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Him and Liam constantly arguing over whom you love the most, making you roll your eyes most of the time. Supporting and Cheering for him in every single game. Celebrating after his team wins. Him teasing your height and saying how adorable it is, you acting like hating it but actually loving it. Him slapping your ass or keeping his hands on your waist, inside your thighs. You trying to hide it, failing miserably and when your friends find out blushing deeply. Not able to stay mad at each other for long time, cause he will always find a way to make you laugh.

You have to stay by my side all the time, okay? Earth was absolutely wonderful.

Nov 30,   What It Would Be Like To Date These 13 Popular 'Harry Potter' Characters. By Emma Lord. November 30, At some point in my adult life I will have to come to terms with the fact that I can't. Read Dating Him Would Include from the story TMNT x Reader Scenarios by blue_divergents with 2, reads. teenage, raphael, mutant. A break from the mini se Reviews: Read Dating him would include [All - Preference] from the story Marvel/Avengers One-Shots! by MissKatie (Lokitty) with 12, reads. maximoff, james, pr Content Rating: mature.

Michael took you to visit a park. All the balloons, dogs,ice cream, people,everything overwhelmed you.

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She is too young. What if someone mistakes you for a lost human child and takes you? Of course, humans cannot see your wings. I told you not to go anywhere without me! Why did you run away?! The flower slips from your hand, falling on the ground. You got me worried. You come to stop,slamming against strong legs.

When He's Not Investing In You, Avoid THIS MISTAKE (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

You stop rubbing your eyes looking up only to see Lucifer. Before God created Adam and Eve,he created you, first woman and human ,to take care of the baby angels while he is busy with his creations.

You raise them with love and affection they deserve. They love you like their mother. As they grew up faster,Chuck keeps you on a deep sleep like magic slumber and keeps you hidden from the angels.

After Chuck leaves heaven,everything crashes and you find yourself waking up on Earth,confused,only to meet your children.

Dating Valt Would Include; - lots of cuddling and hugs, don't forget hugs - no those aren't the same I think- - him being with you at least an hour a day otherwise he isn't the same. -Kissing him and watching him be a blushing mess every time.-Hiding his glasses until he agrees to buy you some (favorite food).-You and Leo pranking him by dressing him up as Superman while he's sleeping.-Going on romantic dates outside on the rooftops while overlooking the city. Dating Brett Talbot would include: 1. Being the reason him and Liam get along cause Liam is your friend. 2. Him and Liam constantly arguing over whom you love the most, making you roll your eyes most of the time.

He lowered his gun,eyeing her suspeciously. When nothing happened,you sighed in relief. He nodded his head in understanding. Earth was truly changed since God and you visited last time,he wanted to show you his wonderful creation. Your curious eyes took in the enormous buildings and beautiful lights.

Your are interrupted from your thoughts by a guy who roughly pulls you into an alley and slams you against a wall. You let out a yelp from sudden force, your back slamming against the concrete wall.

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The man was roughly yanked off you, revealing Gabriel. He presses his fingers on your neck,healing the cut. You let out a breath of relief. Explode your head? Maybe he had a tough childhood"you feel bad for that man.

sometimes i write - 1. Being the reason him and Liam get along cause..

Gabriel smirked when the man was transformed into a pig making Lucifer laugh, even earning a small smile from Michael. With a snap of his finger,the pig is turned back into his human self. You smile as Gabriel chuckles, joined by his brothers. Your sons fulfilled your wish,got you a wonderful,cozy home with your favourite flowers and plants in your backyard.

You would find yourself between their bickering,petty fights and prank wars. You loved them with all your heart,your baby angels. You knew they loved you the same,their mother. It was unusually quiet. That was enough for him to get his gun out. Panic and worry etched his face,his eyes scanning for you. He laughed chasing you. He could easily outrun you with his giant legs,but he let you win to see that wide,adorable smile on your face. Dean relaxed,putting his gun back.

He let himself smile watching you and his brother play. You run towards Dean,slamming against his legs,looking up at him with cute smile. Soon Sam joins in,both of them tickling you mercilessly. Both of their faces lit up watching your happy face and hearing you laugh.

You saw her with your dad and uncle couple of times and she seemed nice and treated you sweetly. He wondered how long they can keep you away from the dark reality. Your gaze falls on your dad. This is the first time you had to stay away from your dad and uncle. Sure,you had been before but not this long.

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One look at your face,he tries so hard to not give in. You graciously accept his hug,gripping his jacket tight. You guys kick ass in case no one has reminded you today. They are both amazing and very helpful and also great writers, you should definitely check them out! Thank you for the mention! Posts Ask me anything Archive. Dating Brett Talbot would include : 1.

Being the reason him and Liam get along cause Liam is your friend. You being the only girl he genuinely cares about besides Lori. Stand on your toes to kiss him cause he is a giant. Him teasing your height and saying how adorable it is, you acting like hating it but actually loving it 9. Cute nose kisses. Where you'd get married: I mean, probably The Burrow. The Burrow's having a lot of weddings, I s'pose. How you'd spend quality time together: Apparating to mountain ranges all around the world for hiking adventures, ironically binge-watching Charmed.

What you'd fight about: You disagree on a call the ref made in favor of the Holyhead Harpies; Ginny leaves her dirty Quidditch robes all over the house. Their version of I love you: She aims her broom straight for your regular spot on the sidelines after every game to crash-hug you, whether she wins or loses.

Where you'd go on your first date: Vegas.

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How you'd spend quality time together: Experimenting somewhat recklessly with new ideas for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, using each other as test subjects; discovering the magic of viral prank videos by Muggles. What you'd fight about: He Polyjuice Potion'd himself as Snape and scared the life out of you; you replaced his wand with one of his own trick wands and he took it all the way to work. Their version of I love you: Enchanting a temporary tattoo in the likeness of your face on his butt and flashing you on the reg.

How you'd spend quality time together: Going to strange, exotic places to find rare ingredients for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes; shoving your heads into unsuspecting friends' fireplaces unannounced whenever you get drunk.

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Where you'd go on your first date: To a reading at Flourish and Blott's given by one of the great adventurers of the day. How you'd spend quality time together: Discovering new breeds of magical animals in exotic lands; starting the first Wizard form of geocaching hunting for Horcruxes doesn't count.

How you'd spend quality time together: You mostly keep to yourselves, going on long walks, talking about your families. What you'd fight about: Your parents still vehemently disapprove of the relationship; he still has trouble letting go of old prejudices, especially in the heat of the moment. Where you'd go on your first date: You met abroad, during the customary year of traveling after graduation from Hogwarts, so really, that was your first date. How you'd spend quality time together: Picking out plants for your non-magical and magical gardens, on opposite sides of the house; home-brewing your own butterbeer for when your friends come over.

What you'd fight about: He finds out the hard way you put a Silencing Charm on his snores when he wakes up without a voice; he accidentally breaks your iPod trying to figure out what this strange Muggle contraption does. Where you'd go on your first date : A tranquil walk through the park where you are inevitably interrupted by your meddling friends.

How you'd spend quality time together: Heading to the Wizarding farmer's market together in the early mornings; going on camping trips; secretly pranking your unsuspecting friends with nonverbal spells and blaming it on Sirius. What you'd fight about: Even after all this time, he is reluctant to let you see him in werewolf form; also, you both fundamentally disagree on how to properly cook steak.

Where you'd get married: A sweet little inn at Hogsmeade with plenty of room for all your friends. Where you'd go on your first date: All over the place.

Dating him would include

Come dressed for anything. And bring a bathing suit. How you'd spend quality time together: Buying whatever new gadgets and pranks from Weasleys' Wizards Wheezes you can get your hands on, and inflicting them on each other; racing each other on broomstick over large bodies of water just because.

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