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Your child custody battle contains many facets and complicated details. In many cases though, the past is not the only thing affecting a child custody battle. In fact, both your current dating life and prior dating history will have an impact on the proceedings. In many ways, it is not the dating itself that can damage your case, but what results from it. Here are 5 things the court may consider when delving into your dating life.

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Our Raleigh family law attorneys are available to discuss any questions you have regarding dating and its impact on your child custody case. Please contact our office at to schedule for your family law consultation or complete the contact form below.

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All rights reserved. The Basics of Child Custody and Dating after Divorce Here are a few considerations from an experienced Raleigh divorce attorneythough not an exhaustive list: Does this person have a significant criminal past for violence, drugs or alcohol abuse?

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Has this person ever been incarcerated? If so what were the convictions and term of the sentence? You must enable JavaScript to use this application.

Jun 11,   Dating During Child Custody - Be Careful of Your Choices June 11, | Categories: Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law & Divorce When a single parent ventures out into the dating scene, you must remember that this new person will be around your child(ren), which means your child(ren)'s other parent will be concerned about the. Jul 07,   Dating during a child custody battle Your child custody battle contains many facets and complicated details. It involves figuring out a new plan for your child's life, while probably trying to handle the stress that inevitably comes with your divorce proceedings. Generally, there is no law against dating during a separation or child custody battle. But if your spouse or former spouse discovers that you are dating, they may become more difficult to negotiate with. This could turn a cooperative relationship into a contentious one. You also have to consider the safety and health of your children.

Legal Question in Family Law in Iowa. Affects of dating during a custody battle I am in the process of getting a divorce and my husband is fighting for custody of our 3 year old daughter.

Carolyn J. Stevens CJ Stevens Law. Re: Affects of dating during a custody battle [This response is specific only to my jurisdiction.

Your courts might be different. This is what I tell people: Don't do anything you wouldn't mind seeing on the front page of the newspaper or hearing in church, and don't do anything that puts your children in second place.


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I wanted to find out if a divorce can be contested Can a wife sue her husband's mistress? Can I sue my husband's mistress for No Release my wife will not give me a devorce, on three attempts i served her and Here are 5 things the court may consider when delving into your dating life.

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If you and your former spouse began distancing yourselves from each other in the months or years leading up to the divorce, you may have already begun seeing other people. If this affected your ability to provide proper care for your child, this can keep you from winning custody of your child.

Any new relationships will undoubtedly draw you further apart from your former spouse; however, it should not lead you to begin saying negative things about him or her. If you are constantly showing anger and negativity towards your ex-spouse, your child will likely experience some confusion or anxiety as a result of your resentment towards the other parent.

Why Dating During a Custody Battle is a Big Mistake. Starting a new relationship after a divorce or serious breakup is not always easy. After years of monogamy, becoming a parent, and living an uneventful life, getting back into the dating game is daunting. While exploring new relationships is a good way to boost self-esteem and establish new. Affects of dating during a custody battle. I am in the process of getting a divorce and my husband is fighting for custody of our 3 year old daughter. My lawyer had told me it was alright to date, so I am dating one person at this time. Now my lawyer has told me . It could be considered poor role-modeling for the children. The dating-parent is viewed as selfish and self-centered, a person who does what he or she wants without due regard for the impact on others including children. The decision to date during the divorce could tip the scale in favor of the other parent in a custody battle.

To win a child custody case, you should show the judge that you wish to promote the best interest of your child. This may mean encouraging the relationship your child and the other parent have together. If your current relationship only leads you to disparage the other parent, this can keep you from winning your custody battle in court.

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You and your current partner might harbor negative feelings towards your former spouse as you work through the divorce; however, it is important for you to maintain self-control. Any violent incident or angry outburst that occurs can be held against you in court.

Neither you, nor your current partner, should act out in front of teachers, friends, neighbors or peers.

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