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Curious dating girl ignores you are not right

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I have given my fair share of mixed signals to men over the years, for various reasons. I hope to help others learn from my mistakes. Guys, you know the feeling; one minute she is totally into you, and the next she is ignoring you. Why do women do that? Is she really into you, or is she playing you? What is going on?

Average guys in general will be civil and kind to any girl that isn't a bitch. Average girl won't even pay you common courtesy unless she thinks your attractive.

Average guy in general civil to women whether he is attracted or not to her. Average girl only show civility to guys they find attractive. Treat guys they don't find attractive as sub-human and are rude to them. Please don't ignore people it's rude. From personal experience, tell them your not interested. Every time I see the girl who lead me on then ignored me.

When I see her face I get angry and hate her even more for the betrayal. So please just tell him. I mean think about: even from a male perspective dumb blonde bimbos are still more appealing than somebody that can barely walk, talk or dress themselves but happens to have their appearance looked after for them. Especially if you have an excuse for those behaviors.

Many of you are never honest and hold back that information. I do not want somebody who doesn't share my values, I don't care how nice you appear to me.

Looks can be decieving.

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Girl's Behavior. The ignoring signs: No response. You speak louder and get the same response. Texting her cell gets no response either. No contact. Share Facebook.

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Add Opinion. Girls get confused in the same way.

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I've been there. I think we all have at some point. I know not talking to them much doesn't seem much better, but nobody has an obligation to talk to another person just because you have a crush on them.

When it's one-sided, it's going to suck period. The only person that's a jerk is the kind of person that is harsh about turning a person down.

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That's messed up. Show All Show Less. Azara Guru. Well it's very true that not talking to someone often means you simply don't want to. If it wasn't taken for hard to get this article wouldn't be nexessary. However it feels really silly being broken down into five rather stupid reasons. None if those are legitimate reasons for me to not talk to a person it's really immature and comes off as hyper irrational insecure and weak.

Plus I'm too curious a person to just quit someone without discussing a thing. My take on this article is when a girl has been ignoring you for weeks then this should be taken seriously. Anything less than that, I wouldn't take it seriously.

That being said, women like this need to learn when to say no and stop being scared of a reaction from the rejected. Domestic violence could occur but that is rare in these occasions.

A normal man at worst would give you a snarky parting words but that's how it is. If you want men to improve on relationships to women, then you start telling us guys what we need to improve instead of making us suffer for it.

The fact remains it's a bitch move to be passive-aggressive and shun someone when things could be much clearer if she said "I think you're a cool guy but just don't see any attraction. Sign Up Now! Related myTakes. Show All. The One That Got Away Fear and Love. Why do people feel the need to fat shame?

Far Right Factor: A Democrat who is more popular than them, smarter than them, they will do just about anything How South Korea ended coronavirus. Sort Girls First Guys First. PenguinApricot65 Xper 3. It's a terrible situation. When the door slams shut. Focus on finding a 'nice girl' half your age, and move on. As long as you ignore hershe may contact you in a year or two. Perhaps she will be beaten up by her Edgy boyfriend, and need your help.

Then you can reluctantly drop her off at some shelter before you go back to your smart young wife. Ignoring someone is not simply "i don't care about you". I pity those that read this article and feel "enlightened".

Xper 6. If we hear something negative about another person, we should always keep an open mind and maybe talk to the person who's the subject of the gossip, innuendo, and rumor - and give them a chance to explain themselves. We wouldn't like it if someone passed judgement on us, based solely on hearsay, without even asking us for our side of the story. Shorty Xper 7. Yeah I ignore guys if I have no interest in them, if they don't take the hint I'll be civil about it tell them. If I know that a guy has a girlfriend, I will not take his flirting seriously.

If its a guy that has shown interest in me with no intention of ever talking to me, he'll hold my attention for a while and the longer he procrastinates I will eventually get fed up and move on. If he's that interested he would talk to me. I'm sure I'm not alone there.

It wood be much sinker to just respect abperson saying they don't want to talk to you instead if reading into it or coming up with reasons why. Just accept it. If it turns out to be a game that's totally in them not you. People will have to learn to not say go away when they don't mean it, and others will have to learn to accept go means go that's it. Raven Xper 6. Nothing new here, but at least they confirm my beliefs. For my experience, item 2 is the most probable to happen even more if you have a jealousy friend-zoned female "friend" or a envious male "friend" who is more coward than you in approaching woman.

Even though all items are true, for a man's perspective almost of them are silly reasons to not to talk to a guy, because a man would never stop talking to a female friend or crushing just because of rumors and lies. RenoTheGambler Xper 3. When a girl ignores me it's mostly because she doesn't want to prove everyone right that I'm a charmer and in the end she makes me promise not to tell anyone we've slept together even the White females who swear they have no attraction to Black guys or Mexican guys.

Women are more complex than that and i barely touched the tip of the iceberg in getting the hang of it, however these "5 reasons" have been written all over the place internet for as long as i can remember and are nowhere near the absolute truth that everyone should take note and guide their lifes based on these.

I want to add one How would you classify a friend, who knows that you like them, but doesn't feel the same attraction that you do. She stills likes you and asks you to hang out but not as much, and will accept your invites less than before but still often. She even invites you to go with her on vacation over xmas, but then suddenly becomes distant. You know something's wrong but she'd rather text anyone but you about, and its confusing because you don't know what you did wrong.

How would one respond to that. Destinee7 Yoda. She seemed strongly interested until the third date which we had in her apartment. It felt right being with her but not in that intimate setting.

I don't know if she's insecure or if she's truly giving mixed signals? Based on what you have told me, I suspect that she is very interested in you, but is still not ready to take your relationship into the bedroom. You did nothing wrong. She didn't realize that she would feel under pressure having you in her apartment. Once you were there she felt nervous and uncomfortable because she didn't know how to tell you how she was feeling.

Be gentle, patient and understanding with her until she feels more confident, as it seems to me that this is a relationship worth pursuing.

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Why is she hot and cold in a long distance relationship? If you mean women in general, then this is a very misogynistic point of view. If you are asking why some women choose to become hookers, then I guess it is up to each individual's situation.

Some find pleasuring others for money to be a rewarding career, some do it because they see it as easy money, and others are tragically forced into prostitution due to difficult situations such as an abusive home or drug abuse. What if you just started dating and the girl was crazy about you?

Totally unexpectedly she is in the hospital for many days, and then she cuts you off completely and you don't hear from her at all. I can imagine how distressing this must be for you. You don't mention whether you saw her while she was ill or if you know what was wrong. Did you make an effort to see her and support her while she was in the hospital?

If you ignored her, then she probably feels that you don't care about her. If you have done everything that a supportive partner would do, maybe you could ask a mutual friend or one of her relatives to try and find out what happened to make her cut you off.

It might be nothing to do with you.

When you're interested in a man, when you're dating a man, when you're in a relationship with a man, when you love a man, and he ignores you, you'll feel hurt. Actual hurt! Studies have shown that being ignored or being rejected lights up the same pathways in our brain as when you get hit in the stomach or run over by a Rhino! The Truth Behind Ignoring a Girl to Attract Her - A Scientific Explanation. by Terrence Kennedy. The internet is all but flooded with amateur blogs promising the ultimate guide on how to attract the girl of your dreams or even your ex by simply ignoring her.

Perhaps the medical reason for going to the hospital has made her have to reassess her life and she doesn't know how to tell you. If you love this girl, be kind, understanding and patient, and let her know gently through whatever means possible that you still care for her.

We're flirting with each other. I feel that she likes me, then all of a sudden, she is getting cold then hot. I am confused, and now I am ignoring her. Am I doing it right? When you are feeling confused by a woman, it's often because she is confused herself, so I don't think that ignoring her is the solution.

It might pique her interest for a while, but on a deeper level, she will no longer trust that she can depend on you in the future. It would be better to encourage communication.

This might simply mean letting her know that you're there if she needs you and then stepping back and waiting, or going out together and really talking. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi Paul. I'm wondering what it is that you feel you might be accused of if you express interest? There's nothing wrong with letting a woman that you desire her, and you don't have to become physical before knowing that she wants you too.

If you have a particular female friend who interests you, why not ask her if she would like to go out with you on a proper date. Keep it light, so that if she says no, you can brush it off easily.

She may even say no, but then approach you once she's had time to consider you as possibly more than a friend. No woman will mind being made to feel attractive, as long as it is done with respect, and you may be happily surprised to find that she likes you too. Take a risk, Paul! I have many women friends - but never anything more. I do not express interest no matter how much I desire a woman because without a completely clear and unambiguous sign from a woman that she is interested in more, the risk of being accused is too high.

Yes you may be telling it like it is. This is also very revealing because it tells all us decent guys out there that women have no moral high ground when it comes to dating. And describing what you are doing as being 'complex and complicated' is incorrect. Pity the poor guy who runs into you in the dating scene. Hi Hek, This is a tricky situation and I can only guess at the reason.

My immediate suspicion is that this girl could be vain and self-centred, and that she looks around to see who is looking at her. When she caught your eye, she possibly assumed you had a crush on her, and then kept checking to see if you looked. Regardless of her motives, her rude response to you indicates that she's not the nicest of people, so perhaps let this one go and look for someone who is going to treat you with more respect. You did everything right.

Don't let this one incident put you off approaching girls - there are lovely ones out there and in this case it's the girl who has a problem, not you!

THIS is why a Girl Takes AGES To Reply to Your Texts ??

Maybe some of you guys will shed some light on this matter. At first I would glance her way and continue working out. After a few months I started noticing that she too would look my way and every time I would look back she would dart her eyes away. So this goes on for some time simply because when she shows up at the gym she is not alone.

And at times we make eye contact several times during our workouts. So long story short today I decided to approach her and say hello. She and her guy friend never work out together. I waited till she was done with one of her sets and as she put down the weights I approached.

She had her ear phones on but as soon as she noticed me I said hi. She removed her earphones and I say hello again. She totally gave me the cold shoulder. I mean, I know when a girl is interested and she was sending all the right signals so why the cold shoulder when I finally decided to talk to her?

My story is, i know this girl for quite some time.

Sep 20,   What to Do If a Girl Ignores You But she shuts you down and ignores you, or maybe you have been dating for quite some time and all of a sudden your girl is ignoring you. You have had a couple Author: KamaTV. Yes, lol, and this applies to guys as well. And yes they might use it to stand out, guys too. Also guys and girls will make fun of guys and girls they like, because they don't want to betray their desire, or because they want to take her/him down. Jul 19,   "You treat a hot girl like dirt, and she'll stick to you like glue." Elite Daily spoke to dating expert John Keegan to sort out why it feels like guys come back when you ignore Annie Foskett.

We are not really friend, just sort of an acquaintance, but we chat from time to time, and liking each other Instagram post. I like her, but because of my lack of courage, and I was still sorting things out with my exI'm delaying from asking her out. And suddenly this girl is already in a relationship with another man.

Fast forward 1 year, the man cheat on her and she broke up with him. I know this is my chance, so i wait a couple of month for her to settle her mind. She said yes for going out, so we did go out for two times. And when I ask her out for the third time, suddenly she just stop replying my message. I was left at "read". So i thought, okay maybe I'm not her type, i accept that and move on.

I can't really talk much with her during the wedding since she is busy handling the family, but in the after-party she act really close, touching and holding my hands. The day after I chat her what's with the whole act, and she said she still hurt from the previous relationship and want to be friends first while taking it slowly getting to know me.

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I'm confuse whether I should still chasing after her, or she just playing with my heart, or I'm just a back-up while she looking for a better one. I asked a question cause she told me to hit her up tonight. I didnt feel like going out so I said id love to see her but she just decided to ignore me. I wouldnt do that to her so why is it ok for her to do it? Hi ikmal, Women often need to process information in their own time, so her initially relaxed reaction to your news might not be an indication of how she was really feeling.

Many women deeply analyse situations that men would not think twice about. My guess from what you have said is that she has reacted negatively to whatever it was you confessed. I feel that perhaps she is wondering if she can trust you, and that she is hurt or disappointed by whatever you told her.

Does Ignoring a Girl Really Make You More Attractive to Her?

Of course, without knowing what it was, it's hard to give specific advice, but your confession to her is a private matter. Moving forward, I think you need to consider exactly what it is that you want from the relationship. Then approach her and let her know that you're sorry for hurting her and that that wasn't your intention.

Be honest about what you see your future together to be, and if it matches what she wants, you may be able to regain her friendship. She seems okay at first. She said that she is not mad and she was okay but suddenly, she seems a little bit mad at me for no reason 4 days after the confession.

She seems to be angry about something but I dont know what it is. She suddenly seems being really emotional and said stop calling her shorty or something like that. And then she hides all her status and her profile pic of her whatsapp from me. So I want to ask, is she doing this because she doesnt like because of the confession or she just simply misunderstood about something? Or does she get angry for not making a move and giving her fake hope as I only said that I love her but doesnt make a move?

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This is so confusing for me. My girlfriend recently moved an hour away for her new job. We'd been spending a lot of time together before that and we had stayed on the same page about everything, seemingly everything was understood and mutual.

We both agreed we liked what we had and didn't want to do anything to ruin it. She acknowledged I was worried about the move, told me not to worry, if we want to make this work then it will, assuring me she wanted to regularly see eachother. She invited me to go see a play her brother was in a town that was about halfway between us, then she wanted to follow me home and stay for the weekend. This she cancelled on me as I was on the way that Friday after leaving work early and making arrangements for my dog that evening I said I understood, I knew she had been pretty worn out all week.

I did not mention the things I did to be able to arrange meeting her but I didn't want to make her feel guilty. She then asked several times over the weekend what I was going to do with my "free weekend" now After that she also cancelled on a mini-vacation we had arranged weeks in advance which involved me arranging dog boarding, transportation, hotel reservations, even after she seemed really excited about it up until the week of We went from spending hours talking at night both in person and messaging to now I think she may not even contact me some days if I didn't ask how her day went each night Most of my messages are left unseen or "read" even though she is regularly online throughout the day.

Sometimes she's answer with short "my day was fine but long" and she no longer asks me about anything going on with me. Sometimes she'll out of the blue send super affectionate messages or initiate real conversations about things again Part of me is nervous making more plans with her But right now I am getting mixed signals and really don't know where we stand right now Literally started doing this today.

I understand why you have been frustrated with me heck even I would be frustrated with me lol so yer I get it now hopefully as I'm going out on a limb her but it's worth it x. Jenny from the bi, typical tart commentary here, it sounds like you pussy vibed this guy then ghosted him, you probably made unfavourable comparisons to your exes with him and crushed his spirit I know your type.

Hes nice to me one day then the next he completly ignores,avoids,wont even look at me if im in the same room. Crazy shit. Guys really suck sometimes. Thanks for the info. I think I was played really. I got lost in the moment with her though. I didn't know when I became needy but rereading what I've said to her. I knew I was needy at one point. But she always texted me and what notevery morning. Nick names, sexy flirts, naughty picsetcetc.

First thing I noticed was her sudden slowdown of audio notes with me something I never really liked but kinda grew on me and then the flirts also became less frequent I did expect her to talk to me about it.

If she really knows me as she claimsthen she knows I cherish a dialogue more than just being cold. She could have even told meheylookive lost interest and I would have accepted it. So I had to make my own closure. The thing isshe's still on my FBshe never blocked me and my contact with her is still there.

I do feel it's some sort of power play and that kind of shit turns me off. I'm not somebody's pet. There are nice girls out there guys. Just be a gentleman and have some standards. I let my guard down on the wrong one. It's cool though because at Least we can learn what not to do next time. Actually you should give her 4 days alone and then take the initiative to open up communication if she is distancing herself. If she really likes you, she just wants you to be a man and show you can be brave.

Chances are you ignored her, hurt her and making her take the initiative just makes you look like a littor boy that will put all these responsibilities on her. Look at how women are being treated as if they must be the man. I feel sorry for what women go through and how much bs they put up with alone.

I still miss someone I took for granted. I ignored her. She was great but I was speaking to another girl on the side. Hooked up with the other girl, ignored the one that I truly cared about and she finally grew cold.

The other girl broke up with me and now I regret it all. I neeeed her she mostly laugh at my jokes and gives smile and and laugh even the jokes were not funny the whole class quits but she laughed loudly now I flirt with another girl so she started acting like a stranger why? Yeah I have just been played and it sucks. Fell for a woman and she was just stringing me along until someone better more money comes along. Starting to wonder if everything she said to me was just one big lie i.

Then to just cut me off completely is such a c t move. Hi, right I split with my ex wife of 15 years 5 months ago, walked straight into something I wasnt ready for. We chat, she invites me for coffee at her place, I go and we have a great time. Now I never had the bottle when we where young to say anything, we went our separate ways in life.

Now I thought crap she is going to laugh but it turns out she felt the same but wouldnt do anything as I was in a "relationship". I said fine, what if I wasnt in a "relationship". What the hell is that about? We havent spoke for a couple of days, today I had my two girls, took them to the park with my young niece. We didnt even look at each other at the same time let alone say hello. Again what the hell, Im lost? Any ideas?

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My situation is a little different. I dated this girl 13 years ago. After we split I still kept in touch from time to time.

For the last 3 years we both with other people I would stop in the bar she worked in from time to time to catch up. She went through a bad break up about 5 months ago, the guy locked her out the house and threw all her clothes and belongings away. She was basically homeless. She called me one night to hang out and we started hanging out more and more. She finally moved into an apartment and was trying to get herself straight.

Things started to move into going out on dates, sleeping together and just having fun but there was still this kinda standoffish at times.

Finally we went to go eat at a really nice restraunt and had a great time keep in mind she is acting like we are together around friends and everywhere. I made a comment joking about taking a shower at her apartment how she might mind it which she thought was rediculas but it opened up a conversation as to how she feels.

This is what was said. I am physically ready but not mentally yet. I want to continue what we are doing. Then Bam don't hear from her for 2 days. I dont force her or blow her phone up.

Im going to a function se invited me to in 2 days. I guess my question is. When I am with her, Im with her, when im not I am doing my normal shit. So im in highschool and i've had a crush on this girl and we've been on the same bus since 4th grade.

Starting 7th grade i've started having feelings for her and for a while I thought she was in to me too. But starting like 4 days ago last monday I'm not sure if she's interested or not anymore.

Dating girl ignores you

And it dosn't help that my friend sent a message to her on my phone on snapchat saying I like her like I was the one who sent it, and I'd never think she'd get it because she lost her phone, and I cant remember if those thing dissaper after 1 hr too or what. But coincidencentally she found her phone about a week ago and im not sure if she saw the message, if she's playing hard to get, or generally is not interested.

She's not being rude but she's just not been acting the same. Any help would be greatly appriciated. A little bit of background :english not my language, I'm a female in my late 20s she's 24 years-old a single lesbian ,we don't directly work together at the same job but have been in a professional relationship the last 4 months we barely know each other but I noticed that she talked to me differently she praised me a lot she touch my arm when ever she had the chance.

I'm lost but sure of one thing is that I don't want to hurt her. I'm stuck between "she's punishing you" and "she's playing you" they both sound about the same Thank you for this.

I seem to repeat this same pattern but it's important to remember that if she's into me, she will let me know. If not, it's OK too. Hi Nick, I can't tell you what is going on in her head, but I honestly feel that you deserve to be treated better than this. Just guessing from your post, it seems that perhaps she enjoys the attention and attraction she feels from you, but is actively avoiding taking it any further.

It is hard because obviously you really like her, but there are plenty of women who would genuinely love to have a relationship with your nice self without the need to play games. I don't believe you have done anything wrong, so don't doubt yourself. If pressed to give advice, I would say to distance yourself and move on.

Easier said than done when you are emotionally invested, I know, but in the long run, I think you would be happier without her. I'll try to keep it brief. Around 6 years ago I fell for one of my workmates, we quickly became best friends and everything we did was great.

She had a boyfriend at the time, and I foolishly told her I had feelings for her. Long story short it became messy, she broke up with him and just at the point I thought I had her it all fell apart. When she got with a new guy it was too hard to so we fell out of touch.

Now 6 years later I noticed randomly she was always the top of my Instagram stories viewer list. Looking it up I found this person was likely the person who looks at your page the most, off given we haven't spoken in years nor does she interact with my posts.

So I put a feeler out, and shot her a random message on Messenger. She took to it quickly, and for the next 5 weeks we were messaging daily, she'd send me pictures and tell me what she was up to. After a while we agreed to meet up, we talked till the early hours of the morning, and a few days lated we watched a movie on her bed where she was comfortable enough to fall asleep beside me.

She came around to my place a few times and always acted very happy around me, but being hurt before I was hesitant to make the first move hoping she'd give me a sign it's 'ok'. When I left she said in hopeful tone 'We'll catch up again soon'?

To which I replied 'Of course'. That was the last time I saw her, our messaging slowed over the following 2 weeks, though when I went overseas for a week ironically to detox the situation she was all over it again, always asking 'How my day was' and taking interest in my activities. While overseas I asked her out to dinner, which she agreed, all seemed well.

I arrived back this week and no messages, except for Wednesday - the day we were supposed to do dinner where she messaged to say she couldn't do it due to prior plans with her flatmate who was leaving for France seemed legitimate.

She agreed to reschedule, and we had a nice messenger conversation, same the following night where she apologized for talking a while to reply as I know she is really busy at the moment. On Friday morning I tagged her in a FB post of one of our 'in-jokes' - got no response.

I messaged her just after working saying I was happy to have all my work done, and asked how her day was - seen but no reply. It's been 4 days and she hasn't attempted to communicate. She's started posting a few pictures of herself out and about to her Instagram account, I've not 'liked' any, nor attempted to communicate with her.

I did notice she is back to the top of my viewer list - being one of the first people to view one of my posts within minutes yesterday she doesn't spend much time in Insta, but knows I put a lot of content on there.

I don't think there are any other guys involved, and she only a week ago seemed to really care and be interested in me. I don't think I did or said anything offense, I did ask to hang out a few times as it's been 3 weeks but surely that's no reason to start ignoring someone? Maybe I was too nice? With all do respect any man who has even a modicum of self respect and simply disregard whats has been written in this article.

It seems that this article is targeted towards younger peoplebut i will beg tour pardon and add something to it. Within the dating sphere we as men have several built disadvantages. A number of them are that the current wave of dating websites and apps are directed towards women and not men.

Also as men the cultural shift in the last 40 years has left the man having to fit dual roles in the social landscape. To get more to the point we have been properly asked to more sensitive and more understanding. We have also been expected to continue to be the"man" in dating, we have been expected to actually make the pursuit of a woman that we may have an interest in. This article seems to be at least on the surface to be of an aid to men in their dating experiences. But i think the better advice for men going into dating as equals.

Have your own expectations and limits. Pursuing is fine up to a point where your own feelings are becoming damaged by the women you are pursuing. In short treat women with the same respect that you yourself would expect, and if that doesn't happen then a man should know that it's time for a change.

That was a really bad move.

You should have stopped after the first "dirty message," IMO. If she was withdrawing already and obviously lukewarm after the first time, then you just scared her off with the follow up messages. I'd back off entirely with the sexual stuff. You might be getting the signs and just not recognising them.

While I'm not romantic enough to believe that everyone has a soulmate, I do think that absolutely everyone has qualities that other people are attracted to. From your comment alone, it seems to me that perhaps you are lacking confidence, and I can tell that you are unhappy with the situation.

Do you have any female friends you could ask to see if they can spot a reason why women might not seem interested? If not, maybe talk someone professional, as the anonymity can help.

You are obviously intelligent which a lot of women like, and if you can enhance your attractive qualities, I think you'll find that women will notice. This is a helpful article, but totally academic for guys like me.

I never get signs of interest from women. In my entire life I'm 34no woman has flirted with me or shown the slightest interest in me even once - not in high school, college, grad school or the workplace.

10 Credible Explanations for Why She's Ignoring You

Guys who get signs from women - however temporary - are lucky. Some of us just get to dream that a any woman will even acknowledge our very existence. I've known this girl for a few years now though we have yet to meet in person. Over the last year we've grown a lot closer and I've been her emotional support. She's shy and very self conscious.

I started developing feelings for her and I believe she's developed feelings for me. She used to always find reasons to message me and ask me questions about things etc. Over the last month she seems to have gone a bit cold and distant. We are business partners as well and she no longer asks for my input on things which she always used to do.

It all seemed to start when she took a trip on which I'm sure a few days were spent visiting her ex's parents. I'm not sure if her ex was around or not but I know something that she has not disclosed made her terribly upset when she arrived at her destination to the point where she was crying. Make sure that you reply in a timely manner, but not so hot on her heels that you scare her off.

Exactly the same principle as number two, but referring to quantity this time. Let her decide the pace and frequency of messaging. Never a good idea. The issue when drinking is that you tend to lose your ability to identify and respond to social cues and precedents.

An extended text conversation when drunk is almost certainly likely to lead to an airing of views fueled by mushiness, anger, excessive sentimentality or just downright foolishness, that will do little to enhance your reputation. If those messages have dried up, then just go back through those messages you sent the other night, to see if they hold the reason why.

Text messages should contain a number of different topics, modes and methods of delivery, just as a normal conversation should. If you find that all your text messages revolve around her as the subject in a somber and slightly drippy fashion, then she might be getting bored of the lack of variety in your conversations. This could explain the decrease in the amount of contact she maintains with you.

Try spicing the conversation up a little with some humor, tales of the outside world and anything else you think may be of interest. If you suspect this might the case, start holding back a little on the intensity and number of messages sent, and just let her come up to breathe a little.

The chances of getting her back on side after this common faux pas are almost zero. The same is also true for heavy sexual innuendo.

Our advice is to go one of two ways. Firstly, play the long game. Find a new number to text! If you suspect that this is the reason for her not messaging, then just be patient. As advised in number 4, respond to her messages like-for-like, and wait for her to warm up to you.

Sometimes, her responsiveness depends more on what you do, than on what she thinks of you. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:.

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