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Guys Only! I knew she was into me cos of her actions towards me. I started joking with her. Telling her that she is my girl but she kept saying "let my boyf catch u" i have been touching her boobz all this while but suddenly she started avoiding me. She no longer near me like before. I just wanna fucck the living hell out of her.

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I'm skimming tru it, hopefully I'd be able to do them a lil memowe get roung table n have a lil Mexican coffee someday on all d beacon we hv lighted across d world Honesty bro! Its nauseating been stuck here with naija girls when the world is there for the taking.

I always fantasize about drilling Latino babes, Those Dominican Republic chicks that I met during Calabar festival last December can make an impotent man sterile Don't forget the sweet Brazilian girls, imagine doing a harem on them That will be bliss! Boy, I need to make the cash!

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I really need to. It's time to go foreign. U haven't realised? If u can attract nija ladies, u can attract ANY lady from any part of the world no Matta how beautifuleducated or rich. All other gurls r too cheap, smile them, they smile back n b4 u know it, they r on top of u!

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Btw, my corner isn't neccesarily 9ja, my corner is any specific location I roll. I love the way you dish out those drills in succinct and practical manner. Have read many tips on Nairaland here, yours stand out.

Just wanna share a little testimony after I read your drill from page to page. There are some babes I added on wassup randomly about three weeks ago.

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Two of them are nairalanders I don't care if they get to read this anyway. I'm going to share my experience with one. As usual conversation starter, I sent her a "hello " message and waited for her replied. Seconds ran into minutes, minutes to hours and hours to days no reply from her.

I persisted and sent her another one; as usual, she read and gnored without replying. So, I got tired and gave up.

Then I came by your drills here and decided to give it a try even though I'm no longer interested in the babe. Now this is what I did differently: I first scrutinize her dp to see what I can use to get her attention. Then I also noticed she was not wearing any earrings or apply make-up. So, I settled for the latter as a tool to get her attention.

Dating drilling nairaland

So, I sent this message: "lol dp Are you an SU". I sent this message 'cos I reasoned that she must have post that pics just to show the world that she is still hot without women accessories and not to be seen as an SU. I could not believe my eyes, within microseconds she replied! She said in pidgin " who you be? I waited for some minutes before I replied now I'm the boss; she is now the one anticipating. She laughed! I could not believe my eyes, so I could be this funny.

Then jokingly she replied " Lmao Show me your identity joor" then I replied: " so faint is your memory So you forget so quick the guy you had a fling with sometimes ago Think through, when you figure out, get back to me Gat to go now, got piles of work on my desk.

I'm just here laughing feeling like a boss All thanks to your drills More testimonies to come One glass of Dom perignon for u gee! Very nice! While others r singing her praises, u use same thing to swing fun on her n.

I do that a lot. Guys, that is d real deal! Think outside the box, stop following d crowd! There r other ways u can swing this too U can use a surprise emoticon n say' now I'm having a hard time making this face outis this still u? A lil correction though: next time don't say u r one of her numerous Bfs, rather put it in such a way that states she is tripping for u n can't just get to focus in life.

I have treated how to answer boring questions, look for d page n go tru it. All in All, u did very Well! N I'm prouda ya! My only pride is the joy I derive from guys Growing balls from my whips! Requirement : cocky n funny Mission defined, we set out. Requirement : cocky n funny Mission defined, we set out Let's assume u guys met on sunday, exchanged numbers n off u shoot. B4 u go, tell her u wud be taking d first flight out tommorowbiz moves, n be back on wed. I live in Florida.

These guys are far reaching. I was leery at the beginning because he was talking romance at the very beginning. I thought who does that.

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He wanted to marry me and had not even met me. I turned him down. I had already covered myself by saying I lived strictly on my social security. is the best FREE marketplace in Nigeria! Need buy or sell Drilling rigs in Nigeria? More than 17 best Fashionable Heavy Equipment deals for sale start from ? 7, Be famous, buy on

Guess he though he'd get what I had. When I turned him down, I didn't expect him to come back but a few days later, he was back romancing again but in 2 weeks he was asking for the money again. None of these sites really tell you what to do when you discover this. Do you go to the police or someone else?

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Not sure how to report him. I did a reverse phone search and this guy has 10 addresses in California. He could have 10 people or more doing this kind of thing at each address.

There should be something they can do to investigate. Hello i am talking to a person, he said his name is terry Howell he has a son name leo that goes to school on Turkey. He also ask me to get him in iTunes cards 3 I think the same guy got to me. I got red flags right away when he asked for ITunes cards and called the police. They referred me to an FBI site that had a form. My guy's name was Cedric Chapman.

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He was "orthopedic surgeon" working for United Nations in Syria and was a widower with a daughter in a Florida boarding school. It appears this is some sort of racket and may be hard for the law to catch with him.

Types of Drilling Borehole Water systems. The manual drilling method - This is the manual type which takes time and needs the assistance of more than 7 people to do the job. The heavy duty borehole drilling system - This are type of contractors who uses sophisticated machines and tractors for Drilling Borehole. oil and gas drilling & well services PREMIUM LISTING B and T Marine & Construction Limited: Hire and lease of Tug Boats, Barges, Swamp Excavators, Supply and Crew Boats. Jul 15,   Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people - even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money - for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel.

Cedric looked to be about with a gray goatee type beard. They sometimes steal other's identity, though. I have been talking to a guy who also said the sweetest of things. Even got me to send some him some naughty pictures that he is now blackmailing on saying he will post them on Facebook and send to all my family and friends through the messager also said he tried hacking my work email to send pictures to all my work contacts. I'm not sure what to do or where to go about this.

" And I have, for once in very long while, been seriously considering it based on our future projections for Dating Drill's Blog (Balance drills for both genders) But, Even without these coordinated dating secrets, ladies have been drilling huge holes in the hearts/lives of loving nice guys from time immemorial. Drilling companies in Nigeria including Lagos, Aba, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Onitsha, and more. Company List. Search Search. Company List Nigeria Drilling. Drilling companies in Nigeria Add your free listing. Related industries Any country. Agriculture Business Services Advertising. WellSmart is an indigenous drilling company in Nigeria established to provide drilling services in Nigeria and Africa. The company specializes in field development, production optimization and contract drilling services See full profile.

He is also saying he will send pictures to my son's school. I had the same thing happen to me they try to blackmail me too they said they post my picture online it be three months then having done nothing yet they wanted 10, dollars I got them block I think was trying to scare me. I needed to read your message I got scammed big time by a guy I am positive is a Nigerian scammer I had cut off all contact on hangouts and email, but yesterday I got a phone call and then text messages from a number in Illinois.

He has s pic of me he screenshot. What are the odds of him actually doing anything? You have to be careful about the info you provide. Please be aware that a scammer who recently used the name of Scott James Moreau on Facebook and Google hangouts is on several scammer lists on the internet using the same photos.

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He does use different names but he is the person in the photos. He speaks highly of his moral character and frequently quotes religious texts. He targets elderly women and soon convinces them he is in love with them and will marry them. He asks for iTunes cars, for smart phones and to create a banking account in the victims names. He encourages the women to discuss private matters about themselves. He appears to have been scamming for over five years and is quite practiced in how to get his victims to believe him.

I too have been scammed I think by the same guy. Says he is French. Supposedly went to Turkey to work on Government contract. Is owed huge sum of money but they will not pay him until he pays the taxes on it first. This guy is quite good. Uses God as bait to get you to send money to him so he can eat as he has no money!

I pray they catch him so he cannot take advantage of anyone else! Yes, says he works overseas.

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Needs to get money to pay parcel. Needed to get iTunes. Romance, sends. Romantic stuff. Kathryn I believe this is the same guy who has been communicating with me.

He is on a project in Turkey and an engineer. Short money to get home. As soon as he get the remaining 10, he will come back to the states.

Wants to marry me. Asked for money to get bitcoin, then asked if I could open new account because his bank is frozen because hacked, then asked if I could wire some money to help with the 10, owed so he can finally come home and marry me. Said he has a son and mom dying. He said he could not webcam or Skype because he could not from Turkey. Cancelled flying to see me 3 times because of this project and the money he has to come up with.

The photo looks young but his voice sounds like an older man in his 60's. Says he is French but sounds like he is Mexican. I met a man he says he is 54 engineer for Ships has a son is widowed. Always asks for the money in bitcoin! I have given this man so much money very good looking man with grey hair brown eyes.

No more how do I report this man?! It look the same. Is it any way to have privet contact with you? I want to see picture of the guy. This sounds like a guy that goes by Greg Josh Clinton. He has been an engineer in Turkey, but now he is an engineer I am oil rig in the California ocean.

Says he is He had a son graduating and a mom in Bulgaria that is very sick needing brain surgery on a tumor. I met this 58 yr old on ok Cupid in Sept.

Borehole Drilling Services in Nigeria. Types: we handle all kinds of borehole drilling like manial drilling manchone drilling and idustrial drilling we also run our geophisic survey at a cheap price call anytime any where. thats our price per hanging meter Abuja (FCT). Oil Drilling companies in Nigeria including Lagos, Aba, Port Harcourt, Warri, Onitsha, and more. Company List. Search Search. Company List Nigeria Oil Drilling. Oil Drilling companies in Nigeria Add your free listing. Related industries Any country. Agriculture Agricultural Greenhouses Agricultural Waste. Hey HARDDON, you are the real man here. I love the way you dish out those drills in succinct and practical manner. Have read many tips on Nairaland here, yours stand out. More mb to your phone/laptop, more kitty to you Jrod, or more grease to your elbow lol. Just wanna share a little testimony after I read your drill from page to page.

He had to go to turkey on a contract for a water treatment project. He says he us and Oceanographer from Poland. Lived in California, now lives in Portland Maine. He goes by name of Jack Adsmczyk.

Bald really handsome guy with a nice accent. Will not send him the money he is still hanging in there talking with me.

I meet this guy online it's LINE app. He said he is in the military Air Force and has a son and wife died. One friend said he is legit. I don't know. He's name is Matthew D. This sounds familiar. Had a guy using the name Taylor Smith said his wife was murdered and his son is living with her brother.

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Scanned his photo and it had be used for several scams. He said his facebook was compromised. I didnt believe it. PGS Geophysical Nigeria Ltd provides images and 3D models of the subsurface beneath the ocean floor that oil companies use to find oil and gas reserves worldwide. The company also offers oil and gas related Engineering and Consultancy Services to clients.

Delta Marine Oil Services Nigeria Limited was founded on the philosophy of providing the Oil and Gas Industry with innovative and value-added solutions with high quality and cost effective services. The company also provides wellheads and Control panels, christmas trees, pipes and tubes, valves.

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