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You Suffer From Idiopathic Hypersomnia. How Sex With Them Is. He Proposes To You. They Are Overprotective Of You. You Have A Quiet Voice.

You took Yoongi out to look for a present for his birthday but he got too distracted by the cute frog headband.

Dating bts reactions

Originally posted by suzxius. Originally posted by syuga. Originally posted by sugasuite. You gave the members a secret mission to get Yoongi a cute cake but Yoongi already knew what was going on.

Read Dating BTS from the story BTS Reactions by bangtanarmyfighting (A) with 1, reads. namjoon, hoseok, jin. JinI think he'd be a little awkward the first m Reviews: 2. BTS Reactions Masterlist You Feel Insecure The Moment They Realise They Love You You Make Them Cry Happy Tears A Member Walks In On You Both Thinking . Jungkook Moments ??The Maknae.

Originally posted by mimibtsghost. Originally posted by softjeon. He loves teaching you about all the equipment and you loved making him smile.

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Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan. Originally posted by yoon-kooks.

BTS Reactions Account Request Open :) - Jungkook Moments ??

Originally posted by myloveseokjin. Originally posted by yourhopeyourangeeel.

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Originally posted by huimangi. Originally posted by exquisite-yoongi. Originally posted by tinyfontyoongi. Originally posted by yoonmochiiii. Originally posted by yoongishadow.

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Originally posted by adee-e. Originally posted by jungshiii. Originally posted by baebsaes. Jin: He would try to get you and Jungkook to go on a dinner date.

See you there at 7.

jikook / kookmin : BTS reaction to jikook , kookmin ( Are you two dating? )

Originally posted by bangtanmemess. V: He would play matchmaker for the day. Have a seat. Originally posted by vminv. You look pretty today. He Finds You Reading - You Have Bipolar Disorder. Staying In With Them. You Have Lupus. You looked up, smiling softly. His eyebrows raised, moving so he was sat beside you. You nodded, letting him take your plate and his clean one. Originally posted by dramasauce.

Keep reading. Originally posted by bangtannoonas. You felt the bid dip, as Yoongi sat down, resting his hand across your legs. Your head shook, sitting up, crawling straight into his arms, wrapping yours around is frame tightly.

Read Dating Namjoon Will Include from the story bts ; reactions and preferences by waanggg (visual) with 2, reads. jin, imagine, gifs. - romantic dinner d Reviews: 2. BTS Reaction: Them trying to set you up with Jungkook when you are already dating. stubby-the-dean requested: Could I request a reaction of the BTS members trying to set you up with Jungkook, but. Anonymous asked: Hi can you do a BTS reaction to you dating a member and you're a worldwide famous model/ actress/ singer (idc what you choose) and another male idol publicly announces you as their wce. Jin: He'd see it when the two of you were lounging on the couch in his dorm.

You glanced up at him, smiling weakly in appreciation of his kind gesture. I thought about the things I could do when I came home to make you smile, and cooking was the best bet I had to hopefully cheer you up. He stood up from the bed, lifting you up in his arms, before walking you down the stairs. You did as you were told, feeling his hands massage along your shoulders, pressing a kiss to the back of your head.

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His touch was relaxing, your mind was easing, your tears were drying, and for the first time in a few days you slowly began to feel like yourself again. You walked over to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek as he began to prep dinner.

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Whilst Yoongi prepared your food, you flicked through the scrapbook deciding which photos you could put where to make sure that you remembered everyone. He knew it had always been a hobby of yours to snap photos, and now you had something to hold them all. Eventually, he presented you with a plate of burger and fries, a salsa was on the side, similar to like that what you have at home, and flags were placed in the burgers representing your home country.

You took your phone and snapped a photo of your food and Yoongi at the end of the table, unaware you were photographing him.

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He nodded, biting his bottom lip to hide the proud smirk that blossomed onto his face. He took a bite of his own first, humming in delight, before you did the same, equally as impressed as he was.

You smiled across at him, wiping all the sauce that had fallen out of the burger bun, he knew it was something you loved, your mum always put too much filling in so everything would fall out leaving you an absolute state by the end of the meal.

You took the box, opening it up to remove a charm, it was a simple heart, that would fit perfectly onto your necklace that you wore.

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You picked it up, taking your necklace off, sliding the chain onto it, holding it up as it glistened underneath the light. It was the perfect gift for you, your family were close to your heart, and you missed them greatly, but now this felt as if they were always close to you, even if there were thousands of miles between you and the rest of them.

His eyes watched you closely, smiling widely as you looked over.

He chuckled, walking around the table, wrapping his arms around you, pressing several kisses across your face. The fact that you did all of this, just for me, truly means the world to me.

His arms squeezed you tightly, his fingers rested over the charm, smugly looking down at his own choosing. As always, Jin did as he was told, pulling his phone out from his pocket. Jungkook skipped over, taking a look for himself.

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