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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 16 of Thread: trying to find date of manufacture, my first Arisaka type Picked up a Arisaka Type 99 rifle yesterday, the bluing is pretty damn good, the stock has a serious "been there done that look" and the bore is pretty good, chrome lined. The bolt is the only mismatched part, but it came with the dust cover, and "wings" on the rear sight aircraft sights?

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Origins: The Type 38 Rifle The Meiji 38th Year rifle Type 38 appeared in and was considered an improvement over the previous offerings of the and attempts. The bolt work followed more in line with the original Mauser design and featured a larger, easier-to-grab, bolt handle.

May 22,   The Type 99 was one of the standard bolt-action combat rifles to be utilized by the Empire of Japan during the Second World War. At her start, she proved a reliable and robust weapon but the closing noose of the Pacific Theater soon brought about drastic changes in her production methods, often leading to a subclass weapon system. Aug 24,   trying to find date of manufacture, my first Arisaka type 99 Picked up a Arisaka Type 99 rifle yesterday, the bluing is pretty damn good, the stock has a serious "been there done that look" and the bore is pretty good, chrome lined. looks like the rifling might be a little weak at the muzzle. The bolt is the only mismatched part, but it came. Get the best deals on Arisaka Type 99 when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands WW2 japanese type 99 arisaka rifle barrel cal early war chrome shiney bore. $ Free shipping. 11 watching. Watch. WW2 japanese type 99 arisaka late war middle band no screw used.

A new cartridge with a pointed tip - the 38th Year Type, 6. Some 3.

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The Type 38 went on to serve the Empire for thirty years as the army's rifle of choice. In fact, the Type 38 even served as the official primary service rifle of the British Army for a time. As such, the Arisaka rifle was selected for purchase and given British-applicable designations upon delivery: Rifle, Magazine, caliber Pattern ; Rifle, Magazine, caliber Pattern ; Carbine, Magazine, caliber Pattern The Chinese 7.

As such, a new weapon would have to be devised for the Japanese Army to replace the outclassed Type 38 and put the Emperor's land army on equal footing with her adversaries. The New 7. After a short period of testing using modified Type 38 rifles and ironing out of teething issues, the Type 99 was born.

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The Type 99 appeared in and was similar to the Meiji 38th series with the major exception of it being chambered to fire the 7. The type was meant to compete on the battlefield against similar "Short Rifles" fielded by Japan's contemporaries but was also produced in an unwieldy "Long Rifle" form.

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She was designed as a more affordable, easier-to-produce rifle system and proved the point particularly moreso towards the end of the World War 2 when resources across Japan proved quite scarce to come by.

Novel Features Despite its intent to become the average infantryman rifle, the system maintained some rather interesting, albeit rather relatively useless, features that stood it apart from the rest.

For one, the rifle was fitted with a rather fragile-looking monopod just under the foregrip body. The idea behind the addition was for a more accurized and stable firing platform when used against low-flying aircraft. The other similar addition inherent to the Type 99 design was in the form of an integrated sighting device ranged far enough to allow the rifleman to accurately sight these low-flying aircraft.

While a novel concept, this was a rather optimistic attempt on the part of the designers.

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It did serve to show the concern of aerial attack by vulnerable infantry forces. The sighting mechanism was concentrated mostly to the rear sight implement and consisting of folding bars. However, production seemingly never caught up to full demand and forced the continued use of the older yet still reliable Type Both were used concurrently while the Type 99 never fully replaced the Type 38 as it was intended to do.

The Mauser Rifle, Japanese Style While the Type 99 was based on the original concepts brought forth by the Mauser design of Germany most any bolt-action rifle of the time lent its history to the fabulous Mauserit also showcased some indigenous ideas that tried to make for a better rifle.

S&T TYPE 97 / ARISAKA TYPE 97 / Airsoft Unboxing Review

Rate-of-fire was slightly improved in the Type 99 by introducing a bolt action that would cock the rifle system on the close action rather than on the open motion. The bolt cover was rotatable and, while it was meant as an improvement, often led to Japanese soldiers simply discarding the feature for it tended to rattle during movement. Type 99 Walk-Around Design-wise, the Type 99 followed in line with much of the rifle offerings of the time.

She held all of her major components in a wooden frame featuring an ergonomic pistol grip and integrated shoulder stock. The trigger sat within an oblong ring under the main body.

Metal works were exposed along the top of the receiver and included the rear sight and the ball-tipped bolt-action lever, offset to the right-hand side.

Dating arisaka type 99

The ejection port was just ahead and above the trigger group and the rear sight just ahead of the ejection port itself. The Type 99 was the first quantitatively produced combat rifle to feature a chrome-lined bore to help with maintenance and cleaning of the rifle. This feature was wholly dropped towards the end of the war to ease production and demand on resources.

May 02,   The Arisaka Type 99 - Early war vs. Late war - a comparison In recent months I have heard a GREAT MANY oft-repeated but factually wrong myths perpetuated about the Type 99 rifle and the supposedly dangerously unsafe "last ditch" Type Let me start this little edjumacation by stating it clearly: There is no such thing as a "last ditch type

There were two bands along the foregrip, one just ahead of the receiver and the other just behind the barrel muzzle. The barrel extended a short distance away from the wooden body and sported a simple forward sight atop the muzzle.

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The 7. Muzzle velocity was rated at 2, feet per second and the firing action was known as "bolt action", requiring each individual round to be loaded by operating the bolt handle. This action ejected any cartridge currently in the firing chamber spent or not and introduced a new cartridge ready to fire.

Weight was a manageable 8.

Jun 12,   While there is no official model change, the fingerquote "Last Ditch" Arisaka rifles were a final effort by the Japanese to turn out as many firearms as possible - which meant cutting a lot of corners. Here we'll compare an early Type 99 against a late Type 99 to see a . In the late 's the Japanese developed a rifle to compete in 'Modern Warfare'. It was a redesign of the Type 38 in a larger caliber, Japanese. These rifles include: The Type 99 Long Rifle, the Type 99 Short Rifle, the Type 99 Carbine, the Type 99 Naval Special, the . Markings on Japanese Arisaka Rifles and Bayonets of World War II. The Japanese manufactured over million rifles and carbines in the 40 years from to Most of these rifles were still in use during the Sino-Japanese War of the s and the Pacific War of the s. Thus, the Type 99 rifle was adopted in Japanese calendar year.

An optional bayonet could be fitted to the underside of the barrel, this by way of an attaching lug and loop. The bayonet could be removed and used individually as a combat knife or field utility tool.

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Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Congrats on your first T 99, and welcome to the boards. Just be careful, they are known to be addictive!

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I converted the Japanese fiscal year data to calendar quarters for us dummies; so when you read the chart it is done in "normal" calendar quarters. The 37th series probably was a "slow" series and mfg.

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Given the uncertainty of the data available, as pointed out in the T 99 book, I would guess 27K was reached sometime between Sept and March Join Date Jul Posts Oh is that why people don't list all the serial numbers on their guns? I was always wondering what the concern was. I have seen a few on Gunbroker where they actually blur out the first 3 numbers, so you can't even confirm a year of manufacture, let alone a month. Go figure. Regards Pat.

Originally Posted by Dean. In all seriousness,I have yet to see where somebody has accused someone of stealing a gun because they listed the serial number. Originally Posted by pdawg Join Date Dec Posts Originally Posted by 03man. Originally Posted by hatsumiya.

Type 99 rifle

I have been able to approximately date my Type 99s only through other people who have the same series as me and reference your book on gunboards or other places.

I would love to add yours to my library. Co-Author of Simson Lugers. I suppose "paranoia strikes deep"!

The Type 99 was produced in four versions, the regular issue Type 99 Short Rifle, the Type 99 Long Rifle (a limited production variant), the take-down Type 2 Paratroop Rifle, and the Type 99 Sniper Rifle. The standard rifle also came with a wire monopod and an anti-aircraft sighting device. The Type 99 was the first mass-produced infantry rifle Type: Bolt-action rifle. Arisaka type 99 dating - How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Get the best deals on Arisaka Type 99 when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands WW2 japanese type 99 arisaka rifle barrel w front sight cal early war chrome. $ Free shipping. Watch. WW2 Japanese Arisaka Rifle Type 99 Long Bolt Body(Toyo Kogyo) $

Valley Posts 5, Yeah, but you have to be careful of the slings. I saws a 99 in a GA pawn shop several years ago, it had a woven rope or string sling. Later I told the late Roy Cooper of Birmingham about it, he had a son in GA and the son visited the pawn shop bought the rifle for Roy.

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