y t b s) with 1, reads. jacksonwhittemore, teenwolf, st Reviews: 6. Aug 01, Martin Jordan is 65 years old and was born on 08/01/ Martin Jordan lives in Parrish, FL; previous cities include South Portland ME, Gorham ME and Scarborough ME. Other names that Martin uses includes Martin J Jordan, Martin J Jordan, Martin James Jordan, Martin J Jordan and Martin J .

The sound of your skin slapping together filling your small bedroom, echoing off the walls. Originally posted by did-you-say-george-harrison. Will I just hang around the station for an two hours until Stiles picks me up? Deputy Parrish will be the only one there for a while until we get back. Is he cute? Oh and be nice to your brother okay? Love you. You Make your way into the unusually quiet police station bearing coffee and donuts.

Americano black? Thats how my dad said you took it. He chuckles. A twelve hour ghost shift is more tiring than a busy shift.

You and Parrish get on like a house on fire. He was the dream guy. Funny, smart and extremely good looking. He presses a soft kiss too your lips unexpectedly. You lean into the kiss as your hands reach to tangle in his hair. You push everything off the desk as you sit on it.

Parrish looks at you with a devilish smirk. He pulls your shirt off as you unbutton his.

You run your fingers along his abs, admiring his chiselled body. Parrish presses wet kisses along your neck and chest, leaving bruises in some spots where he nipped at the skin.

Dating Jordan Parrish would include: Originally posted by teenwolf-imagines (gif not mine- credits to owner!) - meeting him at a pack meeting - him staring at you from far away - really shy - finally asks you out for coffe - ofc you agree - always sneaking away together. YOU ARE READING. Teen Wolf imagines and preferences - REQUESTS ARE CLOSED *VERY SLOW ATES* I write about: Stiles Stilinski Liam Dunbar Scott McCall Derek Hale Isaac Lahey Jackson Whittemore Theo Raeken Aiden Steiner Jordan Parrish Vernon Boyd Brett Talbot Mason Hewitt Corey Bryant Garrett Josh (Re Reviews: 7. TEEN WOLF IS ON TONIGHT AND I AM NOT READY so i thought i would post this before i pretty much die because of the episode i really hope Theo doesnt do anything too shady. Dating them would include:Stiles: movie marathons! -going to crime scenes together -borrowing his flannels -driving around in the jeep -trying to help him fix the jeep when it breaks down -having to call his dad to.

He pushes himself slowly as you buck your hips. He kisses you hungrily as you suck and nip at his chest leaving markings in your way. He smirks at the fact you called him by his title. It turned him on. He develops a faster rhythm as you whimper. His name falls from you lips like a silent prayer.

He rubs your clit, sending you over the edge. Originally posted by dunbarfeels. Originally posted by teenwolf-imagines.

parrish x reader

Originally posted by obriens. Originally posted by dailytwolf. Originally posted by sarcasticallystilinski. Originally posted by lildoog-ish.

Originally posted by stilesstilinski Originally posted by fuckthiam. Originally posted by tweenw. Originally posted by twolf-imagines. Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg.

with you

This is a sequel to this. Another day living with the constant pain of knowing they hated you. Nobody from the pack talked to you anymore, not even Stiles, your absolute best friend since Pre-K, and it was crushing you, emotionally and physically. It was if you had never met them in your life. You sighed, sitting down at the lunch table holding a bunch of freshman, tears pressing at the corners of your eyes ready to spring from their traps. And it was another day spent in disappointment, because no one texted.

You felt the overwhelming need to cry, so you stood up quickly and walked away, a cry escaping your lips. Three months of trying to stay strong, and the stitches in your heart were finally being pulled out again. You looked up at the hand, sniffling at the porcelain skin before tracing it back to your boyfriend, Jordan Parrish.

He could see the distress on your face and he pulled you aside, his hands moving to cup your cheeks.

Dec 17, While on a hunt for his new-found biological father, Jordan Parrish meets Scott McCall, and Scott's second-in-command, Derek Hale. Jordan is captured by the werewolves, and shortly learns that everything he knows about werewolves, and much . Teen Wolf Masterlist (** - smut) Stiles Stilinski:Teach Me How to Kiss** Cry A River - Part 2 I Hate Elevators One Call Away Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include Dylan O'Brien:Scott McCall:Dating -lost and solita. I write imagines about my Dating Mason Hewitt Would Include. Apr 15, Summary: Jordan Parrish was born on 04/15/ and is 34 years old. Jordan calls Montpelier, VA, home. Other names that Jordan uses includes Jordan H Parrish. Personal details about Jordan include: political affiliation is currently a registered Republican; ethnicity is Caucasian; and religious views are listed as Christian.

You shook your head and brushed your tears away, not wanting him to worry about you. So you might as well confess. You sniffled again, finally letting everything go. They all hate me. They hate me. Every single one of them hates me! Parrish was quiet, his arms wrapping around your torso as he rocked you back and forth. He listened intently, waiting until you were done before interjecting his own comments.

Just talk to them.

remarkable, rather valuable

You shook your head, clutching the back of his shirt like it was your life line. He sighed, rubbing your back with another kiss to your hair. Jordan cracked a smile, peppering kisses down to your mouth, no longer caring that people were watching. You looked up at your sappy romantic of a boyfriend, grinning when you saw the loving expression on his face. Jordan kissed you quickly before he pulled away, making sure no one had caught the two of you before he pulled away completely.

Someone broke in last night. The whole pack was in calculus, and sitting around all of them was absolute torture. They all talked, laughed, smiled, joked around, and you, you were the one left out. No one had even tried to talk to you, and the idea that you had lost your closest friends continued to play back through your mind.

You felt the tears again, and you slammed your book shut, rising to your feet before running out the room, completely ignoring the teacher screaming your name.

Jordan Parrish + Lydia Martin Fire on fire

Your shoulders heaved as you turned to face your night terror, the boy with the sparkling brown eyes that was slowly killing you. He wore a concerned expression, his lips pressed into a line as he looked at you. For pushing you away when you needed us the most, no one should ever have to feel like an outcast. I was mad and upset, and I let my head get to me. For looking out for me. So do you forgive me too? So you did what you always did, whether you were happy, sad, distressed.

With freshman year having started for us, it was complicated to made time with friends. Between schedule changes, some of us taking on honors classes, meeting new people, class, and homework, it was a struggle to balance out friends and school. It was starting to lighten up. The year was starting to settle in and since I was starting to get the hang of things, I decided to surprise Scott and Stiles with a movie night.

We had all been friends for almost as long as we can remember. Since I finished my homework for the weekend, I decided to go rent a few movies for the night to binge watch like old times. Melissa hugged my neck tight, letting me in before she left to work an extra shift at the hospital. I can help you! Go home, Stiles! Reader is Stiles' older sister and a deputy at the sheriff's station.

Dating jordan parrish would include

She's liked Parrish for a while, but one night he shows he likes her back. Featuring overprotective! Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski because yes. Only NSFW fic is in this collection, so enjoy! Even though Allison's dead, you talk to her when times get rough and even though you don't know it, your dad finds out about it.

That's how he finds out you're dating Deputy Parrish. You're Stiles' sister and secretly dating Deputy Parrish.

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