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I have some advice for women younger than me, advice I hope they listen to. I know this now, all too well. They were also the ones that were completely impossible and inappropriate to date, beginning with James, the freebasing coke addict I fell for when I was He was 18, a freshman at UC Berkeley, an actor, a fantastic writer. He was brilliant. Once, he came by my basement window to take me out. He laid on my bed while I sat at the typewriter and dictated a perfect five-paragraph English paper to me in the space of half an hour so we could go.

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But, they are not the ones I remember with tenderness and with an ache in the heart. They are not the ones I loved.

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She said whatever man happened to be in my life was simply a mirror. The hopes I had for him were hopes for myself. The affinity I felt affinity for myself.

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I wanted to rescue these men, as I tried to rescue my mother from drinking herself to death. When I was a child, a girl, and a teen, I was certain I would. Rescue her, that is. I knew with no doubt I would save her life and that she would be eternally grateful.

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She could never thank me enough. We would both know deep down inside without having to say anything the debt she owed me.

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Her gratitude and love would know no bounds. To my utter shock, I did not succeed. I gave up when I was 17, abandoning her to her fate.

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I stopped scattering AA brochures around the house, stopped bringing her lattes from the cafe down the hill, stopped talking, yelling, begging her to get help, stopped hiding her booze and pouring it down all the drains of the house. Just, stopped. And that was fine. But, sometimes I wonder if the fact that I was unable to rescue her contributes to this attraction I have to broken-winged men. On the other hand, he left frequently and for several months at a time for the open seas, exotic ports of call, stints in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Japan.

He had a whole other life to enjoy while we suffered at home with our ill and dangerous mother. They should be working, fulfilling their potential, actively using it, emptying and re-filling their vessel, leveraging their energy to create, to do, to move forward. I spent a quarter of a century ignoring my potential.

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You could be great. Originally Answered: Why women choose men far below their dating potential? Did you see that another person above asked, "Why do most good looking guys end up being jerks?

Note I'm not saying all But setting that aside, like I said, attraction has to be there, but it CAN develop based solely on personality. It has happened to me and most other people I know. But it's a 2-edged sword, in that a bad personality can kill attraction, no matter h Continue Reading. But it's a 2-edged sword, in that a bad personality can kill attraction, no matter how hot the guy which has also happened, and it happens fast. Keep in mind too that more attractive women get hit on A LOT.

Plus, it can be like a rich person wondering, "Do these people only like me for my money?

How To Stop Dating Below Your Potential

She starts predicting what way the guys will hit on her, just to try to make it less predictable and boring. Until a guy approaches her and surprises her by saying something funny and sincere. She'll engage in conversation with him, because she wants to- she's surprised, refreshed by something new, and finds that he's easy to talk to and she likes talking to him. She wants to talk to him more, so she agrees to see him, again, and again, and next thing you know, you are seeing them walking down the street and asking yourself about what she sees in that guy.

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The Major RED FLAG You Should Never Ignore In A Man (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Why don't most men date women with children? Do women prefer looks vs.

Dating a mans potential

Should a woman pursue a man? The statement that women choose men far below their potential is a merely a viewpoint. Let me take you through a thought experiment. Imagine a room with 50 girls and 50 boys. The number ranges from 1 to The person with 1 is This provides him an estimate about one's own rank.

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But the reality is different. There is no rank stamped on everybody's forehead.

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Also, the qualitiies one seeks from partner is different. This makes the scene a lot more complicated. Why women settle for men "below their potential"? Apart from the above fact, it must be noted that not all boys do go and ask out a girl he likes. When only men with "lesser potential" approaches, the chances of him being successful are obviously much higher compared to one never approaching a girl.

Originally Answered: Why do women choose men far below their dating potential? Because everyone has different values and beliefs. For me, I value intelligence, a caring heart and shared interests. That's why I don't care about my husbands physical attributes in relation to mine. Sure I could probably be with someone much more attractive, and I have.

But it isn't that important to me. My husband and I like the looks on people's faces when they see us together.

Jan 18,   In dating then, if we were to pursue our "dating potential" we would always be chasing a moving target. There are endless permutations and combinations of possibilities of who we COULD be matched with at any age or stage of life. Apr 09,   When you date the potential in someone, you are dating an imaginary person that has not yet caught up to the individual you have envisioned them to be. And you hurt your own feelings when you watch.

I'm tall, he's short. I'm of Irish descent, he's Han Chinese. I'm fit and curvy, he's gained some weight. I'm really fashionable and he likes gym shorts and sweatshirts. However, we both went to the same college However, we both went to the same college, are both highly intelligent and enjoy most of the same hobbies.

None of that shows on the outside. But that's all that matters to us.

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I love him to pieces. In contrast my sister is really attractive and her boyfriend is equally attractive. She's smarter than him and isn't really into his hobbies. However, they both love dogs and have the same tastes in music. They get along pretty well and really care for each other.

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They value different things than my husband and I, and that's okay. Answered Jan 18, First of all, you're probably just comparing based on looks. It's widely known that men value looks more than women. You can support them without entering into any sort of romantic situation with them.

A woman who is 27, casually dating and growing in her career may have more time and patience for "a man with potential" than a woman whose 37 ready for marriage and eager to have children. It's okay to admit to yourself that you "don't have time for potential". If that's how you feel, no apologies are needed. Aug 17,   The ones "with potential" were always the hardest ones to get over. They were also the ones that were completely impossible and inappropriate to date, beginning with James, the freebasing coke addict I fell for when I was He was 18, a freshman at UC Berkeley, an actor, a fantastic writer. He was Christiana White. Aug 25,   Dating a man with potential can be problematic if a woman isn't able to see past it. Potential can blind a woman to some of the red flags that warn this might not be good partner in the long Madamenoire.

Truth be told, seeing the potential in someone simply means you have high hopes for what they can become if they put their mind to it and go after the right opportunities. And you hurt your own feelings when you watch the time go by and the goals for this person fail be met.

Focus on the way this person treats you, focus on their current status in life, and date them according to the present. While potential is great, potential promises nothing, including actual follow-through.

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