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Fashion Hoarder is a year-old YouTuber from Denmark. He was born on Monday, October 4, Is Fashion Hoarder married or single, and who is he dating now? Fashion Hoarder is single. He is not dating anyone currently.

He is addicted to shopping and has tons of stuff and when I put it away he gets more. So much of our money and hours upon hours of my time are wasted cleaning up his crap and throwing away packaging, papers, junk mail, periodicals most never read or opened duplicates of useful things like tools, papers that he refuses to throw away, empty pill bottles, spent batteries, fast food plastic utensils, tiny toiletries from hotels and hospitals, not to mention that he has more clothes, shoes, and coats than anyone else in the family, and basically has an entire rack of clothing and boxes and boxes of clothing in the basement in addition to his closet full of clothes.

When I complain that he has more stuff than anyone else, he just says that we can all have more stuff too, if we want.


So basically whenever he leaves the house I get several trash bags and dump huge amounts of stuff without his knowledge.

When he is looking for something I usually know where it is. There is a huge pile of receipts every day from his compulsive shopping. He used to buy a new suitcase instead of cleaning it out, and he did the same things with computers, instead of cleaning out useless files, he would just get a new computer. He upgrades and buys new things but will NOT throw the old thing away.


You all have my sympathy. This has been very helpful. Thanks to all of you for stating what I have been feeling for 11 years. I had already told my sweetie that I would not marry him nor move in with him because of his inability to throw out old useless junk. I was in denial about his issues for several years. I stayed out of his house for 6 months and was shocked when I finally went back in.

The situation has gotten worse. I would never have believed it was possible. I care and love this person but I love myself more. To everyone who has commented on this blog post, I hear you!

Dating a hoarder

So, rather than respond to each comment individually, I wrote a new blog post with ated information. I am dating a hoarder, we have been dating for six years, I can never marry him, I could not live that way. He owns over a thousand cars and none of them run. Some are true antiques and classics but they are just rusting away. He is so cheap because every penny he has goes to collecting more junk. I have solved the problem.

I have been so frustrated and miserable that I have come to the conclusion that everything we have is mine, all mine. See that? And see that over there? This is the last time we go on this merry-go-round. My partner and I have been together for 10 years first he just had his things in our bedroom now it has overflowed into two other bedrooms.

I do not know what to do every day he goes to thrift stores garage sales and consignment stores. He is a good man but this is driving me insane.

What should I do? It all sounds good until you realize the one who hoards has to buy into the plan, will never do it. You need a damn dumpster for a month and if the hoarder hates it, too bad. I too live with a hoarder. My husband hides his hoarding. He also claimed one bedroom which is full of stuff. I keep the door closed for my insanity but it stinks!

How do you keep the smell from the rest of the house? Some terrible stories here. Leaving can be very difficult not least because selling the house is so hard if its full of junkbut not leaving is ruining your life.

Painful but in the long-run you have to look out for yourself. Good luck to you all. I love my husband very much, but the frustration over the hoarding has caused me to have so much pent up rage that when the topic of hoarding comes up at all between us, I feel very out of control.

For the most part, his hoarding is confined to our garage and spare bedroom. After reading everything here, I know in my heart that I can never beat this. I really like the idea of confining the hoarding to certain spaces, and he has talked about getting a building for out in our yard.

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I fight to keep the home beautiful, now in separate bedrooms, because it is creeping into the master bedroom. I want to sell up and have my own home.

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So I am trapped. Hoarding is a form of mental abuse to the partner. I am in the same situation seeing things build up more in the spaces he has.

I am so embarassed when my family members come to stay from out of town. Every day i also see more shoes bought stored in his closet he uses with jackets.

I sort of understood why when I went into the home. The living and dining rooms were impassible, the family room and bedrooms had just enough room to walk. He had one place to sit for TV and one small place to sleep.

The kitchen and bathrooms were unclean but not cluttered. There were no dirty dishes or things on the counters. Code enforcement forced him to move 2 vehicles out of our front yard and lay gravel. He bought a whole old boat for one part because it was cheaper than buying just the part. But really, my clutter is because of his clutter. The vacuum, even towels and blankets, all just piled against the walls or in boxes. He recently put some of our camping equipment in my office, which is my personal space since he moved into the family room.

I painstakingly decorated and furnished that room and there is NO clutter till now. On a quarter acre lot we have 5 non-running cars, a non-running boat, and two utility trailers in addition to 3 running vehicles.

We have zero use of any yard for our 1 year old grandbaby who lives with us.

Past Relationships

And she is growing up to think the way we live is normal. I never let anyone visit me at home he does; I hide in the bedroom. He is not dirty or messy well, I guess outside the house is. It is awful. Best of all, the house is only in my name. Sorry to vent so long. What do you do when your wife of many years refuses to even to discuss the issue.

simply excellent idea

She had come from a family where her grandmother committed suicide and mother was paranoid with mental issues. I have few options unless she agrees to professional counseling.

She feels threatened. I find myself exhausted listening. I stumbled upon this blog by accident. Best of luck to all the partners of hoarders as the giant yard sale weekend approaches.

Don't take it personally if he doesn't invite you over to his place right away, says psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo the article "What it's Like Dating a Hoarder" on Hoarders usually avoid having visitors over because they are ashamed of their hoarding behavior and cluttered house. Top Ten Problems When Dealing With Hoarders - Hoarding Help. Marc Maron Is Dating a Hoarder. Posted by Melissa Locker on July 2nd. On the season finale of Maron, Marc may finally have come to terms with the fact that his fling has turned into girlfriend. However, that fragile stability is shaken up when Marc learns Jen (Nora Zehetner) is getting kicked out of her apartment and needs a place to stay and.

My husband of 42 years is a hoarder. We have a very small house to begin with with very little storage space and no garage. I cannot clean because stuff is everywhere. I have talked to my husband about this and he keeps saying he will clean it but he is always too tired.

If I try to clean it he tells me not to touch his stuff. I feel trapped. I had ordered a dumpster and had help lined up to do a clean up and he flat out freaked out and I had to cancel which cost us I am So done.

any case

If he gets better, I may think about leaving after our son graduates. I left my wife, after 19 years I had certainly tried everything else I could think of. Indeed sane people do have limits. This article addresses helping the person who seems to be aware that they need help.


My husband is angry when I refer to him as a hoarder and yet he is truly a hoarder in every sense of the word. Despite my in-laws hoarding themselves out of every room in their house, they could never admit they had a problem.

They saw it in the other one but never in themselves. The fact is, I have spent 25 years of my life organizing, reorganizing, figuring out the best use of space, buying new tubs, shelves and other organizing tools.

We have been arguing about this our entire married life. But he has never been the one to manage it. When I try to tell him how it stresses me out and affects my mental health, he tells me that I need counseling.

So much encouragement! Time goes by; days, months, years, decades, half centuries! Oh my!!

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Time to clean out home and garage of so much unnecessary stuff!! Thank you again! May God bless all of you for your insightful help! My father is 91 years old and he lives in a big home with his 61 year old hoarder son.

I feel bad that he took his son out of a shelter 15 years ago because his marriage tanked. It is disgusting what decades of hoarding junk has done. Used tissues, newspapers, clothing, etc. He knows where to take his junk and throw it in a dumpster but does not. What could you both enjoy if you had more space?

Do you feel ashamed to have visitors? Compromise- When you move in together- you tend to have designated spaces in the home- a wardrobe each, a bed side table each, a drawer or two to call your own.

If that means streamlining their stuff- so be it. Toggle navigation. Here are my top tips for making things more bearable. Looking into marriage counseling? Psychodynamic therapy is a traditional form of mental health therapy that employs in-depth conversations that address a patient's external world.

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It's used mainly with those dealing with depression, but it can also work for people dealing with addiction, social anxiety disorder and eating disorders.

In art therapy, people are encouraged to express themselves creatively in the form of drawing, painting, collages, sculpting and other media. During art therapy sessionswhich are often used with children but can be used for adults as wellthe patient and the therapist will come up with a piece of art to create.

The therapist will often observe without judgment the person as he or she creates. Once the piece is finished, the art therapist will analyze the colors, textures, etc.

My Date With a Hoarder. by Annie Brown on February 12, February 17, I was a year into being single again and enjoying the process of dating, which I hadn't really had the chance to do during my 20s. Now a homeowner myself, I'd dated enough renters and bus-dependent semi-slackers to remember why I should be keeping my eyes out. Sep 16,   I am dating a hoarder, we have been dating for six years, I can never marry him, I could not live that way. He owns over a thousand cars and none of them run. Some are true antiques and classics but they are just rusting away. He doesn't even let anyone in his house anymore. May 17,   Top 10 tips for dating a hoarder (when you're not one) How do you cope when your lover is a hoarder and you prefer to live in a more minimalist environment? Here are my top tips for making things more bearable.

Art therapy also often includes a form of traditional mental health therapy, such as talk therapy, and the process of creating the art in and of itself is said to have many benefits, particularly for children, including improving problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills and coping strategies.

Though not a specific form of therapy, psychoeducation is crucial in arming people with necessary knowledge about their condition, coping strategies and how and where to get help. Psychoeducation can come in a number of forms, including formal classes, support groups or a therapist explaining to a patient how their mental health issue may impact their life. Hypnotherapy is often used in conjunction with another form of mental health therapy and typically used to help a person deal with a specific behavior, such as smoking, insomnia, phobias and sexual dysfunction.

Hypnotherapy works by inhibiting part of the brain. In a typical hypnotherapy session, an individual closes their eyes and is helped to relax deeply.

Perhaps just as important as finding the right type of mental health therapy is finding the right therapist within that specialty. Plotkin suggests asking around for a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust.

If you're dating a hoarder, remember that the behavior is caused by something deeper, like issues with self-confidence." Most importantly, though, Lombardo says people should keep in mind that not all relationships with hoarders are doomed. "The important thing about hoarding is . Feb 04,   Who is Fashion Hoarder dating in and who has Fashion dated? Let's take a look at Fashion Hoarder's current relationship, dating history, rumored hookups and past exes. shawchapman.comtion: Youtuber.

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