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An argumentative essay requires you to decide on a topic and take a position on it. You'll need to back up your viewpoint with well-researched facts and information as well. One of the hardest parts is deciding which topic to write about, but there are plenty of ideas available to get you started. Students often find that most of their work on these essays is done before they even start writing. This means that it's best if you have a general interest in your subject, otherwise you might get bored or frustrated while trying to gather information. You don't need to know everything, though. Part of what makes this experience rewarding is learning something new.

Rapidly advancing technology and current legal conditions have given the U. Privacy advocates also express concerns about the behavior and security practices of private enterprises with the capacity to gather and store massive amounts of personal data. Advocates for the public safety argue that, in a society plagued by mass shootings and terrorism, both domestic and foreign, our government is responsible for keeping us safe.

Some argue that this accords the government the right to gather information that can protect us through whatever means it views as necessary. The issue is only further complicated by the role of social media in our privacy.

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With so much personal information voluntarily given to tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon, privacy advocates would argue that many have willingly traded privacy for convenience. If you want to be an active part of resolving this debate, find out what you can do with a degree in computer science.

The debate over free market capitalism generally pits those in favor of economic regulation against those who believe markets are strongest when left to function without regulatory intervention. Known as Keynesians in economic circles, these individuals believe that free markets need to be controlled by the government in the form of fiscal policy taxing, borrowing, and spending and monetary policy printing money and setting the interest ratein order to soften the impact of the business cycle and prevent painful recessions.

On the other end of the spectrum, free market economists argue that government interference in the economy is what causes the business cycle in the first place. These free market economists argue that, by misallocating resources towards ventures that do not answer real demand or are not sustainable over the long term, intervening regulators tend to create rather than soften market instability. According to this theory, a healthy economy-one with maximum long-term growth and a minimum business cycle-may best be achieved by minimizing government interference with the free market.

In practical terms, this debate also pits those who believe the government is best suited to distribute economic resources through social programs and infrastructure projects against those who believe that unregulated private enterprises are best suited to stimulate progress and wealth growth.

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Central issues within this debate include the privatization of public resources or utilities, the legislative push and pull over regulatory oversight, and the outsize role that money plays in our political system. If you want to be an active part of resolving this debate, find out what you can do with a degree in economics.

This group argues that we have a moral obligation to adapt regulations, consumer practices, and lifestyle decisions to reverse these trends. These groups also argue that our current path could lead to yet more catastrophic weather events, ecological disasters, and resource shortages, all of which would negatively impact the prospects for human survival on Earth.

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Skeptics argue that these dangers have been exaggerated and are not supported by scientific data. There are others in this demographic that take the position that while global warming may be occurring, there is no evidence to suggest these patterns are connected to human activity. This position also rejects a credible environmental need for regulatory limits on human activity-commercial, industrial, recreational, or otherwise.

At we are committed to providing you with the best selection of local List Of Controversial Topics Yahoo Dating Shemales, List Of Controversial Topics Yahoo Dating TS, TV, CD, transvestites, transgender, TS Girls, Cross Dresser and ladyboy escorts that are driven to make sure you are List Of Controversial Topics Yahoo Dating / Apr 15,   College and controversy go hand in hand. And that's not just because controversial topics will serve as the basis for a lot of the essays you'll be writing in college. Whether you're engaged in a spirited classroom discussion, a lively political disagreement among friends, or a full-fledged, boots-on-the-ground protest, college is a great. A number of these topics are rather controversial-that's the point. In an argumentative essay, opinions matter and controversy is based on opinions, which are, hopefully, backed up by facts. If these topics are a little too controversial or you don't find the right one for you, try browsing through persuasive essay and speech topics as Grace Fleming.

This latter position means that the debate over global climate change is often inextricably connected to economic and political beliefs. Notable subtopics within this debate include the role of governments in regulating corporations, the political suppression of scientific findings, and the prevalence of international compacts such as the Paris Climate Agreements.

Jul 31,   Christianity Today provides thoughtful, biblical perspectives on theology, church, ministry, and culture on the official site of Christianity Today Magazine. Nov 28,   I used to host debate sessions for my group in Mumbai. From that list, I am sharing with you, few vibrant and balanced topics. I hope they are helpful to you 1. Can love be faked? 2. Are our bad spending habits spoiling our families? 3. Would you. Can't Think Of Any Controversial Topics For You Essay Yet? Without a doubt, it is difficult to find interesting controversial topics to write about. But a bigger problem lies ahead. Once you make a final decision on the topic, the work begins.

If you want to be an active part of resolving this debate, find out what you can do with a degree in chemistry. The evolution debate is highly complex. On the other end of the spectrum are those who reject either the idea of natural selection, or the idea of evolution, or both, often on the basis of religious belief.

Others believe in a concept called intelligent design, which seeks to reconcile the scientific probability of evolution with questions of faith and theology. This disagreement is particularly consequential within education. This has contributed to some heated public debate pitting science against religion and vice versa. This spotlights the divergent view of marijuana advocates and marijuana prohibitionists. Advocates view cannabis use as a personal choice and argue that laws infringing upon that choice infringe upon personal liberties.

Advocates also argue that prohibition prevents those in need from receiving valid medical treatment and that enforcement often targets minorities and other at-risk populations unfairly. Those who argue for the continued prohibition of marijuana question the validity of its medical use and believe that the risks to public health, safety, and civic order outweigh any potential benefits.

Those who oppose the legalization of marijuana contend that chronic usage undermines physical and psychological health, and that legalization for recreational purposes would burden the health care and insurance systems while also leading to the use of harder and more hazardous substances.

Today, key subtopics within this debate include the use of our prison system to retain nonviolent offenders, the impact of marijuana arrests in minority communities, the potential of marijuana to help stem epidemic opiod use, and the economic importance of marijuana cultivation in certain agricultural communities. If you want to be an active part of resolving this debate, find out what you can do with a degree in political science.

Those who support the use of capital punishment believe the government does have this right, and that certain criminals are too dangerous or deserving of punishment for their crimes to be rehabilitated or kept incarcerated.

Advocates of capital punishment believe the existence of the death penalty serves as a deterrent against would-be criminals and that it provides a sense of justice for victims, survivors and their families.

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Those who oppose the use of capital punishment argue the government should not be vested with the authority to determine who has a right to live or die. Opponents argue the sanctity of human life is too consequential a matter to be left in the hands of the government, and that this also gives the government the arbitrary power to determine which offenses justify use of the death penalty and which do not.

Among the key subtopics within this debate are questions over claims that the death penalty is a criminal deterrent, concerns that racial and socioeconomic inequalities in the justice system make certain groups more likely to face the death penalty, and consideration that carrying out the death penalty may be just as costly to taxpayers as life imprisonment.

Inthe Marriage Equality Act was passed into the law, making same-sex marriage legal anywhere in the U. The topic, nonetheless, continues to generate strenuous ideological disagreement between demographics with differing beliefs regarding marriage.

Supporters of Marriage Equality believe that gender and sexual orientation should not play a part in whether two people are entitled to be married before the eyes of the law.

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Marriage equality advocates argue that couples who do not fit the mold of a traditional marriage-a union between a man and a woman-should still have access to the same recognition, legal rights, and tax benefits as do traditional couples. Opponents of Marriage Equality argue that only a marriage between a man and a woman should be sanctioned by the law and that allowing any other type of union to occur would be to undermine the very institution of marriage.

Many opponents of marriage equality also take the faith-based view that nontraditional romantic relationships contradict the words of the Bible and are therefore inherently sinful. To some in this demographic, the government has a moral responsibility to protect traditional marriage by creating laws to prevent what opponents of marriage equality view as deviant or immoral. Those who hold this view are likely to cite moral objection to current federal laws recognizing gay marriage.

Immigration reform centers around the laws impacting the arrival of newcomers to the United States from around the world, as well as the conditions required for the attainment of citizenship. As an issue which is highly connected to competing political ideologies, policy approaches toward immigration often shift sharply depending on the policy orientation of reigning political leadership.

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On one side of the immigration reform debate, there are those who view the United States as a nation built on the hard work of immigrants from all over the world, and who generally take the view that the United States should continue to welcome individuals who come in search of opportunity, freedom, and a better life.

Individuals who take this view tend to favor policy reform toward more accessible legal pathways to entry, citizenship, and inclusion for immigrant groups. Those on the other side of the immigration reform debate express frustration over the high rate of illegal entry into the United States, especially from the southern border shared between the U.

This issue has only been magnified as gang activity, drug violence, and human trafficking have escalated in parts of Latin America, pressing large groups of refugees to seek entry into the United States. As newcomers seek pathways into the U. Today, the debate centers on the civil rights of immigrant populations, as well as the role and responsibility of the United States in welcoming newcomers, as these prioirities contrast the view that less restrictive immigration policies represent an economic and security threat to the United States.

If you want to be an active part of resolving this debate, check out our resources for undocumented and immigrant students. From his ushawchapman.comecedented use of Twitter as his primary platform for engagement to his embrace of ideologies and theories previously relegated to the fringes of American politics; from his adversarial relationship with the mainstream press, conventional American allies, and even vocal celebrity critics to his stated admiration for leaders in non-democratic nations, Donald Trump has altered the nature and state of the presidency, the White House, and the United States as a whole.

Those who support President Trump typically espouse a set of policies that include stronger restrictions and enforcement on immigration, reduced corporate regulation, strong 2nd Amendment protections, global economic isolationism, and nationalist identity politics.

Those who oppose Donald Trump and his presidency tend to advocate for more progressive policy ideals including humane immigration reform, enhancing environmental protection, stronger gun control laws, advocacy for global democratic movements, social justice, and more inclusive domestic policy.

Critics of Trump view his presidency as a dangerous deviation from normative American values relating to Constitutional law, executive authority, democratic rule, and general political civility. If you want to learn more about the political process and how you can participate, find out what you can do with a degree in Political Science.

The Opioid Crisis refers to the recent and historically significant rise in the number of drug related deaths in the U. This drug crisis is distinct because it is widely evidenced to be rooted in prescription drug practices, especially as they relate to pain management. Opioids refer to a class of powerful pain medications such as Oxycotin, and contain some of the same active ingredients found in heroin. The widespread use of these drugs for pain management in mainstream medical settings is now believed to be connected to the rise in addiction to painkillers as well as addiction to, and fatality by, heroin, which is often more accessible and affordable to users than are prescription opioids.

On one side of the opioid discussion are those who have advocated for more stringent regulations on the prescription of opioids including far greater restraint on their mainstream availability. Included in this demographic are public health advocates, addiction specialists, families impacted by addiction and loss, and public office-holders who have worked to limit the impact of pharmaceutical company lobby groups.

On the other side of the opioid discussion are, most notably, pharmaceutical companies that have not only profited significantly from the sale of prescription drugs but which also dispute claims of the danger posed by opioids. Also on this side of the discussion are healthcare advocates who view opioids as an essential form of pain management for those coping with injury, surgery, recovery, or intractable pain.

Today, the debate centers around calls to address the growing epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose, and the counterpoint that opioids can provide a meaningful pain therapy option and a profitable commodity for the pharmaceutical industry.

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If you want to provide support to those struggling with opioid addiction, find out what you can do with a degree in Addiction Recovery. Transgender Rights refers to the growing visibility, advocacy and protection of individuals who identify with a gender that is different from the one assigned to them at birth.

This is an issue that impacts individuals identifying as transgender, as well as those identifying as gender non-binary, intersex, or who otherwise do not conform with binary male or female gender identities. According to the Human Rights Campaignconservative estimates count the transgender population as 3.

Controversial Topics

Those who support Transgender Rights recognize and support the expansion of protections for individuals identifying as transgender. Advocates of Transgender Rights oppose restrictions on bathroom use based on assigned gender. Advocates also generally support the passage of anti-discrimination legislation impacting members of the trans community, including protection from workplace discrimination, discrimination in public spaces, and hate crimes. Opponents of Transgender Rights oppose the idea that individuals should have the right to identify as a gender other than their assigned birth gender.

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This view is commonly paired with support for laws restricting use of bathrooms and public facilities in conformity with gender assignment.

Opponents of Transgender Rights may also object to anti-discrimination laws for transgender individuals, particularly if they view these laws as violating the right to freedom of religion, freedom of expression, or freedom of commercial entities to refuse service.

For many opponents, transgender rights are seen through the lens of certain religious belief systems which hold that biological gender assignment can only be defined by divine power.

At the center of this ongoing pubic debate are the issues of public visibility, acceptance and protection against discrimination for trans individuals as these conflict with certain legal, religious, and moral belief systems. A livable wage is defined as the minimum hourly pay that Americans require to afford the basic standard of living in the United States. Currently, the federal minimum wage sets a standard, minimum hourly pay that employers must provide to employees; the goal behind this is to ensure that U.

The last time the federal rate was raised was The ongoing debate over minimum wage proceeds from the argument that this rate has not kept pace with inflation or the rising cost of living. However, since its permanent establishment inthe federal minimum wage remains the law of the land.

Supporters of a livable wage include labor advocates, union groups, and social justice groups, who would largely make the case that the current federal minimum wage is not a sufficient living wage and that, in most cases, individuals subsisting on the current minimum wage are living in poverty. This is the basic case in support of raising the minimum wage.

Some advocates have called for federal minimum wage to be linked directly to the rate of inflation, an approach which has already elevated the minimum wage in 17 U. Opponents of a higher minimum wage typically include corporate entities with business models reliant upon low-wage workers, as well as small businesses concerned about sustaining elevated labor costs. Lobby groups and think tanks for industries such as fast-food, big-box retail, and manual services are often active in opposing legislation that would raise the federal minimum wage.

Those opposing a higher minimum wage often argue that the regulations would impose economic hardship on large-scale corporate employers and potentially even spell economic doom for some small businesses. There are no hard and fast rules to what you should talk about on first datesbut the above topics will keep the date lively without veering too far into controversial territory. Search Search.

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Science is all about controversies, different viewpoints, and theories. The disputes may never go out of style, so choose any topic with certainty.

Dating controversial topics

Preparing for a public debate? Keeping up with the trends is your key to finding excellent controversial speech topics. First, boring and outdated themes do not interest people. Millennials treasure their time and will not waste it, listening to mundane arguments. Note, that working on controversial debate topics differ from the usual writing routine. It requires a variant approach to preparation and implementation, as the focus centers around your final performance as a speaker, not as a writer.

If you are a college student looking for some funny ideas for your articles, read on. Here you will find a list of controversial and humorous topics. On this page, you will find hundreds of controversial speech topics and controversial essay topics. Our lists cover a wide range of subjects, and we are continually adding new topics for our readers to choose from. If you are not able to think of a controversial topic you would want to speak or write about, these should help get you started. Apr 30,   Deep conversation topics can help dating and married couples build a deeper relationship. They can help friends, coworkers, and families increase their knowledge of and respect for each other. Not only is thinking stimulated, but also many of our deep conversation topics are fun. Start today to know those you care about in a new and more.

Drafting an approximate plan would be more than enough to impress the audience. However, examining the subject is still vital to win the discussion. You ought to develop the list of supporting arguments in favor of your position. Plus, be well aware of counter-arguments that dismiss your opponent. Making a vivid and simple roadmap is essential for all controversial persuasive speech topics.

Having a strong outline provides an overview of the case and helps you build a logically structured narration.

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