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Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Best of BBRae. Focus: Cartoons Teen Titans, Since: A collection of completed stories from a variety of talented writers. Every story features definite romance between Beast Boy and Raven, or-at the very least-comedic friendship hinting towards more. Beast Boy needs advice on how to ask a girl out on a date, and he turns to his half-demon teammate for help. Of course, the sweet green fool manages to shove his foot into his mouth all the way to his knee.

There is no way he could fail Barriers and Blockades by pokesyourcheek reviews She couldn't ignore how she felt about him forever. Especially now that there were no more layers to hide under.

Bliss by PrettyOddx reviews What happens when Raven is alone in the tower, save for a certain cheery changeling? BBRae oneshot. I wrote the beginning of a short one-shot and both me and my friend Bearhow are going to write separate versions of the ending.

More details in Chapter 1, and the different versions of story itself start from Chapter 2. The current version of the story was written by ShiningHopeBeast! Enjoy the fluff! Legs by Lord Sicarius reviews It was just supposed to be a simple gaming session. Good snacks, a nice drink, and the perfect wing-man to help take down virtual baddies. But an all-nighter, a sleepless empath, and a certain fetish will most definitely result in a different turn of events.

Happy Birthday by pinkwasteland reviews Bestboy's 18th birthday isn't what he expected. Nothing but Fluff. BBrae mini fic. Beast Boy brought home a surprise during a rainstorm But, the year is not over yet. The irritation building within her died in her chest and she sighed.

So she returned to staring at the legal clause, watching as the words blurred across the page. There was a soft oof and a hand appeared in her line of vision, swiping the stack of papers from right under her. Raven jumped in her seat, gasping as Beast Boy crashed onto the ground in a heap. Papers fluttered around them, scattering themselves about the floor. Raven looked from the smeared stack on the table, to the scattered mess that made up Beast Boy.

He blinked up at her, a dazed expression muddying his features. A crooked smile worked its way onto his lips, and he chuckled. There was a rustle as Beast Boy pulled himself to his knees and helped. She turned to throw a him a retort, only for any and all words to wither at her lips. He was mere inches from her, his warm breath tickling her nose. Raven gulped, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. Had his eyes always looked so nice up close?

She noticed a light dusting of darker green flecks across his nose; freckles? It was surprisingly endearing, not to mention cute. Raven flushed at the thought. Her gaze flickered down to his lips. She felt dizzy all of a sudden. His lips enraptured her, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss him.

Though only seconds had ticked by, it felt like eons, and she shivered as their noses brushed. Her lips met his, and she kissed him. His lips were sweet, like sugar. It was fitting, somehow, and the sensation made her toes curl. The kiss itself was slow and gentle; exploratory. They broke apart cautiously, flushed and breathless. Raven bit her lip, a smile spilling across her lips. Was it possible to feel this giddy? That would certainly explain why she felt like she was floating.

A smile matching her own tickled his features, and Raven could feel the swell of his happiness drifting off of him. She shrugged, turning back to her ramshackle stack of papers. She plucked her pen from the table, still feeling as though she was among the clouds. Unexpected, yes, but definitely not unwanted. So here. Cyborg stared unblinking at the pair across the table. The objects of their attention were seemingly oblivious to the difficulty they were causing, too caught up in, well canoodling.

Cyborg twitched. Beast Boy looked up with a grin. Indeed, Robin looked like his bile was rising. Not one of your emotion selves at the wheel?

They never seemed to repeat and so Cyborg could never get used to one. Finally, he was pushed too far when Starfire spoke to the happy couple, still congratulating them whenever she saw them.

Beast Boy answered first. Cyborg snapped, standing so quickly from his position on the couch the magazine in his lap smacked into the window. Are you guys kidding me?

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

Cyborg watched Beast Boy - the boy had a temper all his own, especially when he was defending someone he was close to, and these days he seemed closer to Raven than anyone. However, to his surprise, Beast Boy doubled over in loud, reckless laughter.

Cyborg subtly shook his head, as confused as she was, maybe even more so when Raven started to chuckle as well. Beast Boy tumbled over onto his side, still laughing but trying to speak. Raven, watching him with a knowing smile, nodded. I lose. Unconcerned, Beast Boy looked up at him from the floor.

Cyborg eyed her sideways before a sly grin spread across his face. Beast Boy chuckled on the floor.

Teen Titans Raven and Beast Boy Bbrae I Hate You I Love You

Cyborg sat back on the couch, sulking. Ummm I guess we forgot to decide on that sooooooo we just did it for fun? Eventually he would consider the prank an enviable success and, though he had to put up with a week of retaliation pranks, Beast Boy never doubted it had been worth the effort. Keep on keeping on. Summary: When a certain empath is overcome with chills, the resident green teen of Titan Tower makes a gesture of friendship with a measly sacrifice.

As they left the room she shoot Beast Boy a glance that that conveyed only one thing. Their alien friend had just eliminated all there standbys, all there explanations that they had used for the last few months for Ravens absences. Of course Beast Boy knew exactly where Raven was all those times, right next to him in various stages of undress.

This was bad. Now they were in trouble, Beast Boy loved Star like a big sister, but she would believe just about anything, Robin and Cyborg were a different story. He quickly got a bowl and his fruit loops as the other two just men just stood there appraising the situation.

Beast Boy just sat at the table shoveling cereal into his mouth trying to keep from blurting something out. They knew, or at least they suspected. Well of course they suspected! How did they not know?! Cyborg sat down across from Beast boy, and Robin on his left, cutting off his escape routes unless he shifted into something that could get past them.

Both of them waring odd smiles. Where the hell was Raven?! The urge to say anything to throw the guys off was overwhelming. It was the best plan he could come up with just keep eating, keep his mouth busy till the smarter member of this little caper showed up and back up anything she told Star.

Oh god! They knew about the kiss they shared in the elevator as they both came down this morning, they knew that Raven slept in his WrestleMania 23 T-shirt and looked adorable it in, they knew the stupid pet names they had for each other!

Beast Boy stomach ached from the stress and overeating. He went for another spoonful but the utensil just found the table.

- starring our favourite jokester and empath. "Will you please stop and talk to me, Rae?" demanded Beast Boy as he stalked closely behind Raven who was storming down the hall and leaving a trail of scathing marks on the steel walls. BBRae One-shots - BBRae One-shots! I would just like to note that in some of these, Beast Boy and Raven will already be dating. In some, it will be a lot of cute, fluffy stuff. So, enjoy! #bbrae #beastboy #fanfic #raven #teentitansReviews: A lonely individual decides to join this recently trending dating app to find her 'soul mate.' She then goes on a few dates with a few guys, only to find out that this viral dating app was actually an app for yanderes to .

Robin had pulled the bowl away forcing Beast boy to raise his eyes to his. Beast Boy just looked at him a rouge fruit loop on his face from ramming the cereal down his throat. At that moment a high pitch squeal filled the tower. The sound was so powerful it forced the three of them to clamp their hands over their ears as the windows vibrated. Raven has the most wonderful news!

Beast boy opened his mouth but no words came out. Beast Boy pulled his head up his face looking more lime then emerald. His eyes meeting hers full of sympathy and confusion. Her right hand messaging her forehead.

Raven went to the sink, returning a moment later to hand him a glass of water. He got up his first few steps a bit wobbly and got the cleaning supplies.

They said nothing to each other as they took care of the small disaster. After it was done Raven excused herself to go meditate on the roof. But before she left "She was right! Raven quickly pulled her hood up to hide the blush rising into her face and the smile that slipped past her control. I always liked the idea that the others finding out that these two crazy kids hooked up in a non standard way. I have been wanting to do a college AU! The lavender haired woman looked up, spotting the familiar green eyes across the room.

She took placed her art board to the easel, getting a piece of sketch paper ready. He chuckled.

Beast Boy and Raven -

This class gave him three hours and fifty minutes every Wednesday evening to spend time with her. Maybe they could get dinner. Gar nodded. Jason walked in the center of the easels pulling his shirt over his head and dropping his pants to reveal taut naked flesh underneath. The young man twisted his body into a relaxed stance and stood frozen. The room was filled with the sound of pencils, charcoal, and pastel sliding across paper.

Everyone was acting like this was normal. He leaned over, looking at Rachel confused. Rachel looked at him plainly, a piece of vine charcoal in hand.

Gar looked back at a naked Jason posing proudly in the center of the room. I got it. She was worth it. It was just a body. Perfectly natural. Gar picked up his pencil, watching as Jason twisted his body into the next position.

He watched as the model angled his hips to point at particular organ right at him. He put his attention back to his phone.

Beast Boy took a long slow breath through his nose.

Even mixed with the scents of the others he could pull out the heady familiar fragrance of the woman he loved. Rae: I am taking a shower Beast boy, and so should you if you want me to get within three feet of you.

Raven lifted her head from her phone for a moment. Even without her emphatic powers and even from behind she could tell Beast Boy was excited. The car pulled into the garage. The young heroes pilled out of the car Beast Boy and Raven exchanging knowing looks as they made their way in. He quickly ran his fingers though his hair working shampoo into his scalp. Maybe because so many of them got interrupted. If possible, please take Thursday night off. Raven and I have dinner plans.

Will promise to give you our full attention Friday. Looking forward to it. So far though everything was going according to plan. The bad guys in jump city stayed quiet Rob as busy with Star and Cyborg got some whatchamacallit for the T-car that he had been waiting weeks to arrive. Beast Boy turned off the water, and shook his head like a dog.

Find the hottest bbrae stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about bbrae on Wattpad. Browse through and read bbrae - stories and books beast boy and raven fit perfectly together. Some bbrae oneshots. Add to library 23 Discussion 62 Browse more Humor Romance. Robin, is dating Starfire. But could he really have feelings for Raven, who is dating Beast Boy? Cyborg is t Add to library 2 Discussion 2 Browse more. Jinx and Kidflash are spending a month in the tower, along with the Teen Titans. When Jinx finds out Starfire is a major Bbrae fan, the two friends make a plan in order to get them together, and make a documentary about it. Major and Mainly BBXRAE, but has a little Robstar and Flinx. Romance, Friendship, and Comedy.

He stepped out of the shower stall dried himself off in the mirror. He wrapped the towel around his waist, and stood in front of the mirror. It was an old joke, when he first got his powers as a child his mother had to pull him out of tub after he had rubbed his skin raw trying to get the green off it. It took him while, but he learned to accept the green face and pointed ears he saw in the mirror each day.

It was a comfort that Raven accepted him, and helped him deal with it. She loved him, he was green, and it was okay. He had to hurry Raven would be there in a few minutes.

bbrae bbrae - beast boy raven beast boy x raven raven x beast boy Teen Titans cold Teen Titans beastboy raven dc comics bbrae - teen titains go - fluff this drabble turned into a mini fic oops fanfic fanfic for the soul so fluffy enjoy your cavities and diabetes I'm "If you're dating a civilian, you know I. An AU (in places) fanfic: Raven Roth is a fully qualified therapist, renowned in Jump City for her skills. But when she starts having strange headaches and flashbacks after meeting someone new, she begins to question her world and everything within it. BBRae, RobStar and CyBee. Rated T for some adult themes. Flicks between worlds, difficult to. Want to discover art related to bbrae? Check out inspiring examples of bbrae artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.

Beast Boy quickly brushed he teeth going through the mental checklist for the night. Teeth done, deodorant done, toenails clipped, outfit picked out. Raven made Beast Boy want to be better. Down the hall Raven was also getting ready, she sat on the edge of the tub a towel wrapped around her. She was carefully shaving her legs. She knew that her boyfriend had a strange fascination with them.

Raven had been looking forward to tonight. The last few weeks have been busy. Mad Mod, Cinderblock, and Johnny Rancid all decided to make appearances. She would have never guessed that the one person who use to irritate her more than anyone, could grow into the person she was the most comfortable with.

That she would look forward to being with him more than being alone with her thoughts and a good book. Just something I'm trying, kind of dark.

Bbrae dating fanfic

Review if you want me to continue. After most of the team has retired for the night, one hooded sorceress is offered a most tantalizing proposition. A commission for the Titans Together Secret Santa! Of course, they make a friendly little bet about who ever doesn't win will be the servant to the other for a whole day.

When Jinx finds out Starfire is a major Bbrae fan, the two friends make a plan in order to get them together, and make a documentary about it. Romance, Friendship, and Comedy. Scars by ravnesque reviews In a moment of private intimacy, Gar timidly decides to take off the gloves and shirt and show Rae all of his scars from his life prior to the Titans. Don't know how thouroughly you know about Gar's past in the comics, but it's pretty messed up!

I thought it was a fitting description! Cyborg In The Middle by shadowjack reviews Cyborg accidentally ends up being let in on two secrets! Is it an arranged marriage for her, or something far worse?

Secrets from Raven's past have returned to haunt her, and together they must figure out what it all means. This is Pugpie15 I just changed my pen name.

Piece of Mind by Santoramon reviews Striking up a deal with her emotions, Raven is allowing Beast Boy to enter her mind for a few hours each day, spending time with each one.

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